Sunday, June 17, 2018

Sunday Snippet: Quick Fast Dirty

Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there. And if you're not a dad, happy weekend!

It's been a long week with back and forth temperatures that always wreak havoc with my allergies. Bleh. But… not a bad week for television viewing. I started out with more Mutant X and followed with Endeavor and Midsomer Murders.

Then I hit The Sarah Conner Chronicles. I'd forgotten how dramatic Derek's entrance to the fold was. I'm also a little more than halfway through Constantine and I liked the fallen angel episode.

I finished up The Batman season four and really enjoyed the series. I think there might be a few more episodes floating around but I'm not sure. I caught several episodes of Classic Who up through the third episode in the Key of Marinus arc.

Pensacola Wings of Gold isn't half bad. Fits in with my military-themed shows of Strike Back and Band of Brothers. Chicago Fire is just over the midway point and I'm hoping to finish out the season soon. I caught Sense8's "Demons" episode and really enjoyed it. It's not as hard to keep things straight as I thought it would be. Really, a great show.

Loved seeing Hurst go down on Blind Spot. I need to mainline some episodes because they're getting close to expiration. This makes me a little angry. I realize the season is over but, honestly, unless the DVD is going to be released within a month, keep the episode live, dammit. Just saying.

That's it for television this week. Tonight's post is from Quick Fast Dirty, a novella that started with a writing community challenge of writing sex with clothes on. Always a fun thing to do.

Here's the mini-blurb:

Vixen Arz and Josh Baldwin like their sex quick, fast, and dirty. In the middle of a war, they don't have time for sensual pleasantries, and they can't do the hearts and flowers things anyway—Vixen is Josh's superior officer. If caught fraternizing, both will face brig time—or court martial!

And a sneaky peek…

Vixen Arz eyed the sculpted ass of Josh Baldwin. He walked several steps ahead of her, giving her ample time to imagine grabbing hold and never letting go. Right. As if.
At best, she'd be able to cop a good feel in a stolen moment later. The middle of a war zone didn't allow much in the way of long-term gripping. Dammit.
A shoulder bumped into hers. "Hey, Captain. Sorry about that."
Pulled from her viewing pleasure, Vixen glanced up. "It's all right, Jannis. I'm lost in thought." She groaned. "Are those fit reps for me?" She'd just finished a crap ton of files yesterday.
The petty officer bobbed his head. "Yeah, and the XO said he wanted them yesterday." He rolled his eyes.
The XO wanted everything yesterday.
Vixen took the reports. "Yeah, yeah. I'll see what I can do." She nodded. "Thanks, Jannis." Moving away, she caught up to Josh. "Lieutenant, did you still want to discuss the flight schedule?" She used their code for "come see me later."
He quirked a brow. "Uh, yeah. If you have time." He ducked into an alcove so they could speak without holding anyone up.
Vixen kept a professional distance but craved contact with her junior officer. "I've got time." She lowered her voice. "Got another stack of fit reps to work through, if you're up for some stress relief later."
A slow smile curved his lips. "Aren't I always?" He kept his tone just shy of teasing.
Vixen smirked. "So far, so good." She started down the corridor to head to her office. "And you know I keep score." She didn't wait for a comeback; she liked having the last word.
Josh had a shift in command, which gave her about four hours to plow through as many reports as she could.
She opened her office door, wearing a wide smile. "Nothing beats having a hot man willing to get down and dirty with a superior officer."
Except maybe getting caught. That would trump each stolen moment, every bit of hidden pleasure they'd carved out over the last six months. Time she wouldn't give up for anything.
Settling behind her desk, she opened the first file. "After a full year of being on the front lines, a court martial for conduct unbecoming might just be worth it."

Vixen and Josh are fun to write and I love the dynamic of Vixen being the superior officer.

That's it for this week. Catch everyone on the flipside.

ML Skye

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Sunday Snippet: Questionable Vision

June 10, 2018

My youngest kidlet is back from her trip to Disney and it's so nice to have her home. It's also terrific she had the opportunity to visit every theme park in Disney's repertoire. She had such a great time. On a proud parent note, she enjoyed Epcot the best and it makes my entire year because that was my favorite when I went to Disney many, many moons ago. I'm resisting the urge to plan a full-on Disney vacation… mainly because I don't have the time. But it would be so much fun!

Had something of an off week in television viewing. I'm battling a nasty cold / allergies / upper respiratory "ick" that's kicking my teeth in. But… I did get quite a bit watched.

I started a new-to-me Australian show called Canal Road and it's rather good. I'm two episodes in and I'm hooked. I also got to finish up Archangel and thoroughly enjoyed it.

