Sunday, November 29, 2015

Sunday Snippet: Why We Fight

I hope everyone who celebrates Thanksgiving had a terrific one. I spent mine with some extended family and had a lovely time.

Slower than normal week in television, which was rather nice. Gotham turned in a great episode. I have much love for Alfred and this episode made me love him all the more. Haven continues to impress me. I really will hate to see the show end.

The Walking Dead fall finale is tonight, right? I'll miss having my Sunday night viewing staple, but with the holidays coming up, the time should fly. I'll have to see if The Librarians and Agent X are taking a break, too.

Last but not least, Doctor Who. I'm truly saddened I just can't seem to get into the new season. This year's Christmas special may be my last episode. I'll have to do some Whovian soul searching over the next few weeks.

Tonight's post is from Why We Fight, a novella where my hero surprises my heroine by not playing to type.

Here's the mini-blurb:

Emmett Barley, an embedded investigative reporter, pushes Pier Luphen, the squadron leader, for honest answers about the war they're fighting. She tries to take the status quo, but Emmett won't have it. He's heard the military party line his entire life and he wants the truth or nothing. He also wants Pier, but she's not willing to compromise her mission regardless of how she feels about Emmett.

And a sneaky peek…

"Luphen! Report to the CO, now, now, now."
Pier rolled out of her bunk and blinked several times. "What? Why?" She jammed her feet in her shoes and threw on a jacket. "I'm not on duty today." She'd crashed in her fatigues and t-shirt, which suited her at the moment.
A lifted shoulder met her question. "No clue, but he told me to personally escort you to his office." The aide folded his arms over his chest. "I'm not leaving without you."
Pier rolled her eyes. "Yeah, yeah. I'm ready. Let's go." She preceded him out the door.
Her brain went wild, wondering why the CO would call her in on a rare duty free day. She'd been diligent lately, pulling more than her fair share of work and extra shifts. After the last run in with the CO, Pier decided being on his bad side sucked balls. She slid a glance toward the aide. His face impassive, he didn't provide an inkling for the reason she'd been summoned.
All too soon she stood outside the CO's office, the aide conveniently ducking into the mess hall before she could ask him anything else.
She knocked on the door and entered as protocol dictated. "Luphen, reporting as ordered, Sir." Her gaze swept the room, noting two individuals seated to the left of the CO's desk.
Both looked like new recruits fresh off the transport.
Colonel Nelson Ambry directed Pier to have a seat in the chair opposite him. "Lieutenant. You're off duty today, is that correct?"
Pier nodded. "Yes, sir. First day in over two weeks." Her heart flipped, but she made the appropriate offer. "Do you need me to cover a shift for someone, Sir?" She wouldn't cry if he said yes, but she'd want to.
Ambry shook his head. "No, Lieutenant, but I am giving you a new ongoing assignment. One you'll be responsible for from now until a date later specified." He folded his hands on the smooth surface of his desk. "You're going to be our new press liaison for the reporter coming to embed with us. It's on you to keep him safe and make sure he learns the ins and outs of what he can do and where he can go."
Pier bit back a groan. Oh, hell no. She would rather work back to back shifts for the remainder of her deployment than get stuck with babysitting detail. She'd tried so hard to stay off the radar after her last run in with Ambry.
Meeting the colonel's gaze, Pier asked outright. "Sir, have I done something recently to piss you off?"
Ambry snorted. "On the contrary, Luphen. Your behavior has been exemplary this past month." He quirked an eyebrow. "Why do you ask?"
She answered honestly. "Because I have no desire to be the press liaison or to be responsible for keeping a pain in the ass reporter alive, especially if, like the last one, he has a propensity for going exactly where he's been told not to go." Her voice rose, but she quickly backpedaled. "With all due respect, Sir, someone else might do a better job than I will."
Ambry laughed, a deep, hearty sound. "Lieutenant, considering the said pain in the ass reporter is sitting in this room, I think introductions are in order." He got up and nodded toward the other two men. "Emmett Barley, meet your new best friend, Lieutenant Pier Luphen."
Pier hoped she did an admirable job of keeping her jaw off the ground when the taller of the two guys rose from his seat. Unlike the last dandified press hound, Emmett had standard issue military garb, including a flak vest, helmet, and rucksack. No leather bags, with shiny zippers, or bright, flashy clothes. But clothes didn't mean squat if the guy insisted on hitting restricted zones.

