The Future is Bright with Hot Romance...

I have a ridiculous amount of stories going on in my head at all time. But this is me not complaining. Having the sages cooperating is something that rarely happens. :D

Here's a look at my Works in Progress. Please bear in mind a great many titles are subject to change. Some of the working references are true losers. LOL

Adventures in Nugget Sitting
Isla Sands, an excellent poker player, loses a card draw and has to babysit the drunken newbie pilot. Between the endless questions, throwing up, and clingy behavior of her charge, Isla takes time to wonder why Riggs Marvelton always does the same for her. And why he never attempts to kill her and put both out of their misery.

1735 / 7500 words. 23% done!

Advocate for the Defense
Jada Link has self-sabotage down to an art form and she gets into trouble on a regular basis. But when she needs an advocate to get out of her latest scrape, she meets the one person who can make her career...and possibly find his way into her heart.

2151 / 10000 words. 22% done!

All Day Sucker
When Ben Murphy returns from a grueling road trip, Jessa Muldoon pulls out all the stops to welcome him home.

509 / 3000 words. 17% done!

All Jacked Up
Lita North is injured and ordered to stay off her feet for forty-eight hours which doesn't go over well because Lita doesn't do inactivity. But when Ollie Tulver gets stuck babysitting her after she disobeys the order, she has two choices: continue being a pain in the ass or toe the line. Lita being Lita, she decides do to both.

2334 / 10000 words. 23% done!

All Tied Up
Maggie Harper has the man she wants and a job she loves. But sometimes she has to pull out all the stops to keep life interesting. And that means Max Cutter better be ready for whatever Maggie comes up with next.

837 / 3000 words. 28% done!

An Answer to Fate
Quillan Jaymes and Jeb Paladino finally get their act together and declared themselves a couple. That's when everything goes wrong.

6779 / 15000 words. 45% done!

And That's Why...
Maddie hates flying the early CAP, so she finds ways to get out of doing so. But when her CAG blocks all her attempts to skip her turn, she has to decide if making him mad is worth losing her chance at something great happening between them.

1407 / 7500 words. 19% done!

Automatic Failure
Piper Kemp, a flight instructor,  steps aside to avoid letting her personal feelings influence a decision about whether to pass one of her students. But when he crashes and almost loses his life, Knox Petruci steps up to defend Piper and opens a can of worms because her student happened to be his brother.

2537 / 15000 words. 17% done!

Banter and Brawling and Sex, Oh My
Max Cutter always goes along for the ride with Maggie Harper. He pretty much has to… she always gets into the most interesting situations and someone has to cover her ass.

1077 / 5000 words. 22% done!

The Baracas File
Briggs Felderzon, an investigative reporter, will stop at nothing to discover what's in the Baracas File, the contents of which results in his brother's death. Myrrh Gold, his brother's partner in the Inter-Stellar Police, decides to help him… but Briggs isn't sure he trusts her.

1001 / 12500 words. 8% done!

Bomb's Away
A power struggle, an explosion and communication breakdowns. Sometimes it takes a really big boom to move things in the right direction.

10554 / 15000 words. 70% done!

Boxing Day
Aeryn Gray packs up the personal belongings of Nash Nitali and spies a pair of boxing gloves. The sight takes her back through their weird brand of courtship and she takes some time to reminisce about their long, tangled affair.

1433 / 9500 words. 15% done!

Breaking Point
Molly and Sloan are rock solid until the fleet reaches its breaking point and their relationship is one of the casualties… or so they want everyone to think.
The final installment of Molly and Sloan's story. Currently writing first draft.

20889 / 100000 words. 21% done!

Call the Ball
Gwen keeps a tightly controlled leash on her feelings for Tag, thinking if she gives up control, she'll get lost in the passion. But when a simple game throws them together, she has to take a chance to see if sparks fly and if so, how to quench the flame.

1670 / 7500 words. 22% done!

Call to Come Home
Hollace is on a mission in enemy territory to retrieve power cells to keep their temporary base station running. She bumps into a man she shares a past with, the presumed dead son of her commanding officer. When Verge refuses to leave with her, ignoring the call to come home, she takes matters into her own hands to reunite father and son… and to pick up where she and Verge left off.

1112 / 15000 words. 7% done!