In my classic rewatch, I caught Midsomer Murders and several episodes of Classic Who. I finished up the Dalek episodes and started the new arc. I'd forgotten what a shifty guy the first doctor can be. I also caught another episode of The Sarah Conner Chronicles.

Endeavor continues to make me happy. I also got another episode of Constantine in and I'm quite excited for the character to make the move to Legends of Tomorrow. I started a show I only got to watch sporadically when it originally aired, Pensacola Wings of Gold. I actually hope I can catch other late 90s early 00s shows. I missed so much back then.

On DVD, I finished up The Batman's third season and started the fourth. I also caught a few episodes of current seasons of Chicago Fire and Blindspot. Gotta say the whole Hurst arc is turning out to be kind of exciting.

Band of Brothers and Strike Back gave me my military show fix. I continue to be blown away by the casting in Band of Brothers. So many good choices.

I'm five episodes into Sense8 and I'm kicking myself for waiting so long to watch this show. That said, I can binge the entire thing and see the finale in one go so there's that bit of good news. Fearless's third episode kind of broke me a little. It's a dark, dark show.

Krypton's first season proved to be pretty awesome. I have no idea where they'll go for the second season, but the end was kind of chilling. Jana called the whole General Zod ruling over Krypton thing and I'm truly hoping Lyta is now regretting her choice. If she isn't that character is dead to me. Just saying.

And that's it for television this week. Tonight's post is from Questionable Vision, a sexy short that explores coming back from a tragic event.

Here's the mini-blurb:

Park Danielson doesn't want to fight anymore. Stuck in a warzone, he has one burning question. Why bother sticking around? Darby Young has the answer. He's not allowed to leave.

And a sneaky peek…

At least she'd taken him seriously. And, yeah, more serious than she'd ever know. She didn't have a front row seat to the destruction. Didn't watch two squadrons merge together to destroy a common enemy then turn on each other and open fire. No, she escaped that particular drama and landed in the middle of another one. The order to take out the opposing commander.
If the charge hadn't been rescinded, he'd have lost her. And he should've been there to have her back. They always watched each other's six, even when they sometimes couldn't stand the sight of each other.
Park swallowed, forming his words with difficulty. "Why do we do this, Darb?" His question could be interpreted a myriad of ways.
Why did they push each other? Why did the world always seem to implode on a regular basis? Why did they never end up on the same page long enough to pursue the megawatt chemistry between them?
Darby stopped pacing. "I don't know, Park." She moved to sit beside him again. "Fear. Self-loathing. The utter uncertainty we live with every day."
He shot her a look. She'd basically answered every question in the universe.
She narrowed her eyes. "Oh no. Unacceptable, Park. You don't get to use that. And you don't get to leave me. Not that way."
He elected to remain silent. Arguing with Darby gave him a headache on a good day. And he hadn't come close to having a decent twenty-four hours in weeks.
She grabbed his hand. "Is that what you really want?" Her voice lowered to a whisper. "To get away from me?"
Park swallowed again. How did he answer the question? He loved her. Hated her. Laughed with her. Fought with her. He counted on her. She'd become a lifeline in the harsh waters of war.
But even life-preservers were short-term solutions. "Darb, some days you're the only thing that keeps me upright. Other days, you're the one pushing me down." He slowly met her gaze. "When does want and desire get to trump pain, confusion, and utter despair?" His throat clogged with more words he wouldn't speak.
Darby stared at their entwined fingers. "So, basically, I add to this whole equation, don't I?" She loosened her grip but kept their hands joined. "You and me, we're hot then cold, back and forth, pretty much all the time." Her gaze met his again.
She'd hit on the underlying issue… in a big way. Progress of a sort. But maybe not enough.
He kept his gaze steady on hers. "Where and how do we move forward? Is it possible?" Uncertainty didn't make a great foundation to build anything on.
Darby didn't look away. "Honestly? I don't know." She placed her other palm over their joined hands.
He finally looked away. "Yeah, I figured as much." Dejected, he pulled free of her grasp.
Darby didn't let him off the hook. "You'll get back on track, Park." Her hand cupped his face. "Moment by moment, day by day, you'll improve." Leaning in, her fingers traced along his jawline. "And I'm willing to talk about everything… after you recover. So do your damned physical and get cleared for active duty." Her lips brushed over his and she eased away.
Park snagged her arm and tugged her close again. "Is that a promise?" She wouldn't go back on her word if she gave it.
Darby didn't hesitate. "I said it and I meant it. So, yeah, it's a promise."
For the first time in a long time… something seemed right in the world.

I'm not sure where this one will end up going, but I'm having fun with the challenge of writing something a little on the somber side.