Pier is going to have a lot of fun trying keep Emmett at bay, especially when he keeps turning her preconceived notions on their head.

That's it for this week. Catch everyone on the flipside.

ML Skye

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Get Hooked: Reel in a Great Book—Dress for Dinner #MFRWAuthors #MFRWHooks

MFRW Authors Blog

Welcome to Book Hooks, the weekly smorgasbord sampler hosted by the MFRW Authors Blog.

Readers: get hooked and reel in some great books. Authors are sharing short excerpts from their work. Please enjoy and consider picking up the full book by clicking on the buy link.

Whew. After an extremely long hiatus from participating in the Book Hooks, I'm finally back and looking forward to diving into some great excerpts.

For my selection, I'll be featuring Dressed for Dinner, the final installment in the Top Dog Pilots series.

This week, we check in with Cutter and Maggie and see where they are now.

Series Tagline: Two top pilots, Max Cutter and Maggie Harper, like to mix a little personal with their professional life.

Book Tagline: A formal dinner with an admiral challenges Cutter's ability to play nice.


Major Maggie Harper zipped up her rucksack and placed it next to Max Cutter's beside their front door. After a six week furlough, they were headed back to the Pathos and its commanding officer, Drake Essex.
Two years with the same CO, one she respected, had done wonders to temper her penchant for requesting transfers. Or maybe the two plus years with Cutter had settled her down. Either way, Maggie looked forward to getting back out in the black.
She checked the time. Still early yet. Cutter had the shower running… maybe she'd join him. Peeling off her shirt, she hit the steps at a run and ducked into the bathroom. Shimmied out of her shorts and panties and quietly popped the shower door open.
Cutter stood with this forehead against the wall, water sluicing over his skin. He still made Maggie hot. The planes and angles of his muscles, the way his skin glistened under the steaming spray. She eased up behind him and wrapped her arms around his waist, sliding her hands up to his chest. Cutter grabbed one and brought it to his lips, grazing her knuckles.
"Wondered if you'd join me."

Available on Amazon


Series Blurb: Follow the adventures of Max 'Ripper' Cutter and Maggie 'Magpie' Harper, two ace pilots at the top of their game. Whether it's surviving Hell Week, exploring uncharted space, or dealing with a unique family situation, Cutter and Maggie rise to the challenge.

Book Blurb: Max Cutter and Maggie Harper are top dog pilots, training up and coming aviators on the Pathos. Their system garners the attention of the admiralty and a new recruitment program is initiated—one with a family connection to Maggie. When she has to reveal a big secret, Cutter is less than thrilled. But they've been together long enough to smooth the choppy waters.

Until Maggie's uncle arrives with his much younger new bride, Celine Rockwell Harper. Maggie takes one look at the woman and sees a recipe for disaster. She confronts her new aunt and gives the sultry woman a warning—sooner or later, Celine will trip herself up. Celine is confident she can deal with any fallout her mild flirtations may cause.

When Maggie has to bow out of the full dress dinner with their commanding officer, her uncle and his wife, Cutter is left to handle the grasping and pawing Celine on his own—no easy feat. When the nightmare dinner party is over, Cutter welcomes Maggie's brand of cleansing his palette.


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In case you missed the first two exciting books in the Top Dog Pilots series.

 Surviving the Trap

Reel in more great books! Visit the other participating authors.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Sunday Snippet: While We Still Can

Okay, lots of TV stuff to talk about. Gotham is truly upping the stakes and I love the way they're doing it. Gordon is so focused on the crazy sibling duo he's completely missing the trouble brewing with Cobblepot and Nygma. I can't wait to see what happens next. Sleepy Hollow had a decent fall finale. I've missed a bunch of important stuff and need to get caught up.

The Flash is coming along nicely. I'm excited to see where things go, leading up to the Legends of Tomorrow premiere. The same goes for Arrow. This season, between the two shows, there's been a great combo of moving the standard story arcs along with laying great groundwork for the spinoff getting ready to debut. Way to go shows!

Agents of SHIELD keeps throwing interesting twists and turns into the story and I love it. I'm excited to see where things go.

Haven is winding down and I'll be sad to see the show end. I've thoroughly enjoyed watching the adventures of Nathan, Audrey, and Duke. I'm also hoping Syfy fills the void with something good, but I won't hold my breath.