Chasing the Sun
Chance Martin and Rena Chavez are the best of friends, and could be more if their work didn't keep getting in the way. But when Chance can't deal with a set of orders to remove an admiral by lethal force, he starts a downward spiral he can't stop. Rena has to pull him back from the edge, no easy task because she always follows orders.

5085 / 6500 words. 78% done!

Civil Revolution
So far two novellas started. Set after a major revolution, the fallout (non-nuclear) has taken a toll on the populace and our group of characters are front and center in dealing with it. Refugees need safe passage to new homes, medical care and protection from the lingering violence outside the city sectors. That all equals up to nary a dull moment for the heroes and heroines of the post war world.

Bad Chemistry
Lex Durban and Charlotte Martin do their best to survive in new world hierarchy, each with a different kind of target on their back. But when they have to undertake the dangerous task of moving refugees to a new location, Lex wants Char to stay behind so only one is in danger, but Char has other ideas.

8865 / 25000 words. 35% done!

Organic Chemistry
Dominic Marinelli and Etta Morgan meet under very difficult circumstances, but form a relationship built on one basic need: sex. When Etta decides to strike out on her own, Dom has to figure out why it bothers him so much.

7299 / 25000 words. 29% done!

Climate Control
When the climate control on their ship goes haywire, Ned and Lakin have to heat things up and cool things down. During the wait for a fix, they discover a mutual attraction and the temperature goes from chilly to blazing in record time.

1332 / 7500 words. 18% done!

Close Quarters
After trying to out maneuver their crew mates who bet on whether they'd ever hook up, Molly and Sloan discover an abiding love and embark on a committed relationship. Their biggest problem? Trying to figure out how to live in close quarters without making each other insane.
The sequel to Follow Me. Can anything top the illicit fun they had during their first saga?

108118 / 125000 words. 86% done!

Clubbing on Space Station Delta
Macie Gunn discovers a very different side to Nix Handleman, her commanding officer, when they get some downtime on Space Station Delta. Macie likes what she sees, but wonders if Nix will keep the stick out of his ass once they return back to duty.

1072 / 12000 words. 9% done!

The Cockpit
Lark Fisher pulls R&R and hits the most happening bar on Virgo, The Cockpit. Imagine her utter stupefaction when she finds out its owner is not only an old friend, but the one who got away.

1549 / 12500 words. 12% done!

Come Back to Me
Tania and James love each other deeply, but have a complicated relationship. When Tania has a chance to right a wrong, James has to trust she'll keep her promise to come back to him.

916 / 12000 words. 8% done!

Come Here Often
Neely survives a war, but not without considerable emotional damage. When Ace offers her everything she's ever wanted, she turns him down, believing they can't pick up where they left off. Ace aims to prove they don't have to.
1547 / 15000 words. 10% done!

Command Authority
Addie Varns and Neal Columbo are thisclose to having everything they want, namely each other, when Neal gets promoted to commander. Used to being on equal footing, Addie needs some time to adjust to the new chain of leadership. Neal gives her some space but if need be, he'll invoke his command authority.

4231 / 8500 words. 50% done!

Covert Heart
An impossible task. A couple sworn to carry it out or die trying. One big test to the depth of their courage and love. What happens when Rick and Emma are asked to do the impossible? Find out as they navigate through the dilemma.

5519 / 10000 words. 55% done!

Crash and Burn
Pepper Strand met the wrong brother first and when her personal feelings get in the way, she takes the easy way out. When it leads to the death of Bax's sibling, she drowns her with alcohol and Bax decides to make her crawl out of the bottle and into his arms.

1806 / 10000 words. 18% done!

Cupid's Folly
Jinx Jersey just signed on as the XO of the Cupid's Folly, captained by Alrick Cates and he's given her fair warning she picked the worst time to start her new post and develop an attraction for him. The pleasure ship is booked solid for the Valentine holiday and they don't have time for romance.

1064 / 10000 words. 11% done!

Damn the Torpedo Flu
When the Torpedo Flu hits the space station, Paisley and Dale are practically the last ones standing. Working through the crisis will bring them closer together if they don't kill each other first.

1163 / 9500 words. 12% done!

Dance with Destiny
Follow up to An Answer to Fate. A prophecy discovered leads to a dance with destiny. Quillan and Jeb have to find their way back to each other and are willing to tempt fate to do it.

