Sunday, July 31, 2016

Sunday Snippet: Chasing the Sun

The Last Ship might be the death of me. Last week's episode had my heart pounding. I forgot to breathe during the escape from the minefield, which happened toward the end of the episode. Then, I live tweeted that I'd be drinking like five shots of alcohol for fortitude because there was still time for something else crazy to happen—with only three minutes left in the show! And, of course, something else CRAZY did happen. LOL What a way to end.

Killjoys is seriously becoming one of my very favorite shows. I'm completely sucked into what's going on and in love with the subtle nuances and shifts in relationships. I have a sneaky suspicion there's going to be a big payoff for some of the dynamics being set into motion. Can't wait to see what happens next.

Dark Matter has a terrific cadre of women characters. I'm interested in the newest addition to the crew and hope she sticks around for a while. Not to take away anything from the men. They hold their own, too. Nice to see a familiar face acting alongside the android in this episode. Okay, maybe not alongside, but in the same vicinity. LOL

Still no Strike Back this week due to a crazy schedule again. But… with the sad news of Jerry Doyle's passing, I'm very happy to be in the middle of a Babylon 5 rewatch. Almost finished with season two and looking forward to starting the third.

Tonight's post is from Chasing the Sun, a sexy short that may end up becoming novella length.

Here's the mini-blurb:

Chance Martin and Rena Chavez are best friends, and maybe something more, if their work will stop getting in the way. But when Chance can't deal with a set of orders to remove an admiral with lethal action, he starts a downward spiral he can't stop. Rena has to pull him back from the edge, no easy task because she always follows orders.

And a sneaky peek…

Rena Chavez crept down the corridor of the Eagle Star. Her insertion by cutting through the hull had gone unnoticed so far. The talon transport she'd flown over, still soft-sealed on the outside, would disengage in fifteen minutes leaving her very little time to complete her objective.
She didn't take time to think about her orders. She moved forward, staying on task and focused on not getting caught.
Rena paused at the corridor leading to the Admiral Carnes's conference room. "Base, cobra one. I'm at the designated launch point." She dragged in a deep breath. "Go or no go?" Everything hinged on the next words she heard.
"Cobra one, you're a go. Copy?"
She answered on an exhale. "Copy." Her heart rate kicked into high gear and she moved ahead, making the turn to enter the causeway.
She reached the main entrance and found the door ajar. Taking a quick look inside, she barely bit back a gasp of shock. Carnes lay sprawled on the table, the prisoner he used as an informant, Gingi Maynard, held a gun to the admiral's head.
Rena opened a channel to base and hit record on her helmet camera.
The tall blonde snarled in the admiral's face. "You have no right to degrade and abuse people. You take children from their mothers. Subject women to unspeakable acts." Her hand shook for a moment but she steadied her grip. "No more. You'll never harm another human being. Or use another woman for your twisted concept of revenge." Gingi pulled the trigger and Carnes breathed his last breath.
Rena blinked and barely got clear when Gingi made a mad dash out the door. Stunned, Rena didn't bother to give chase. Instead, she stepped into the conference room and recorded the confirmed death.
Exiting, she finally contacted base. "Base, cobra one. Did you get all that?" She sent the footage.
"Copy, cobra one. Received."
She had seven minutes to get back to the talon before it disengaged. "Do I pursue the prisoner?"
"Negative. Abort mission and report to checkpoint five for debrief."
Rena breathed a sigh of relief and quickly made her way back to the transport and cleared out before the alarm went up about the admiral's death.

Every time I think this is almost completed, the sages add another wrinkle to the story. LOL Hoping to finish this up and have it ready soon.

That's it for this week. Catch everyone on the flipside.

ML Skye

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Sunday Snippet: Call to Come Home

Well, The Last Ship finally dropped another death on me. And of course it's someone I did like. That said, they weren't in my no kill zone so I'm bracing for impact this week. LOL I still think the president is a potential bad buy. There's just some slightly slimy about him, in my opinion.

Killjoys had a terrific episode. I seriously love having everyone show up, even if only briefly. I'm kind of thrilled Fancy didn't end up dying last season, and I realize this isn't the first time we've seen him, but I like watching him in action.

Dark Matter definitely has my interest. I did worry after the "meh" first episode, but since then, they've hit on all cylinders. Loving the interaction between Five and everyone else. I also can't wait to see what happens with the android.

Busy week kept me from sinking back into Strike Back, but I did watch more Babylon 5. One of my favorite things about season two is how things start coming together. Random bits that didn't seem to be important become so. I love that!