That's it for this week. Catch everyone on the flipside.

ML Skye

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Sunday Snippet: Quality of Care

Well… half the year gone and I have no idea where it went. LOL I have some terrific news. My oldest kidlet, on his twenty-fifth birthday and fifth anniversary of dating his girlfriend, proposed and she said yes. I'll be welcoming a new daughter-in-law in the next year or so. She's already part of the family… the marriage will only make it official. Congratulations to both!

Good television viewing week. I started off with Endeavor and caught two episodes. Glad I was able to watch the opener for series three not long after the end of series two. That was kind of a cliffhanger.

Gotham went and changed all the rules again. I have so much love for this show. I truly think season four is its best yet. Everyone finally came into their roles and the cast and plotlines all meshed together in a brilliant fashion. I can't wait for season five. Seriously.

Caught two more episodes of Chicago Fire and Blindspot. I'm truly curious about where Roman is going with everything. I'm also hopeful he ends up not being a raging dickhole. Probably not much chance he won't be, but, yeah, here's hoping.

Also caught two episodes of Sense8 and Fearless. I'm getting into Sense8. It's not as hard to follow as I thought it would be. I'm excited to see where the rest of season one goes. Fearless is kind of relentless. I'm somewhat saddened the US person is such a raging bitch. Terrific actress though.

Krypton's first season is excellent. I have the finale to watch then it's wait, wait, wait for the next season. Argh!

I didn't get to finish Archangel on the app I was watching it on, so I'll have to find it on Netflix. I did finish up The Ghost Squad and, honestly, not a bad show. A little ambiguous, but quite enjoyable. I'm still working my way through the later seasons of Midsomer Murders and should be starting series twelve soon. On the rewatch front, I'm hitting The Sarah Conner Chronicles, Band of Brothers, and Strike Back's fourth season. I'm gearing up to watch the most recent season of Strike Back so I can be ready for season six when one of my favorite actors joins the cast.

Also caught another episode of Constantine and two more episodes of Classic Who. Mutant X has joined my lineup of shows I'm revisiting.

And that's it for television this week. Tonight's post is from Quality of Care, a novella that started from a writing community prompt of creating a story built around the main characters being in a tough spot or feeling worn out, whatever the case, and they're depressed, or someone else thinks they are and they need help.

Here's the mini-blurb:

Stuck on the fringe of space, cut off by an enemy blockade, Phoebe Point and Dane Moragson keep their ragtag crewmembers from going stark, raving mad. When food rations become non-existent, Phoebe and Dane plot a daring plan to improve the quality of care for their comrades—even if it means going against orders and risking court-martial.

And a sneaky peek…

Noell brought a bag, a small one, out from behind his back. "This is for you two." He opened the pouch to show its contents.
Phoebe glanced up, meeting Dane's gaze before shifting her attention to Noell. "Where did you get this?" The sack contained more food than Phoebe had seen for a very long time.
Dane shook his head. "He doesn't need to answer, Phoebs. Let's thank him instead of putting him on the spot." His hand closed around the offering.
Phoebe winced. "Yeah, sorry. Thank you." She couldn't quite wrap her head around the generosity.
Noell flashed a quick smile. "Look, why don't you two hit the storage locker next to aft control junction and have some downtime." He shuffled from side to side, clearly a little uncomfortable.
Phoebe tilted her head. "Why?"
Dane asked the same. "Yeah, while appreciated, this gesture is surprising to say the least." He shook the bag, almost like the food might disappear.
Noell lifted a shoulder. "The reason is simple, really. Even though the pilots don't always show it, they get it. How much you guys do." He paced, making a slow back and forth across the width of the corridor. "Trying to keep the peace, breaking up the throwdowns over rations, boosting morale." He paused. "And even if no one will admit it, they also know Dane gives up his share every third day to keep the numbers even." He nodded toward Phoebe. "And Phoebe skips assigned eating times so someone else can have more." He folded his arms over his chest. "Well, it's your turn. Someone has to take care of you guys, too. And the quality of care you two strive for matters… to everyone." A blush stained his cheeks. "We just forget to show how much it means sometimes."
Phoebe reached out and gave his arm a squeeze. "We appreciate it, but we're doing our jobs." And would continue until one or both were dead.
Dane clapped Noell on the shoulder. "What she means is thank you. We'll take the downtime and enjoy a brief break from work." He started off in the direction of the storage locker.
Phoebe sent Noell a quick glance. "Will you be okay? If anyone has the smallest regret, their reaction could blow back on you."
Noell shrugged again. "I'm a big boy, Lieutenant. I'll handle whatever fallout—if there is any—that comes my way."
Phoebe nodded. Noell had a good head on his shoulders. If he said he'd be okay, he'd be just fine. With a quick, wobbly smile, she turned and caught up with Dane. The lack of sleep, hunger, and high-stress of the past few weeks had her emotions all over the place.
A brief respite should help her get things back under control.