2310 / 10000 words. 23% done!

A Day in the Life
Will probably be available as a free read companion piece with Finding Home. Told from the POV of a droid with pizazz.

Alfie is a kick ass droid who assists Inspector Shyler Lumen. He's also not afraid to offer unwarranted advice.

12039 / 12500 words. 96% done!

Differences Settled
Regan Tiedt and Finn O'Kellen are transferred to a new ship under difficult circumstances and find they have to settle quite a few differences with their crew mates... and their commanding officer.

1195 / 10000 words. 12% done!

Dodging Reality
Take a reality show set on the front lines in space, add brash reporter who wants the down and dirty secrets of the crew…and will stop at nothing to get them, and mix it up with a couple fighting their attraction while protecting their pilots from the ratings hound. Stir in a little backstabbing from the camera man and out comes Dodging Reality.

9197 / 10000 words. 92% done!

Domestic Partners
Tabby and Hale pretend to be domestic partners when to keep the man who killed her husband from getting his hands on her. But when they're forced to live together, sparks and tempers fly--because Tabby broke a promise she made to Hale and he's not going to let her forget it.

1561 / 12500 words. 12% done!

The Domino Effect
Every action Frank and Katya take pushes a reaction out of the other. And like dominoes, one barrier crashes into the next until nothing is left but a tangle of emotions they have to deal with.

7289 / 10000 words. 73% done!

Down and Dirty
The tale behind how a certain pool gets started that put Sloan and Molly in the hot seat. And how Specialist Neve Campbell thought she might have caught them in the act.

1976 / 2500 words. 79% done!

Drink Me!
A bottle of alcohol takes on the role of perpetrator in a couple's romp-filled weekend. Both will swear the damn thing dared them to drink every last drop.

716 / 3500 words. 20% done!

Escape on Equinox (Capital City Seasons)
Jim Hodges, an elite officer in a specialized tactical unit, finally meets a woman with a sweet disposition and a naughty sense of humor. But when she's taken hostage and his team is called in, he's determined to make sure a quick resolution takes place, which won't be easy because he's ordered to step aside and let his fellow members handle everything.

3085 / 10500 words. 29% done!

Event Horizon
Casey meets Oliver on a transport flight to celebrate his dad's retirement. They hit it off, but Casey has a big secret... she's the reason Oliver's brother didn't pass the flight test and she doesn't want the old man to find out.

1150 / 10000 words. 12% done!

Every Last Drop
A bonus scene where the last cup of coffee can make or break someone's day... depending on who gets to it first.

912 / 3500 words. 26% done!

Everyone Has a Skill
A bonus scene where our heroes are trapped behind enemy lines and only one paid good attention during survival training. The other had more fun memorizing the armory's weapon selection.

587 / 5000 words. 12% done!

Excelling Anger
Fallon and Rook are pilots who excel at many things, but they've turned being angry with each other into a fine art. When they have to confront their issues, they rediscover how working together can have excellent results.

1144 / 10000 words. 11% done!

Explosive Situation
Hadley and Tab are the go to people for explosive situations. They work in tandem and haven't lost anyone, or each other, yet. When Tab gets caught in the crossfire on their latest mission, Hadley digs deep to save him and finally faces her feelings.

1325 / 10500 words. 13% done!

Fail Me Now
Tate Emerson has no desire to fly fighters--he's worked too hard to get out from under his father's thumb. But when enemy forces attack, Indi Best come calling with a special invitation from the elder Emerson: Join the fight or get left behind. Tate hatches a plan to do his part, but not have to take orders from his father.

1142 / 15000 words. 8% done!

Fevered Pitch
After six months apart, Hal and Mia are finally reunited on the new space station. But Hal is unknowingly exposed to a virulent virus and brings it along from his last planetary excursion. He succumbs to the raging illness and Mia makes a fevered pitch to her former husband to save Hal's life before she also surrenders to the same infection.

1384 / 5000 words. 28% done!

Finding Calm
Hank Moreno and Sunny Gage have danced around finding happiness together so many times. But Sunny always seems to botch it and ends up learning a hard lesson at the hands of a crazed kidnapper. She finally wants to meet Hank on equal footing, but the timing never seems right. Surely her cosmic bad luck has to take an upswing sooner or later.

