Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Another Launch from the Skye Port

Still weeding, gardening, landscaping. And I started the garage clean up project also. It's so weird how I can sit in front of my monitor on a daily basis and piddle with this manuscript or dabble with that one…and not get a bloomin' thing done.

But send me out to the yard or into the garage and when I get back…CREATIVE MANNA!! LOL

I'll honestly admit it's not like that every single day, but I think when I take the pressure off and just let my brain have some breathing room, things start falling into place. And like many others, I go through creative bursts where everything seems to just flow and come together in the exact way I want. I love those times.

Then you have those days where it's like fighting to get anything out. For myself, I still plug away, maybe not loving what goes on the page, but at least it's some type of progress. I find brainstorming sessions will help get me out of those ruts.

I'll type out ideas, jumping ahead in the story or, occasionally, random scenes that may end up going somewhere else or in another manuscript. Outlines seem to help also. If I'm stuck and I haven't outlined anything specific, I'll start one. Or…if I have an outline I'm working with, I'll revisit it and ask myself why the words have stopped flowing.

And wow…enough of that blather. Let's get to another detail session. :D

This time it's for Bucking Convention.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Quick Drive By Update

August 8, 2010

Probably only a quick update this go round. Been swamped under with non-writing projects galore, mainly landscaping and cleaning. I know, right? UGH!

I also have three kidlets that love to get in on the action. Er, well, maybe not love, but at least lend a helping hand. The younger two got out of working this past week for their VBS. They had a big finale on Friday evening and it was spectacular. My kids' ages range from 17 down to 8. My middle one is 11. He's at the age where he'd probably rather do something else than go to VBS, but he has enough friends there that it's bearable for him. The youngest one has too much fun with all the crafts, singing and dancing that she'll be good to go for another few years. And let's not forget the refreshments.

I have to say the ladies who head that up went above and beyond. The theme for this year was High Seas Adventure and the women came up with some truly cool treats for the crew. One night the kids were supposed to be eating clouds so they made blue jello with marshmallows and whipped cream. Awesome, yes?

After the program on Friday, they had extra items made up so the parents could see what each day's theme was. This was on top of the huge spread of cookies they laid out. Seriously…my hat's off to everyone who makes VBS happen each year, but a special tip of the brim goes to the refreshment team. :D

And that's it for now. We had a busy weekend and I'm brain dead so I'll post another Not Quite Ready for Prime Time offering in the near future.

Until then…

Catch everyone on the flip.