I kind of like the somber tone with spots of humor in this story. Here's hoping the rest comes together the way I hope it will.

That's it for this week. Catch everyone on the flipside.

ML Skye

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Sunday Snippet: Pushing Buttons

The school year is officially over and now the summer fun begins. My daughter leaves for Disney next week to perform with the band and choir at the theme park. She's been organized and semi-packed for almost a full week already. I have no idea where she got that gene… it definitely didn't come from me.

Not a bad week for television. I caught another episode of Endeavor, which I thoroughly enjoy. Ended up with two episodes of Midsomer Murders. I'm winding down the last series or so of John Nettles's tenure.

Caught two episodes of Constantine. Again, I'm enjoying the high levels of quality snark bandied about by John. And I like how his inner demons weigh even heavier than the actual demons he has to thwart. Truly excellent fare.

Getting closer to the season finale of Gotham. Jerome's brand of crazy reaching out beyond the grave to completely encompass Jeremiah is great entertainment. And I truly do love how the other evolving villains continue to percolate their plans behind the scenes.

Chicago Fire and Blindspot are still holding my interest. I am still a little iffy on the whole Roman plan, but I'm invested enough that I want to find out what his actual master plan is.

Caught a few more episodes of Classic Who and should finish up the Dalek storyline soon. Also caught the second episode of Sense 8 and I'm pretty much hooked. I definitely want to find out what the hell is going on with this group.

The Flash season finale ended up being better than I hoped. That said, there could have been about five fewer episodes in this season and the story would have unfolded better. Riverdale threw a blindside or two into their finale and I'm there for whatever happens next. Hopefully it'll be Hiram's head on a pike parading through town. Just saying.

Krypton continues to make me happy. I kind of enjoy the intrigue and seeing how the alliances are constantly shifting because the ground keeps fluctuating under everyone's feet. Very interested in seeing where next season goes… if there is a next season.

Part one of Ghost Squad's season finale ended up being pretty terrific. I do wish there was more information on how the big boss lady gets her cases. I'll honestly not be surprised if she isn't as dirty as the cops she's trying to bring down. We'll see how that plays out.

Started a new to me show on the Roku Channel app. Archangel, I think, originally aired as TV movie, but it's billed as a three episode season. The first show ended up being pretty terrific. I also caught another episode of The Sarah Conner Chronicles on Crackle.

That's it for television this week. Tonight's post is from Pushing Buttons, a novella that started with a two-word prompt of "I see".

Here's the mini-blurb:

Chet Vondallson hates complications—integrating two crews when a space cruiser goes down sits at the bottom of his list of fun things to do. Parson Browd, one of Chet's top pilots—and his lover—likes to push his buttons and get a reaction, something Chet knows but finds hard to resist.

And a sneaky peek…

Parson came off her patrol flight caught between dread—she hadn't quite worked off the urge to punch Cyrus in the face—and excitement—her active imagination came up with lots of kinky ideas for Chet. Thankfully, Stingray didn't make an appearance on the hangar deck or in any of the corridors leading to quarters a deck below. A long, hot shower would definitely improve her mood.
Entering the head, she stripped off her flight suit and tossed it into the laundry bin. Yanking her locker open, she grabbed her shower kit and a fluffy towel then made her way to the stalls. She adjusted the water temperature until it got steamy then stepped under the hot spray.
Oddly, she didn't have any competition for space. "Kinda nice to have the whole place to myself." Only one thing would make the shower better.
A low whistled tune greeted her ears over the downpour of water. She turned around in time to catch the man himself strolling in her direction. His erection jutted out, ready for action.
Parson tossed the washcloth, which Chet caught with ease.
He crowded into the stall, reaching for the military-issue soap. "Shall I scrub your back?" He lathered up the terrycloth and waggled his eyebrows.
Parson hummed a response. "Rather you start with the front." She backed under the water, letting it sluice over her body.
Chet flashed a sly grin. "Your wish and all that…" He drew the washcloth over her shoulder and along her collarbone, letting the suds trail down to her belly and below.
Parson sighed, basking in bliss. "If you're granting wishes, you could be really nice and let me—"
Chet cut her off. "Nope. You're not going after Stingray." He worked his way over to her other shoulder and dropped the cloth to the tiled floor. "He's going to have to follow the chain of command and make his complaint." His palms smoothed over her skin, dipping down to cup her breasts.
Yeah, okay. Cyrus had no place in the shower with them. Frank could handle his bitchy officer on his own.
She met Chet's gaze and fisted his erection. "Right. Shutting up now." She tugged him closer, bracing her shoulders on the cool tile behind her.
Chet's head lowered, his mouth hovering over hers. "Good. Your mouth is better used in other ways." His lips caught hers in a kiss rivaling the hot water in temperature.
Parson shoved everything else out of her mind. Lucky for Chet, one of the kinky fantasies she conjured involved steamy sex in the shower.

