Monday, December 3, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday: An Idyllic Affair

Since I really need to start blogging more frequently and I have eleventy billion WIPs going, it's about time I try my version of Six Sentence Sunday.

For tonight's (well, technically I guess it's Monday now, but I'll get better at being on time) post, I'm going to put up something from a manuscript I'm almost ready to send off to the beta readers. It's for the Sanctuary Island line with Ellipses Press. Here's the lovely cover we'll be using:

And here's the SSS teaser:

He strode to her side. "I've got a few tricks left, X. We have at least three egress points off the ship." He gave her shoulder a squeeze. "Trust me on that, okay?"
She stiffened under his hand. "Like you trusted me with said information?" She kept her eyes on her task. "Did it ever hit you that you could get injured…or you know, die?" Her hands worked the switches and buttons in front of her. "You don't lead a charmed life—hell, none of us do—regardless of how many times we've skated away from death. We'd be trapped, no way off the ship, because your executive officer doesn't know you're super secret escape methods."
Well, shit. She had a point. But he had a sound reason…and he had thought ahead.
Stooping down, he faced her, bracing his back against the bulkhead. "It's not about trust, X. I trust you implicitly."
She opened her mouth, no doubt to blast him, but stopped when she got a look at his face. He thanked the universe.
She sighed. "So what is it, then? Because I don't get it."
He spoke quietly. "Protection, Linnea. You can't give up information you don't have."
She cocked her head and mulled his words over, absorbing the truth. "Okay, that I get." She went back to manual shut down sequence. "Sucks balls, though."
Geoff laughed. He loved her shoot from the hip responses.

And that's it for tonight. Linnea and Geoff have some very fun conversations...stay tuned for more next week.