That's all for television this week. Tonight's post is from Call to Come Home, a novella that got started with a prompt from a fan fiction community. The idea was to take an established canon storyline and turn it on its head. I love reimagining different scenes.

Here's the mini-blurb:

Hollace is on a mission in enemy territory to retrieve power cells to keep their temporary base station running. She bumps into a man she shares a past with, the presumed dead son of her commanding officer. When Verge refuses to leave with her, ignoring the call to come home, she takes matters into her own hands to reunite father and son… and to pick up where she and Verge left off.

And a sneaky peek…

Hollace docked at the anchorage cum base station and ran through post-flight in record time. For once, she couldn't wait to debrief. Stepping out of the transport, she ambled down the ramp and flashed a smile when Vasser greeted her at the bottom.
She clasped his hand. "I have good news, Sir." She leaned in, keeping her voice low. "Verge survived. He's alive."
Vasser's eyes went wide and his mouth dropped open. He glanced over her shoulder, looking for his son and her heart broke a little. Of course he'd think Verge had returned with her.
She bucked up and gave it to him straight. "He refused to leave."
Vasser's shoulders slumped and he turned away, heading for the aft corridor, which led to the command section of the base. Hollace wanted to punch Verge really hard and she would… as soon as the old man gave her to go to launch a recovery mission.
Scrambling to catch up with Vasser, she looped an arm around the old man's elbow. "It's not for the reason you think, Sir. He's got over a hundred survivors stationed in the Abbey of Dawnton. He wouldn't abandon them. They're relying on him to keep them alive and safe." She couldn't quite cover her admiration for his conviction.
Vasser's eyes widened. "Over a hundred?"
She nodded. "Yes, Sir. And they're all in pretty decent shape, considering what they've been through. You can be very proud of your son."
The old man's eyes misted. "Always have been. Just never told him." Regret tinged his words.
She squeezed his arm. "You'll be able to soon. Just give me the go, and I'll get a team together."
A brief smile cracked his usually stern features. "Lieutenant, you have a go."
Relief flooded her and she barely kept from fist pumping the air. "Mission parameters to you by 0500." She stepped back and started for the hatch. "With your permission?"
He jerked his head toward the exit. "Dismissed. Get some rest before you plan the op. 0600 is fine. He's survived this long down there. Another hour won't make a difference. I want you fresh and clear-headed when you get your people together."
Bone weary, she wouldn't argue. "Yes, Sir." She made her way to the hatch.
She turned back.
"Bring my boy home."
Offering a salute, she promised. "Count on it, Sir."

Truly having a lot of fun with this one. It's all plotted out and now I'm filling in the blanks.

That's it for this week. Catch everyone on the flipside.

ML Skye

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Sunday Snippet: Call the Ball

Another week of not losing any favorites on The Last Ship. Now I'm really concerned whoever is next will completely gut me. The Greens need to stay safe, at least long enough for a lovely family reunion. I actually fear something will happen to Mrs. Green because that's so not the obvious choice. I'll say this… if the president or Jacob the asshat reporter tries to harm her, I'll come after them. (In actuality, it'll probably be the blonde advisor—whose name I can't be bothered to remember—who does something awful to Kara, which, yeah, will add her to my list of 'deserves to die in a fire' candidates.)

Killjoys had a terrific episode this week. I'm excited to watch the next episode. Really interested in finding out more about Dutch's history, but I also want to see more about Johnny and D'Av, too. Sprinkling in small details about Pree, Pawter, and Alvis along the way is always welcome, too. I'm a little less into the whole nine thing, but I could become intrigued if they play that out a little over this season and really dive into it during the next season. (hint, hint).

Dark Matter jumped up on the interest chart again. I have a sneaky feeling there's been a switcheroo regarding One and I'm looking forward to finding out if my theory is correct. That said, I'm enjoying the dynamic with the remaining crew and the newcomers. We'll see if that continues. J

Babylon 5 and Strike Back rewatches are ongoing. I'm leaning toward a Banshee binge since I'll finish up Strike Back before B5 is complete. I'm also debating whether to start a few of the Netflix series I've wanted to dive into. Decisions, decisions.

Enough TV. Tonight's post is from Call the Ball, a sexy short built around the prompt of "a grown-up version of 'seven minutes in heaven'". Too much fun!!

Here's the mini-blurb:

Gwen keeps a tightly controlled leash on her feelings for Tag, thinking if she gives up control, she'll get lost in the passion. But when a simple game throws them together, she has to take a chance to see if sparks fly and if so, how to quench the flame.