Parson and Chet will have some fun pushing each other's buttons and Cyrus will unwittingly help along the way.

That's it for this week. Catch everyone on the flipside.

ML Skye

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Sunday Snippet: Promise to Keep

A great week with a busy schedule. The end of the school year is always jammed up with concerts, graduation parties, and last-minute final projects. Never boring.

Good week in television. Watched a little more Classic Who with The Daleks: The Dead Planet and The Survivors. Also caught another episode of Midsomer Murders. Watched the second episode of Constantine and, honestly, I'm enjoying the show. Definitely a good thing to get a better feel for the character since he'll be on Legends this fall.

Gotham continues to be a super-great pleasure to watch. I'm almost caught up and can't wait to see how this season ends. I'm a little on the fence about R'as, but we'll see what happens.

Watched Chicago Fire and Chicago PD. I'm still loving Chicago Fire. Chicago PD not so much. The whole Woods going after Hank thing is too contrived and using one of Hank's people as a mole has been done. Also, the never heard of before sister is too damned convenient. Right now… I'm done. I'll catch up on marathons later. Blindspot, however, is holding my interest. Even if I'm kind of "meh" on Roman being the new instigator, I love the team's new interactions.

The Flash is almost over for the season and I'm ready. DeVoe is becoming my least favorite villain of all time. I'm ready for them to move on and get someone new to be the bad guy. In contrast, Arrow's season finale ended up being one of my favorite episodes. I'm a little bummed Diaz got away. Seriously, I wanted him to either die in a fire or end up behind bars.

Started a new-to-me show on Netflix with Sense8. I'd started this a long time ago and finally finished watching the first episode. I'm now hooked and can't wait to follow the series. I also caught the next to last episode of Riverdale's second season. The reveal of the Black Hood was incredible. Cheryl and Betty teaming up made me happy. I'm ready for Hiram to get what's coming to him in a big way. I'm curious about who the hell attacked Archie and Fred and having a sneaking suspicion Hiram's dirty handprints will be all over that deal. FP carrying Jughead broke my heart. I'm so ready to watch the finale now!!

Caught another episode of Krypton and, holy hell, the maneuvering and shifting allegiances is kind of fun to watch. I'm excited to see how the rest of the season goes.

Started The Batman season three and thoroughly enjoyed the show. Also caught another episode of Ghost Squad and still enjoy how fine a line Amy has to walk to get to the truth of corruption. Her interaction with Pete is also a lot of fun to watch. On tap for today is another episode of Endeavor and probably some additional Classic Who.

Whew! That wraps up television for this week. Tonight's post is from Promise to Keep, a novella that might not end up seeing the light of day. The ending isn't altogether happy.

Here's the mini-blurb:

Two elite marines try to forge a relationship during a time of war. But when a worse than usual dangerous situation ups the ante, a promise is made and must be kept, regardless of the personal toll. After all, the marine motto is anytime, anyplace, always ready.

