Friday, July 9, 2010

Another Launch from the Skye Port

June 17, 2010 (Yeah...the date? When I actually wrote this post. LOL *sigh*)

Ugh, real life went insane again. Okay, not really real life itself, more like I had the insane urge to clean up my yard/garden/landscaping crap around the house.

Needless to say it's taking WAY longer than I thought it would. But something great did come out of all the hoeing, weeding, pruning, transplanting stuff…lots and lots of head time with characters. Seriously. I sometimes forget how being occupied with something else can open up the floodgates of creativity.

Imagine how many awesome ideas I can come up with when I hit my next project:

Cleaning and organizing the garage. LOL

And that's enough about Skye's real world. Let's head on back to the Imaginary Universe. I promised to begin sharing some details of what I'm currently working on and I'm thrilled to get started.

I'm hoping to give some info about each project…like whether it's a single title, part of an anthology or series, a shorter novella or a full blown novel. But first, I should probably talk about ratings. Here's a quick description of mine:

Tame – Sex? What sex?
Sensual – The sex isn't overly explicit
Spicy – Sex is pretty smokin'
Super Hot – Pretty explicit, no holds barred, head board banging sexy sex.

With those in mind, I also tend to be all over the map with what I write and sometimes what I think will be a tame type of story can take a turn for the wild and end up going Super Hot. So keep that in the back of your head as you follow updates on the WIPs. :D

And now for the fun part!

Here are some deets on an Almost Ready for Prime Time manuscript. What the hell is that? Quick definition: it's a complete manuscript, more or less in final draft mode. I have four wonderful chicas who screen my work and tell me whether it's good to go or if it sucks balls and needs major revisions. (I need to do a post on these truly wonderful women and come up with a kick ass name for my awesome group. :D )

Anyway, I have one more screener I'd like to get this one out to before I start the submission process.

So, here goes…