And a sneaky peek…

Gwen West put her tray in the slot for cleaning and dumped her trash in the bins. Weird how becoming a full lieutenant didn't change much of anything. She still ate at the same time, usually alone, and had the same flight rotation. Oddly, she expected to at least feel different, but no, not so much. The extra bar on her collar looked nice, but everything else stayed pretty much the same.
Okay with her, for the most part. She'd hoped she might… well… gain a little boost of confidence with her promotion. Should have known better. Self-assurance had to come from within, not from a bump in rank or an extra stripe.
Dammit, she used swagger with the best of them. One wrong move tore her bravado to shreds. No, one stupid mistake set her back and she had to suck it up and move the hell on or risk being trapped by her past.
"Yo, West. Glad I caught you."
Tag Locksley. Her heart hammered. Gwen flicked her gaze in his direction, taking in the incredible vision of male perfection. She quickly looked away. Her reaction to her superior officer served as a good reminder… of why a sharply handsome face, sexy voice, and a lean and cut body would definitely get her into trouble.
Risking another quick glance and cursing her accelerated pulse rate, she quirked an eyebrow. "Did you need me for something?" God. Stupid response, Gwen.
Tag flashed a smile. "Not yet. But later, the senior officers are meeting in the lounge." His lips curved in a full grin. "And since you're now a senior officer, you should be there."
Gwen sucked in a breath. Wow. The unofficial gathering spot for blowing off steam used to be off limits. Junior officers always steered clear and she'd been one of those less than a week ago.
Tag shot her a sideways glance. "What? You've got other plans?"
His gravelly voice sent a zing of awareness shooting through her and sounded an alarm in her head. But the incredulous tone stopped her from being completely stupid.
She shrugged. "Nothing specific. What time did you have in mind?" Excitement mixed with wariness.
Gwen wanted to experience the camaraderie with the senior officers, but being the newest in their midst had nervous tension settling between her shoulders.
Tag lifted a shoulder. "Eh, sometime around seven." He planted a hand on the bulkhead not far from her head. "Plan on a late night. We'll be celebrating your new status."
Gwen suppressed a shudder and unglued her tongue from the roof of her mouth. She so needed to get over the crazy attraction for him. Wetting her lower lip, she tilted her head to one side, studying the almost challenging glint in his gaze.
Ducking under his arm, she started toward the exit. "Seven o'clock." Sparing a quick backward glance, she nodded. "I'll make the time to be there."
Sailing through the open doorway, she willed her heartbeat to slow down and prayed she didn't trip over her feet. The last thing she wanted? To appear inane and not up to par with the rest of the officers.
Or Tag Lockesly

Having a good time with this one. Need to find a few more spare moments to finish up and make it shine.

That's it for this week. Catch everyone on the flipside.

ML Skye

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Sunday Snippet: Breaking Point

Well, The Last Ship didn't kill any of my favorites last week. On one hand, this makes me very happy. On the other, I'm now wondering when, who, and how much it will destroy me when they take out a crewmember. LOL

Killjoys continues to rock my world. I love the show so much. I also love seeing so many familiar faces from other genre shows. Same goes for Dark Matter. After a "meh" opening episode, this week's turned out to be so much better with the possibility of a few cast shake-ups. I'm a little iffy on where things are going but I'm in for the ride.

The rewatch of Babylon 5 is up to the start of season two. I'm also in season two of Strike Back. Summer is great for sinking into and revisiting old favorites.

Tonight's post is from Breaking Point, book three in the saga of Molly and Sloan. Series title is forthcoming.

Here's the mini-blurb:

Molly and Sloan are rock solid until the fleet reaches its breaking point and their relationship is one of the casualties… or so they want everyone to think.

And a sneaky peek…

Molly waited her turn. She thought she had the answer. "We still need to get someone on the inside."
All eyes looked at her now. Most held disbelief.
"What?" She walked around the tactical room. "It's not a bad plan. We get someone close… go to the big deal meeting and grab the leader. Game over."
Sloan shook his head. "It won't work. They'd never let anyone military within ten feet of that meeting."
Oscar jumped in. "If someone resigned their commission in support of this movement, they would."
Molly grinned wide. "I like the way he thinks."
Quinn considered the idea. "It's risky… lotta things could go wrong."
Sloan had a very bad feeling. He had no doubt who Molly thought would be the best. And he hated the idea. Who better for the job than a loud-mouthed, high profile pilot with a propensity for bucking authority?
He shook his head back and forth. "Don't even. Don't even think it, Molls. You are not going in."
Killian. He'd be a better choice. He had a reason to be angry. Hadn't been back very long, got left behind. Molly… too high profile, too recognizable. Utterly crazy idea.
No one would buy it.
Molly shot him a scathing look and fired back. "You did not just say that." Her glare should've singed him on the spot. "Who died and made you admiral?"
Her comeback pulled a grin from the elder MacNeill. And Sloan knew he'd lost.
Liam nodded. "It makes sense, Major. Create a big splash, grab their attention, go in hot."
He shook his head again. "No… they'll never go for it."
Molly scoffed. "Says you. And screw that. If you're not going to help, go meet with Sinclair."
Sloan sent her a chilly glance. "I think I'll do that. Admiral?"
His dad treaded lightly. "Go. See what you can find out. We'll need his intel."
Sloan gave a curt nod, pivoted, and walked out the door.
This was far from over.