4132 / 8500 words. 49% done!

Adelle Lizt and Zeth McKibbet are a volatile mix--neither gives quarter when they know they're right. But with two sides to every situation, they find common ground in a very unusual place--the guest quarters on base.

1512 / 15000 words. 10% done!

First Time Laid Eyes on You
Nadia Blunt takes one look at Bart Uppermark and decides they'll make a great team in the air and on the ground. But when Bart shows zero interest in working together--she takes too many risks for his comfort zone--Nadia pulls out all the stops and proves him wrong.

1078 / 10000 words. 11% done!

Five by Five
Vasha Eick has everything she wants. Deke Vitali would be the cherry on top. An old rival shows up, shifting the dynamic and Vash has to stake a claim or get out of the way.

3480 / 8500 words. 41% done!

Flesh and Bone
An AI that spouts philosophical mumbo jumbo, a past that may not be all it seems, and a link between both sends Peta Jones on quest to figure out the truth. It's a good thing she's got Abe Cantrell along to act as her voice of reason.

5595 / 12500 words. 45% done!

Follow Me
A 'will they' or 'won't they' wager spur Molly and Sloan to see how long they 'can' without getting caught.

When the as they know it ends, the remaining members of the fleeing society find something to brighten their lives. Of course, Molly and Sloan don't feel the same way--there's a war going on and an insane clan trying to impose their beliefs on everyone--don't people have better things to do?

74367 / 95000 words. 78% done!

Fyre's Masquerade
Balek Fyre made his fortune mining asteroids and just became a principal owner is Specter Station. He's ready to enjoy a new stage in his life—until the Yuli family descends on his base of operations for the galactic midyear celebration with only one thing on their minds… getting him to marry their oldest daughter, Serena. The only problem? Balek would rather spend time with her sister, Scout.

137 / 10000 words. 1% done!

Game of One
Lacie Brooks' annual Valentine's Day tradition of getting laid and letting off steam is cut short when she shoots her mouth off to the wrong superior officer. Stuck on base, she finds a way to pass her restricted time with Ren Blankenship by playing a Game of One. Too bad for Lacie, Ren decides to turn the tables on her and win for a change.

7056 / 8500 words. 83% done!

Gentle Valor
Aggie Fyffe made an impossible decision and survived a hellish experience. Haunted by her choice, she faces her demons with a little help from Zane Tetherson.

4852 / 7500 words. 65% done!

Good for the Soul
Dex Thurgood has ideals he upholds and wants to keep it that way. But when he's forced to confront a sinister black market leader, he has to face his darker nature to bust up the extortion racket, which won't be easy because Ramsey Markum knows one of Dex's deeply buried secrets. Lana Denman steps up to help Dex deal with the fallout of not being perfect.

6548 / 12500 words. 52% done!

Guarded Chance
Echo Dart, a brilliant soldier but hot mess of a woman, becomes a captive of the enemy who try to recondition her for their purposes. During the process she realizes there's only one person who has every touched her soul, Race Markinton. But she's already burned the relationship bridge with Race and once she's free, she has to figure out how to make amends or lose him for good.

5845 / 10000 words. 58% done!

Gut-Punch Feeling
Evie Roth, a soldier explorer, keeps her promises. But when a sinister plot threatens those she loves, especially Parr Romanoff, she'll break a vow she made long ago... to herself.

1495 / 10000 words. 15% done!

Hand of Fate
Ada Kurtz and Clark Wellington are great at their jobs, and either could pull off an upcoming mission. But when Ada gets injured, she's relegated to the sidelines, planning the operation and calling the shots for Clark. He has to take out an enemy satellite which won't be easy without Ada flying his wing.

7003 / 10000 words. 70% done!

Hard Call
Wiccam Kidder commands a space carrier and wears the mantle of command with reluctance. When he makes a hard call and order Valor Glynne to what may be certain death, he wants to give up the burden and walk away. But Valor returns and Wic is faced with knowing she'll follow wherever he leads.

1105 / 10000 words. 11% done!

Hart's Masquerade
Wicek Hart deals in precious gemstones throughout the galaxy and he's the premier wholesale supplier for jewelry boutiques. Nettie Strand is an accomplished jewel thief, but only because she's trying to reclaim her family's stolen property. Wicek smells a setup when Nettie applies for the job as spokesperson for the gala event to be held on Specter Station, his new base of operations, during the Lover's Holiday. Nettie knows the business inside and out and Wicek takes a chance by hiring Nettie, if only to keep a very close eye on her actions.