I'm looking forward to The Walking Dead's newest episode. Again, I'm so thrilled with the way this season is unfolding. The balance of total batshit insanity, intense encapsulation, and little seeds being planted is a thing of beauty.

A quick rundown of some other shows. I'm loving the new season of The Librarians. This show makes me happy. I'm also totally in for Agent X. TNT is bringing some great stuff to the screen. Murdoch Mysteries is also coming up with great storylines, which after almost ten years, is so awesome.

Last but not least, I can safely say the most recent episode of Doctor Who hit a home run, even though I'm still not a big fan of Ishieldr / Me. I'm seriously hoping we won't see her as a companion, but I won't hold my breath. *sigh*

And that's it for this week's television roundup.

Tonight's post is from While We Still Can, a sexy short where being in the middle of a war can't stop romance.

Here's the mini-blurb:

Maura Sells and Cobb Kinkleman are fighting in a long and bloody war. During a rare moment of downtime, Cobb decides they need to get what they can, while they can and quickly convinces Maura a heated kiss. They face a bleak future and stealing a night of hot passion may be their only reprieve.

And a sneaky peek…

Maura Sells sat in the back row of the briefing room, listening to her worst nightmare. Her fellow pilot, Cobb Kinkleman—in the front row, as usual—tapped his pen on the armrest of his chair. She couldn't see the action, but the rapid staccato of sound echoed in the nearly empty space.
The CAG finished up the mission report. "As of now, you're on standby. I'll issue final orders as soon as I get the go." He paused and glanced from Cobb to Maura. "Questions?"
Maura barely held back a rude snort when she shook her head back and forth. What kind of question could she possibly have for a hail Mary op? One that would probably lead to her death? The CAG gave a terse nod and exited the room.
Cobb angled his head around and met her gaze. The knowledge rested in eyes—a good chance they wouldn't make it back. Her heart thumped hard in her chest. Lost chances, wasted opportunities, and crappy odds kept them at arms' length. Neither willing to gamble on losing the other.
A bet they had a good chance of winning today. Together.
Cobb slowly rose and made his way to the back of the briefing room. Stopping beside her seat, he nodded toward the hatch. Maura got up, a low hum of adrenaline thrumming through her veins. The keyed up feeling wouldn't go away until they got the call for the mission.
Cobb fell into step beside her. "Rec room to chill or gym to work out some aggression?" He paused at the end of the causeway.
Maura made a right. "Rec room. I want some quiet time to focus." She unzipped her flight suit, shrugged the sleeves down and off, then wrapped them around her waist.
Cobb ducked into the rec room and made a beeline for a table in the corner, one close to the comm unit on the wall. Maura slowed her pace, watching him settle into a chair and kick his feet up on another one. She sank down across from him and propped her legs up on a seat perpendicular to the rest. Cobb drummed his fingers on the smooth surface of the table.
She slapped her palm on his digits. "Stop it. We could have a long wait and I don't want to wrap your fingertips in tape when they start bleeding from your nervous habit."
Cobb smirked but slid his hands from the table. An awkward silence stretched between them and Maura searched for a topic to discuss, something they rarely needed help with.
She opened her mouth, but Cobb held up a finger. "Hold up. I have something that'll help us out." He tilted the chair back and tapped on the panel under the comm unit.
The cover popped off and Cobb reached inside to retrieve a bottle of whiskey with two tumblers stacked on top.
Maura quirked an eyebrow. "Did you have inside information that we'd draw the op?"
Cobb shrugged. "Nope. I've had this stashed for ages." He flipped the glasses over and unscrewed the lid from the bottle. "We've lost so many people lately we can't really keep up with memorializing them." He met her gaze while pouring the amber liquid into the tumblers. "This is as good a time as any to lift a glass to those who've gone before." He pushed a cup toward her.
Raise a glass to those who've gone before. Possibly before their own demise. The irony hit her square in the gut.
She hesitated for a moment then joined him in the toast. "I like the sentiment." Downing the liquid she placed the tumbler on the table and Cobb refilled it. Giving him a level look, she tilted her head to one side. "I get we're on standby, but seriously? Is your plan to get us drunk?"
Cobb lifted a shoulder. "The way I figure it… we might stand a better chance of surviving if we're totally inebriated out there."
Maura choked down the alcohol and barked out a laugh. "You might just be right."