And a sneaky peek…

A laid-up Makepeace hated the fact Doc Certifiable decided to keep him overnight for observation.
Hell… not first time he’d been shot. Probably wouldn’t be the last, either.
He had a wounded leg! Not like the bullet hit vital organs or anything. Stupid fucking doctors, ordering a marine to bedrest, dammit. A marine. The proud. The strong. The kick-ass elite.
Mathison nodded briskly toward Illiana when the medic exited the alcove assigned to Daniel Makepeace. Jillian waited until Layne rounded the corner then pulled the curtain around for privacy—a bit of a risk… but she thought it worth the trouble.
She’d want a fellow grunt to do the same for her. Nobody liked being out of commission.
Checking the closure of the curtain, Mathison turned to meet the hopeful gaze of Makepeace. She almost laughed, but stopped herself, not wanting to draw any undue attention from the staff.
Nodding his head, he greeted his visitor. “Gunny.” He quirked a brow, probably hoping his counterpart didn't just come to wish him well.
Mathison rolled her eyes at his inside joke. Because their ranks were the same he’d started referring to her as "Gunny" whenever he bumped into her on their downtime until it developed into a kind of "thing" with them. Gunnery Sergeant Daniel Makepeace might be from Pegasus and might be typically rough and ready but he had a wicked sense of humor. And Mathison liked that in a man… this one in particular.
Not missing a beat, she followed with her usual response. “Gunny.” Glancing around to make sure they were well and truly alone, she pulled out the bottle of home brew she’d stashed in her fatigues.
With a smirk, she held it up, shaking it a little to show the jar was full. “Thought maybe you could use a drink.” Placing the container on the bedside table, she carefully unscrewed the lid.
Groaning in appreciation, Makepeace's head hit the propped up pillow. “Thank the gods.” He licked his lips before grinning ruefully. “R & R sure went to shit.” Now that was an understatement… he’d lost men… but at least he’d pulled Carnage's ass out of the fire. As a pilot, her skill went unmatched. As a ranking officer in an unforeseen hostage situation, well, not really her fault things didn't go to plan.
Mathison smiled sadly. Marines were never really "off duty" as the situation on the Mary Jarvis proved.
And they’d lost enough people. She’d bet her next pay grade that clawed at him more than the leg did.
Shooting a glance his way, she commiserated. “Yeah. Heard that.” Sliding the bottle in front of him, she watched him swallow at least five times before stopping. Her kind of man.
It took a second to recover from the liquid burn in his throat, but as soon as he could speak, he rasped. “Much appreciated.” Handing the jar over, he grinned when she raised it in mock toast then knocked back a healthy portion herself. His kind of woman? She hoped so.
Nodding at the chair beside the bed, Makepeace asked, “Keep a guy company?” He looked like he'd love to get to know her better. And maybe he hated to drink alone.
Jillian pondered the invite for all of two seconds. What the hell? She didn’t have any place she had to be.
Winking, she decided to run with it. Turning the chair around, she dropped down on it and leaned her arms on the backrest. “Thought you’d never ask.”
A weird place to advance a friendship into something deeper, but she could roll with the idea.

The dynamic between Dan and Jillian is fun to write. I like these characters so much.

That's it for this week. Catch everyone on the flipside.

ML Skye

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Sunday Snippet: Powering Down

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there. Whether you have offspring, fur babies, or play a surrogate parent role for someone, you're awesome!

My weekly television roundup is kind of jammed with goodness. I caught two episodes of Krypton and I'm completely sold on this show. I'm hoping it gets another season.

Also caught two episodes of Endeavor. Finished up the first series and started the second. I rather enjoy this show and really like the actor in the lead role of Endeavor Morse.

My DVDs this week were movies. Blackhat and Red Dawn. I didn't finish Red Dawn but I'll catch it at another time. For me, the original Red Dawn is going to be hard to top.

Finished up the first arc of Classic Who with "An Unearthly Child". I also started "The Daleks" and watched about half of the first episode. Over on CW Seed, I started the live action version of Constantine and enjoyed the first episode. I'm hoping to get through the whole season before new episodes of Legends of Tomorrow begin.

I still love Gotham. The totally batshit craziness brings me a ton of joy with each episode. I'm so happy this show truly found its footing and delivers great viewing with each new week.

Also caught some additional season six episodes of Chicago Fire and another from season five of Chicago PD. I'm a little miffed they're making a mole of one of my fave characters but I'll see how it all plays out. I truly hate Woods though. Just saying.

Arrow and The Flash both had great episodes. I like seeing the two couples work through their roadblocks. That said, I honestly can't wait to see both villains go down. I'm pretty much done with being patient.

Riverdale brought more crazy and I'm still an episode behind. I do like how much tension simmers below the surface and how quickly alliances have to be made and discarded. Kudos to Mark Consuelos. He makes me totally hate Hiram. I also have a small suspicion about who fired the shots at the mayoral debate but I'll refrain from saying… in case I'm completely off my guess. LOL

I got another episode of Blindspot in and, well, I'm trying to figure out Roman's goal. I really don't want him to be another Shepherd so here's hoping that's not the direction they're going in.

Quick mention for Ghost Squad. Caught two more episodes and seriously enjoy the hell out of this show. The emotional toll is interesting to watch and the slow erosion of trust in anything also packs a punch. Great stuff.

Brief shout out for The Sarah Conner Chronicles. Rewatched the pilot episode and, damn, I forgot how awesome that was.

Last but not least… some thoughts on Jessica Jones. I finished the second season and honestly hate Trish with the passion of a thousand burning suns. I have no idea where they'll take her if the show has a third season, but off a tall building in Manhattan wouldn't bother me one damn bit. If they can redeem her, I'd be on board, but I'm honestly not all that interested in seeing a redemption arc for her. I hate her that much right now. I do hope Malcolm and Jessica end up back on good terms and I was happy to see Jessica stop by to see Oscar and the kid. I'd welcome a third season if we get one.