198 / 10000 words. 2% done!

Haven't We Met Like This?
Reese meets Hallie, his brother's flight school roommate, when he bails her out of hack. Seven years later, they meet under similar circumstances on his father's ship.

926 / 10000 words. 9% done!

Healing the Wound
Jenna Creed loses the love of her life and blames Thorp Waggoner. She needs to stop living in the past and Thorp wants to be the man she moves forward with, which means Jenna has a very big problem.

1164 / 10000 words. 12% done!

Hedging Bets
Lettie and Thane have issues that are getting in the way of their work and the two are thrown into separate cells for being insubordinate to a superior officer. Their commander decides they can stay locked up--in the same cell--until they work their crap out or one of them calls for a body bag.

1299 / 10000 words. 13% done!

Hide and Seek
Ella Dane is an ace pilot who volunteers to test fly a new spacecraft, if only to prove Nick Fontana wrong about its possibilities. When Ella disappears during the initial run, Nick is left wondering what he'll do without Ella in his life.

5718 / 7500 words. 76% done!

Holly's Masquerade
Roman Holly can't believe how smoothly the transition to his new base of operations on Specter Station is going, but he has Isis Tango, his uber-efficient admin, to thank. She moves halfway across the galaxy to stay by his side and he's not quite sure why. But Isis will reveal her reason at the holiday masquerade and it will blow Roman's mind.

101 / 10000 words. 1% done!

Hot Rocks
Ada and Walt are taken by the enemy and subjected to torture. They won't find a better time to examine their long and storied past, right?

1227 / 10000 words. 12% done!

Ignition Failure
Favin Hart finally gets the man of her dreams, but freaks out and end up marrying someone another guy. Less than twenty-four hours later, she's facing the music and trying to fix her mess.

1322 / 8500 words. 16% done!

Inside Out
Jaime Storm and Shane Castigli are separated by circumstance and each makes an attempt to move on with others. But Shane's got an inside-out feeling, something of an intuition about Jaime returning, which doesn't go over well with his current partner.

1065 / 9500 words. 11% done!

Internal Dialog
Tom Callahan is an excellent soldier who never makes strategic errors on the job, but tends to mess up on the personal front. Abbey Parks is a firecracker who gets things done and rarely takes time to ponder a decision before she leaps. But when she crosses a line she didn't know existed, she and Tom have to navigate their way back to each other, which isn't easy considering they never approach a situation the same way.

4151 / 10000 words. 42% done!

Intimate Bond
Lindsay Redd has a big problem with one of her pilots, but when the younger woman goes down in flames, Lindsay can't let go of her grief. Doyle Ingersoll has to find a way to push Lindsay back into top-gun form and isn't above using sex to make it happen.

926 / 10000 words. 9% done!

Jammed In
A simple clean-up goes awry when a junior officer mixes the wrong chemicals together, leaving senior officers, Barrie Scott and Walsh Clinton, to sort the mess out. The two ranking members have to fight their feelings when they're forced to double up and share a bunk until the contaminant in cleared.

1088 / 10000 words. 11% done!

Just One Moment
A life-threatening situation. Couples in love. Just one moment to say everything that needs to be said. The Capital City crews take stock when disaster hits.

A different bonus scene for all three of my pseudonyms.

752 / 3000 words. 25% done!

Keeper of All Things Secret
Gili Main, chief of security for an orbiting space station, supports her boss, who is up for reelection. Parr Minerval is an excellent leader and should have the election in the bag. But his opponent is playing dirty and Gili appoints herself as the keeper of all thing secret to keep the wily upstart from twisting the facts to his advantage.

1151 / 15000 words. 8% done!

Keeping Up With Honor
Honor Brock goes against orders and runs a fool's mission to find a lost artifact. Rush Masterson tests a theory and risks his life to track her down. Once he finds her, he has to keep up because Honor won't go back until she has what she wants.

1742 / 15000 words. 12% done!

Kick in the Burn
Jaden Scratch and Ridge Quartermain spend a lot of time comparing notes about flying. Working late into the night, filling out fitreps on their pilots, their conversation takes a personal turn and kick in the burn takes on a whole new meaning.