I enjoy taking a tense situation and putting my characters on the edge of an emotional cliff. So much fun to write.

That's it for this week. Catch everyone on the flip side.

ML Skye

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Sunday Snippet: We Have a Winner

Well, I can finally breathe again. I'm truly hoping I'm done with the cold / viral ick / seasonal funk now. Yeesh.

Gotham had a great episode. I loved the end with two potential villains putting their heads together. That combo could lead to some truly good viewing.

The Flash is getting interesting. I have a sneaking suspicion about who Zoom is going to turn out to be, but I'll refrain from speculating for now. My biggest hint is in looking at his garb…

Arrow keeps getting better and better. I like seeing Oliver and Felicity having some conflict. And it's always fun to see Mama Smoak.

Not much to say about the other shows, but Agents of SHIELD is staying twisty and I like that. Unless it gets too hard to tell who is on what side. Then I'll be annoyed.

One final television note. Doctor Who. Yeah. So disappointed. I can't shake the feeling Moffat and company are trying to be too clever and they're sacrificing the emotional component to do so. "Sleep No More" came off as a jumbled mess, in my opinion. Maybe I'm too stupid to 'get' the cleverness. I don't know.

Tonight's post is from We Have a Winner, a sexy short where my main characters are the subject of a wager.

Here's the mini-blurb:

Kella Yates and Weston Grogan can't fight their attraction and everyone knows it. The entire crew of their ship waits in anticipation for their inevitable hook-up. When they finally cave in to their lust, the winner of the when will it happen pool can be declared.

And a sneaky peek…

Weston pushed Kella against the bulkhead and worked the zipper of her sweatshirt down. His mouth burned a trail from the column of her throat, down over her shoulder and lower, lower, until his lips closed over the taut nipple he'd exposed. His hands shoved Kella's pants past her hips and she stepped out, twisting around to grab hold of Weston's tanks, hauling him close to mesh her lips with his. Using both hands, she backed him against the bulkhead and repeated his movements. Tanks up and off, pants undone and shoved down. She went one step further, sinking to her knees and enveloping his hard length between her lips, going deep.
Weston moaned, his fingers tangling in her hair. "Damn, Kella. Give a guy warning next time."
She grinned around his cock, drawing back, but grasping the girth in her hands. "Now where's the fun in that?" Her tongue swirled around the tip, flicking back and forth. "Besides, you didn't give me any the last time."
Weston's lips quirked. "I didn't, did I?"
Shorter than normal peek, but I hope it whets the appetite.

That's it for this week. Catch everyone on the flipside.

ML Skye

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Sunday Snippet: Victory is Hollow

Tis the season to battle nasty colds. Bleh. But it's a great time to catch up on my reading while drinking hot tea. :D

Television this week… The Walking Dead had a great episode. I'm rather enjoying the way we have batshit crazy episode where people are dying or might be dying then we follow it with a different pace, but no less intense episode. Seriously, kudos to the producers because I'm still glued to my screen each week.

Gotham and Sleepy Hollow again had good showings. I'm kind of ready for the twisty dance of the new mayor of Gotham to be completed and his hand fully revealed. And the same goes for Pandora on Sleepy Hollow.

The Flash is making me happy with several little twists. Having a different Wells in the mix is actually pretty fun and I’m crossing my fingers he doesn't turn out to be evil, but we'll see. I love how snarky he is towards everyone.

Arrow is also winding up with a great arc. I love the way the past is still being woven in with the present. And I’m really intrigued with Diggle's brother and what really happened. I have a feeling Darkh isn't being totally forthcoming, because where's the fun in that? LOL

Agents of SHIELD… yeah, totally didn't see the reveal of Lash coming. I should have, but I didn't. And now things are going to get really interesting. I am sort of hoping Ward gets some additional development and doesn't become a cardboard villain.

I watched the final episode of Lost Girl and got weepy because I’m going to miss that show so much. What a great run. I'll definitely enjoy a full rewatch sometime in the future.

And that's it for TV this week.

Tonight's post is from Victory is Hollow, a novella where my main characters have to face their differences and embrace them if they want to move forward.

Here's the mini-blurb:

Patience Clew and Del Mindhapel are elite arms instructors for their training academy and have a lot of tension bouncing back and forth. When two of their cadets go head to head in an illegal duel and one ends up with a mortal wound, the top teachers are confined to quarters and that's when the tension really goes out of control.