And that's it for my jam-packed week in television. Tonight's post is from Powering Down, a sexy short that started with a writing community prompt of write a story set after an enemy attack where the ship starts randomly losing power and your main characters get trapped in a dark room… alone. I jumped on this one. LOL

Here's the mini-blurb:

A little enforced downtime leads to a small power struggle between Nicia Bowen and Jett Vanatta. Nicia isn't thrilled when Jett picks someone else to be his second in command, but once Jett explains his reason—they're too close—she can't argue the point. Instead she decides to accept his excuse and get even more personally involved.

And a sneaky peek…

Oh, holy shit. Jett's kisses should be marked as hazardous to my sanity.
Nicia moaned low in her throat. Jett's tongue slid past her lower lip and interrupted her brain's ability to do more than respond to the wicked things his mouth did to hers. Her hands worked his shirt up, her fingers grazing over his spine. Jett inched his thumbs under her tank top and stroked the skin along her ribs. Nicia shuddered and a ball of need settled low in her belly.
She eased away from him, tugging his t-shirt up and over his head. Holding his gaze, she did the same with hers. His eyes flared and darkened with purpose. Reaching out, he dipped his fingers under her waistband and, when she didn't resist, he slipped the workout pants down past her hips. Nicia gave a quick shake and the garment fell to the floor. She stepped out of the pile and moved toward Jett, but he backed away with a jerk of his head.
She paused and arched an eyebrow. "Second thoughts?" She'd scream if he did.
He snorted. "Hell, no." He shoved his pants down and kicked them to the side. "But if you get anywhere near my dick right now, I can't guarantee the outcome." For emphasis, he pointed to his hard length, jutting outward from his groin.
Nicia's lips curved with satisfaction. "Point made." She sauntered forward. "That said… we've been dancing around this for so long, I'm thinking slow is out of the question." Holding his gaze, she draped her arms over his shoulders. "And I'm perfectly okay with that." Fast, hard, and awesome sounded pretty damn good at the moment.
Jett grasped her hips and slid his hands down to cup her ass. "Good to know." He urged her to wrap her legs around his waist, his cock wedged between them.
Carrying her to the closest flat surface—a weight bench in the corner—he sat down with her straddling his thighs. Oh… oh, oh, oh, the hard length of his shaft belonged at the apex of her legs. The exquisite hardness nudged at her clit and craved the feel of Jett being buried deep inside her.
His hands dropped to her waist, lifting her up and over his erection. She braced her palms on his shoulder and waited for him to meet her gaze before she began a sexy, slow descent. Yeah, she wanted hard and fast, but couldn't resist savoring each inch sinking between her folds until fully seated.
She hummed low in her throat. "Ahhh, Jett. You're a perfect fit." Not too big, but filling her completely.
Jett huffed out a breath. "Understatement, Neece." He cupped her ass, urging her to rock her hips.
She complied, planting her knees on the cushioned surface for leverage. Jett's lips ghosted over the column of her throat and she picked up the pace a little. The raspy sounds coming from her were almost foreign. She rarely got turned on the point of being breathless.
But Jett excited, thrilled, and challenged Nicia. The sting of not being made second in command soothed by the promise of something much more rewarding. Even if they couldn't go public and risk their careers, they'd have a damn good time digging into a relationship as more than friends.
More than friends.
The idea caught fire and pushed her closer to the edge.
She rocked harder, trying to bring Jett along for the ride. "I'm close, Jett. Come with me?" Her internal muscles tightened around his cock, a sure sign of her approaching orgasm.
Jett grasped her thighs, meeting her motion with an upward flex of his hips. "Oh, Neecy, I'm there. Let go and come for me." He slid his hands up, his thumbs working over her clit.
Nicia shattered, the wave of bliss washing over her with intensity. She gasped out a breath and moaned her release.
Jett hummed with satisfaction. "That's it. Ah… yeah." His eyes closed and he groaned. "I'm right… right behind you." His ass lifted off the bench and he shuddered beneath her, his torso rippling when he came.
He stilled, a happy smile ghosting across his face. Nicia collapsed against him, her head tucked under his chin. She'd crossed a lot of lines, made a habit of bucking the military machine… but never with a higher risk than sex with Jett and never with such spectacular results.
His arms came around her and he brushed his lips over her temple. "I can safely say being with you surpassed any and all expectations I might have had." His fingertips traced circles on her back.
Nicia smiled and snuggled closer. "Totally agree." She eased away from him to meet his gaze. "We'll be doing this again, right?" Her voice stayed steady even if a lot rode on his answer.
Jett's lips quirked in a half-smile. "I think we'd better… just make sure this isn't a fluke."
Nicia laughed. She feared an awkward vibe might develop, but with Jett cracking a joke, they'd be just fine.
And not losing him mattered more than it should.