1352 / 7500 words. 18% done!

Last Best Chance... at a First Impression
Cadence Coll, a top pilot, dreads her new assignment to the Cressida because the scuttlebutt has the CAG known for his rigid adhesion to the status quo. Nik Garrick likes order and structure and his new flying ace has a mile long list of infractions. Cadence and Nik discover first impressions aren't always what they seem and a rush to judgment isn't the best idea.

1551 / 10000 words. 16% done!

Leading the War Effort
North Normandy becomes a test subject for a super-soldier project and his first mission is to rescue his captured father. Frankie Gant knows the venture inside and out but lacks the emotional connection her superiors feel the candidate will need. Frankie acts as North's handler and when the planned op goes south, she risks her life, undergoing the same process to pull both men out of enemy territory.

1818 / 15000 words. 12% done!

A Little More
Lexie Krost and Tighe Milligan work and live together--and a little more--on a remote base in the depths of space. They shouldn't act on their attraction, but the pull is strong and once they've crossed the line, they have to figure out how to be a little less.

1216 / 10000 words. 12% done!

Living with Scars
Britta Dane, a woman who avoids entanglements, lets Yale Sullivan get a little too close. But when she finds a way to put some distance between them, she lands behind enemy lines. When she finally returns, a little broken and torn up with guilt, she has to find a way to get her brand of normal back.

7940 / 10500 words. 76% done!

Tod Langkowski and Mitzi Stahl are trapped when a power outage aboard their ship locks them in a training area. The commander and his CAG have a unique opportunity to examine their relationship--and where it should go--with zero interruptions.

1488 / 10000 words. 15% done!

Losing the Light
Walker Garrett always does the right thing--except when it comes to Barret Danks. Barret never listens when she doesn't want to hear what's said, but Walker's ultimatum has her accepting a post on a newly terraformed planet. With Walker in the air and Barret on the ground, working out their issues doesn't seem likely... until Walker gets a call to meet with Barret's boss.

1994 / 15000 words. 13% done!

The Lottery
A devastating illness tears through a space colony and re-population is paramount for continued survival. Veronica Fine and Garret Delroy think they'll be exempt from the lottery which will match up prime candidates for procreation. But word comes down that all members of the colony have to participate, even members of the military. When Veronica and Garret are matched up, they suspect some behind the scenes maneuvering by the planetary leader.

1348 / 25000 words. 5% done!

Lover's Lament
Taryn Untied and Holmes Selari, two soldiers under a constant stream of pressure, start making mistakes due to lack of any kind of downtime. Their superior officer finally orders them to take R&R on the Lover's Lament and promises to conveniently forget their location if anything else goes wrong. Thirty-six hours of alone time should clear up their cranky attitudes.

2003 / 10000 words. 20% done!

Luck Runs Out
Domino Montgomery and Webb Wellesley are totally different personally and professionally, but they work seamlessly together. When they land an off world transport assignment, they have to babysit a condemned prisoner and deal with an impish captain who's hiding a wee bit of a secret of his own.

1862 / 10000 words. 19% done!

Major Issues
Ellis Wright, a damn good pilot who works hard at her job, runs into an old nemesis--Major Anton Burnhard--and he tries to put her on the defensive again. But Ellis isn't the same raw cadet from five years ago. This time around, she'll bring in her backup--Trey Shuttleworth--if she can convince him the rumor about her affair with the major isn't true.

1797 / 12000 words. 15% done!

Make the Call
Gia Pimm has everything she wants, but a reminder from her mother--that Gia will always suffer when good things happen--makes her walk away from Nolan Curry. But when she needs antibiotics, she swallows her pride and makes the call to the man who has them--Nolan.

2251 / 10000 words. 23% done!

Manifest Legend
Insula Ara is a mystical island offering sanctuary to those in need, but when she reveals herself for the first time, Cedric Edward Teasdale, former crewman of a privateer, almost blows his chance for refuge… and a reunion with his lost love.

1555 / 5000 words. 31% done!

Matchmaker's Men
Nova Anell and Matz Yarmacher belong together, but neither wants to be the first to admit it. But when their crew mates start working behind the scenes to put Nova and Matz together, they have no choice but to face what they feel and decide what to do next.