And a sneaky peek…

Patience Clew disassembled the P20 sidearm and separated the parts on the table. "Listen up, boys and girls, I'm only going over this one time." She put the weapon back together, explaining each step of the process. "Now, the weight is lighter than you're used to, so you'll have to adjust accordingly." She emptied the clip, aiming at the target in the back of the room.
The classroom erupted into cheers and applause. The students never failed to appreciate one of their instructors offering a live demonstration.
Laying the spent weapon aside, she placed her hands on the table. "Any questions?" She called on the four or five usual individuals who routinely raised their hands.
After answering their queries, she dismissed the class, reminding everyone to be at the range bright and early in the morning.
The cadets filed out of the room and her fellow instructor, Del Mindhapel, rose from his seat in the back. He moved forward, meeting her at the halfway mark in the classroom. Based on his carefully schooled features, Patience figured he had plenty to say about her session this morning.
Her lips twisted in a smirk. "Lay it on me, Del. I can't wait to hear your thoughts about my class this morning." She planted her hands on her hips, ready for anything.
Del crossed his arm in front of his chest. "You left out a few key cautions, didn't you?"
She grinned. "Yes, I did. On purpose." Her methodology rarely failed and she liked to change things up to keep the coursework fresh.
Del shook his head. "Clue me in, Patience. What's the grand plan here?" He drew his words out with a mocking tone.
Patience stood her ground. "Look, they'll learn faster when they make mistakes." She turned and went back to her table. "If they hold true to form, they'll be tearing the weapon apart and putting it back together all day. By the time they reach the range tomorrow, the logical conclusion is they'll figure out what I left out." She shot Del a quick glance. "If they don't, it's a lesson they won't soon forget." No doubt, Del would argue her point.
He quirked an eyebrow. "And you don't see the big ass safety issue staring you in the face?" Not waiting for an answer, he followed her to the head of the room. "The consequences could have explosive results. You have to know that."
She did. But she also trusted the class to figure out the potential pitfalls before they started shooting.
Lifting a shoulder, she slid the P20 into her holster. "This is an intelligent group. I'm confident they'll figure it out." If nothing else, her little group of question bees would.
Del stepped in front of her. "Pretty big risk to take with twenty-two lives." He leveled his gaze on her and wouldn't look away. "And it's not just your ass on the line. Mine's right there, too. I'm running the range practice tomorrow."
He didn't understand, probably never would.
She sighed. "I'm aware. But it would be nice if you could back off, just once, and let me try my way." He always played the safe bet. Always.
The military needed to push boundaries if they wanted to keep their advantage. The hot spots they sent these kids to never read the rule book.
Del's mouth thinned to a flat line. "Your way is going to get someone killed." He turned and strode from the room, the rigid line of his shoulders not budging an inch.
Patience shook her head. One of these days she and Del would hash out their different teaching techniques. He pushed the cadets hard on a physical level, she wanted to press them to use their minds, to think outside the tiny, little box of the classroom and expand their knowledge base by using common sense.
Del might just be surprised how bright the students could be if the academy stopped force-feeding them information.
I love writing characters that start out at cross-purposes and eventually get them together on the same page. One of my favorite scenarios.

That's it for this week. Catch everyone on the flipside.

ML Skye

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Sunday Snippet: Vice

Wow. Only two months left in 2015. Where did my year go? LOL

TV round up… pretty great this week. I have a feeling The Walking Dead is going to blow my mind. I couldn't watch Doctor Who due to a crazy, insane, busy weekend, but I'll catch up soon.

Gotham and Sleepy Hollow were quite good. I love how Gotham is all about the rise of the villains and the focus on the new crop, but I'm really enjoying Nygma's slow burn. I'm pretty excited to see where things go there. And Sleepy Hollow's crossover with Bones ended up being pretty fun.

The Flash and Arrow are still ranking high on my 'can't miss anything' list. Both seasons are kicking serious ass and I hope it continues.

Agents of SHIELD had what I think will end up being one of my favorite episodes of the season and I'm pretty excited to see more. I don't know, even with all the various different plot threads vying for attention, I feel like this season is actually better and more cohesive than last season. This is not a bad thing.