I'm excited to finish this one up and hopefully feature it soon.

That's it for this week. Catch everyone on the flipside.

ML Skye

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Sunday Snippet: Power Play

Hello, May! I'm having a momentary freak-out because we're a month away from June, which means half the year is almost gone. Seriously, time goes fast sometimes. Jeez.

Busy week for television. I caught the third episode of Krypton and, yeah, I'm hooked. I love this show. Also caught another episode of Ghost Squad and enjoyed it more than the second one. Started watching episodes of Classic Who too. My Roku is working overtime right now. LOL

Tuesday's viewing included Endeavor, more Classic Who, Midsomer Murders, and the CW Seed original Freedom Fighters: The Ray, A Hero Rises. I also caught up on an episode of Gotham and seriously… I've said it before but season four is kicking so much ass. This show is rising on my list of favorites and entering the top tier. It's awesome.

Wednesday ended up being a little light on viewing. I caught The Flash a little late because I missed it Tuesday. Not a bad episode. That said, I kind of don't care at all about how DeVoe arrived at his batshit crazy decision to "enlighten" the rest of the world. Thankfully there aren't many more episodes to get through. Just saying. Also caught an episode of Chicago Fire and Jessica Jones. At this point, I'm totally done with Trish. Season three will have a long way to go if they want me to ever like that character again.

On Thursday, I caught Arrow in real time and ended up loving the episode. The twisty turns were terrific and I'm truly thrilled Oliver and Rene arrived at a better place. Watched two episodes of Blindspot and almost finished the second season.

Friday included the last episode of Blindspot's second season and an episode of Chicago PD. I'm so excited to start season three of Blindspot and can't wait to see what happened to get Jane in Nepal and covered in bioluminescent tattoos.

Saturday's viewing included the first episode of Blindspot's season three. Getting the team back together with a completely new dynamic is great. I'm very interested in what the hell Roman is doing. I also caught episode twelve of Jessica Jones. No, I haven't changed my mind about Trish. I'm still really pissed off at her. I did rather like the intimate takedown Jeri pulled. That was actually kind of brilliant. Finally, I started to get caught up on Riverdale.

Whew. What a week! Tonight's post is from Power Play, a novella featuring an over-the-top admiral who ends up bringing the main characters together with her machinations to keep them apart.

Here's the mini-blurb:

Hailey March, a dedicated officer, receives a plum assignment she's wanted for a long time. But when she has to give orders to Rab McKee, she must ignore their long friendship, which is impossible because she needs him on her side.

And a sneaky peek…

Hailey didn't tell him anything he didn't already know or hadn't dealt with before. Didn't stop him from feeling like she'd gone over to the enemy, which might be stupid, but he'd feel like she had anyway. He'd thought they were working toward something but her abrupt change in attitude had his head spinning.
He couldn't let her off the hook. "Life's rough, huh?" If she didn't start coughing up some logical reasoning soon, he'd be done. As far as he was concerned she was on her own.
Oh… he pushed his luck. Rab would get on board one way or another. She wanted him on her team dammit.
Standing up, Hailey faced him across the table. "Look. Kidwell was rough on you. I get that." He only flicked a glance at her like she completely missed the point and Hailey realized what the problem was. "I'm not Kidwell, Rab. I can't do this alone."
Rab crossed his arms in front of him. "Really? Since when?"
He said it sarcastically but really wanted to know the answer. This might just be the Hailey he knew.
She didn't hesitate when she answered. She leaned forward, inches away from his face. "Since I came back home."
And it was true. Since coming back from the Caprice, even with the bumpy start, she realized she didn't need to do it all… alone.
Those words changed everything for Rab. Holding her gaze, he saw the honesty in her eyes. She had come home… to him. And ever since, the bond between them had grown, become stronger and solidified into… something… more than friendship.
He reacted to her admission by closing the gap between them. "Why didn't you say so?" Then his lips caught hers in a tentative kiss that quickly turned heated when Hailey fisted her hand in his shirt, pulling him deeper into the embrace.

This one is getting a little unwieldy. That said, I love writing Hailey and Rab. Just need to keep them focused and not let them get lost in a ton of backstory. LOL

That's it for this week. Catch everyone on the flipside.

ML Skye