I'm making slow progress on this series. The first two books are pretty much completed and the third is a little over halfway. Based on what I have to date, looks like two more will round out the series with a possible offshoot or two. We'll see how everything goes. J

That's it for this week. Catch everyone on the flipside.

ML Skye

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Sunday Snippet: Boxing Day

Ahhh, The Last Ship makes me so very happy. And none of my favorites ended up dead in the last episode so there's that, too. I won't hold out too much hope for a death free episode tonight. Best to be prepared, right?

Killjoys came back with a bang. Gotta say I'm super happy to see it back on my screen. Here's hoping the whole season is as terrific as the premiere.

Dark Matter… eh, I was a little disappointed in the opener. That said, there are some interesting developments, especially given the ending. I'll reserve judgment before deciding if season two is a bust.

The finale for Wynonna Earp rocked. Fingers are still crossed for a second season. Some great seed were planted for future threads and I hope Syfy gives this show a chance.

Babylon 5 rewatch continues. I'm almost through the first season and so many little things I missed on the other viewings are popping up. I love when that happens.

Strike Back is also entertaining me with the same things happening. I catch small things I missed when I watched the first time.

That's it for TV this week. Hope everyone enjoys the fireworks shows if they like that kind of thing. Me? I'm happy watching them on what else… television. J

Tonight's post is from Boxing Day, a sexy short with lots of reflection of happy moments.

Here's the mini-blurb:

Aeryn Gray packs up the personal belongings of Nash Nitali and spies a pair of boxing gloves. The sight takes her back through their weird brand of courtship and she takes some time to reminisce about their long, tangled affair.

And a sneaky peek…

Nash Natali scrambled out of the training ring. Shit. He rarely lost track of time, especially when he had an early briefing. Damn. Way to get off on the absolute worst footing possible with his new pilot. One he desperately needed.
Even if she had a smart mouth to go along with her hot temper.
And even hotter body. The woman filled out her gym gear in all the right places.
Inappropriate, Nash. Get your head out of your ass and off her curves. Focus on making amends for the dick move.
He chased his lieutenant down. "Gray! Hold up." Catching up to her, he apologized. "I'm sorry I missed our briefing. I don't make a habit of blowing off my new pilots." He flashed a smile. "I've been waiting for your arrival with great anticipation for two weeks."
Her lips curved, a polite gesture. "Yeah, well, you could've fooled me." She folded her arms over her chest.
Nash tried a different approach. "Look, we can head to my office right now." He remembered his sweaty state. "Or, if you'd rather, I can grab a quick shower and meet you in ten."
Aeryn eyed him with a sideways glance. "Why not head back to the gym and you can brief me while I get a workout in?" Her gaze challenged him to refuse.
He didn't argue. "Not exactly SOP, but since you're cutting me some slack here, I'm all for the idea." Turning, he headed back toward the gym area.
She followed and grabbed a pair of sparring gloves. "I'll apologize for butting in earlier. I should have realized you were training a rookie." Stuffing her hands in the gloves, she tightened the straps with her teeth.
Nash quirked a grin. "You definitely don't hold back, do you?" He slipped a pair of gloves on also.
Aeryn gave him a sheepish smile. "Not usually, no. I speak my mind but have no problem being told to keep my thoughts to myself." She turned and started a quick jab session with the speed ball. "Doesn't always work, but I do my best to comply." A quick side eye showed the humor in her gaze.
He liked her. She'd fit in well with her shoot from the hip style.
Nash took a spot at the neighboring machine. "Can't ask for more, especially since you've given me fair warning." He settled into a steady rhythm, enjoying the camaraderie. "For the record, feel free to call me on my bullshit whenever necessary." He snorted. "Missing a briefing is definitely bullshit."
Aeryn barked out a laugh. "You know what, Sir? You and I are going to get along just fine."
He couldn't agree more. And spent the next thirty minutes giving his new pilot the lowdown on her new post.

I love this little short story. Here's hoping I can finish it up soon and launch it into the bookverse. :D

That's it for this week. Catch everyone on the flipside.

ML Skye