Lost Girl is almost over. *sniffles* I'm dying to see how it ends even though I'm going to miss the show so much. And The Murdoch Mysteries had a great episode last week. I'm looking forward to more this week.

That's it for now. I'm still trying to figure out if I love The Romeo Section or not. Will keep everyone posted.

Tonight's post is from Vice, a novella where the vices of my main characters end up bringing them together.

Here's the mini-blurb:

Mercy Flynn and Bishop Hiller, two of Space Station Titania's brightest employees, have many vices, but the biggest one for either? Each other. They have to live and work together and avoiding the temptation to take things into personal territory wears on each, making the thin line of professionalism very blurry.

And a sneaky peek…

Mercy moaned. "Gah, Bishop. Don't make me wait." Her hips shifted back and forth, seeking contact.
Bishop gave her a feral grin. "Patience, Mercy. You know I won't be rushed." His fingers brushed over her slick folds and he brought the tips to his lips, his tongue licking all traces of her essence away. "Mmm. Sweet, just the way I like you." His head lowered and his mouth closed over her clit.
Mercy bucked hard, the fiery sensation of being sucked sending a burst of heat through her limbs. Her fingers plunged through his hair, holding him close. Moving lower, his tongue slid along her labia, the rough texture a sharp contract to her silky wetness. The friction sent pleasurable tingles to her nerve endings and her heart rate kicked up a notch.
The man had a beautiful mouth, full-on gorgeous lips, and a lethally wicked tongue, all of which he used to push her closer and closer to orgasm.
Her head thrashed on the downy soft pillow, her hands flinging outward to grasp the sheets, balling the fabric up into her fists. Her legs shifted restlessly over his shoulders and his face, covered with just the right amount of stubble, rubbed against her inner thigh.
She gasped out a raspy breath. "Please, Bishop. Now, please."
His mouth closed over her clit again and he inserted two fingers into her slick core, scissoring them back and forth then fluttering them along her inner walls.
Mercy arched her back, groaning his name. "Ahhhh, Bishop." The wall of bliss crashed over her, her heart pounding in her ears when she found her release.
He slowed down, removing his fingers, then releasing the nub of nerves, dragging his tongue over the bud to pull another aftershock from her. She quivered and shuddered, the wave of orgasm still roaring through her.
Coming back down, the thump-thump-thump of her heart didn't dissipate and it took several long moments before Mercy realized the sound had nothing to do with her virtual sim and everything to do with a loud knocking on the outer shell of the pod. Blinking rapidly, she pushed the goggles away with shaking fingers and ended the program, wiping the drive clean. Dragging in several deep breaths, she terminated the lock and shoved the door open.
Bishop Hiller stood outside, his arms folded over his chest, a frown of disapproval marring his handsome features. "I've got a new assignment for you." His gaze flicked to the interior of the pleasure dome. "If you're not too busy."
Mercy exited the sphere, still a little breathless and off-kilter. She didn't appreciate his tone, especially since he'd interrupted her scheduled downtime. The fact she hadn't logged her location no doubt pissed him off, but he managed to find her. She thanked whatever ruled the universe the domes were soundproof. Bishop didn't need to know how much she lusted after his big, hard body.
She quirked a brow. "I'm never too busy for a job. You know that." Striding forward, she left the chamber and entered the reception area. "What's the assignment? Who am I babysitting now?"
He stopped beside her. "Planetary delegate, here on a limited tour." He directed her toward the main concourse. "Ivan Lemig. He'll need you to be his security detail."
Mercy could have pulled a worse assignment. Delegates and dignitaries tended to be easier to manage than famous actors, musicians, and athletes.
She caught up to Bishop. "No problem. When does he arrive?" Maybe she'd have time to grab dinner before she had to meet Ivan.
Bishop glanced at comm unit. "Two hours. Suite 2701. Meet me outside and we'll get the preliminary introductions out of the way." He smirked. "Then he's all yours."
Mercy rolled her eyes. "He's probably older than time itself, balding, and will need the portable tram to get around." She sincerely hoped not.
Bishop flashed her a sideways glance. "You might be surprised." He took a left when they reached the central hub, cutting off any further conversation.
Mercy watched his exit, her gaze lingering on his ass. Her next simulation might have to feature a wooden paddle and blazing red cheeks.
Mercy's little virtual scenario got very steamy… wait until Bishop reveals his vice.

That's it for this week. Catch everyone on the flipside.

ML Skye