3344 / 7500 words. 45% done!

Mia's Choice
Mia Sinclair finally got her doctorate and embarks on a work trade assignment to a new space station. But when she runs smack into Hal Manning, and her past, she has to face her demons, which isn't easy because she promised she'd never be under any man's control again.

14901 / 15000 words. 99% done!

Midsummer Mayhem (Capital City Seasons)
Chris Renfer, Alpha Team Leader for the Strategic Tactical Unit, falls for Melanie Pramble at first sight, but she's new to the city wants to get her bearings. But when a Renfer's team is stuck in a bad situation, Melanie is the go-to person for negotiation and Chris can only hope their beginning doesn't end before it makes headway.

2320 / 9500 words. 24% done!

Missing You
Clara Small is the best undercover operative in military intelligence, who tends to burn bridges instead of building them. But when she destroys the one she needs the most, she has to find a way to make amends, which won't be easy because Wes Elliot rarely gives second chances.

4739 / 9500 words. 50% done!

Morning Sickness
Dava Whales has all the classic signs of pregnancy, except she can't possibly be with child--she's a soldier in the middle of a war and religiously takes her birth control shots. When Warren Carter suggests Dava get checked out, the pricklier than usual officer goes ballistic--especially since Warren is the other half of the parental equation.

1502 / 10000 words. 15% done!

My Best Friend is a Cyborg
Ibby Stoke finds out her best friend is a dreaded and reviled cyborg and it sends her into a tailspin, making her wonder if the man she loves is a mecha-human. Phil McNulty is everything she's ever wanted, but if he's not all man, Ibby isn't sure she can deal with the reality.

1535 / 10000 words. 15% done!

Napalm at Night
Napalm at night is dangerous stuff. Jensen Wallis, an extraordinary helicopter pilot, makes her fair share of early dawn rescues after enemy forces unleash the potent explosives on her fellow soldiers. She comes to the aid of Rip Rafferty's squadron and gets them to safety, but not before the enigmatic man sets her curious nature on fire.

1650 / 25000 words. 7% done!

Circe Nash and Oz Paterson, two top notch pilots, have the strangest courtship in the galaxy, even though they swear it doesn't exist. But when the need to be together hits them, they inevitably find themselves in the same place at the same time, with a little help from their crewmates.

1980 / 7500 words. 26% done!

Night Watch
Aisley Diehl and Thad Saunders pull a shift of night watch on the hangar deck. They're tasked with keeping their junior pilots from being drunk and disorderly when they'd much rather be spending the evening doing something more enjoyable--under the covers.

1180 / 10000 words. 12% done!

No Loss of Life
Brigit Hardy is an anti-government revolutionary who kicks the system in the teeth to incite change. Vlad Octavius is the government agent who has to bring her to heel. There's only one problem--Vlad hates what she does, but can't disagree with her reasons.

1503 / 15000 words. 10% done!

Not Quite Paradise
Janee Neff and Oxley DeCosta are military transport pilots flying a peacetime mission to pick up new recruits when their craft crashes and strands them on a deserted moon. The couple discovers things aren't exactly what they seem when their signal beacon is destroyed by blaster fire, which means their unexpected vacation isn't quite paradise after all.

1220 / 15000 words. 8% done!

Not the First Time
Katen Knox and Paul Macabes, pilots, soldiers, lovers, weigh in on opposite sides of a proposal to produce planes while stationed in deep space. Not the first time they've been on different sides of an issue, they quickly learn it's hard to keep the professional drama out of the personal space.

857 / 15000 words. 6% done!

Nugget Training
Bonnie Bash has issues with remembering boundaries and it gets her in trouble with Taggart Allen, her immediate superior--especially when she sometimes forgets she has to respect the rank. She quickly learns why she frustrates Tag so much when she's thrust into training a group of fifteen newbie pilots, nuggets, and not one has a clue or even cares about how the chain of command works.

1901 / 15000 words. 13% done!

Off the Hook
Esti Warf's relationship with Wyatt Corben is tested when she agrees to give his younger brother a chance to pass basic flight. Wyatt knows in his gut his brother doesn't have the chops, but he can't get Esti to budge on her decision, especially when his old man pressured her into accepting Wilton as a cadet. Both are on the hook, trying to keep peace in the family and still maintain their bond as a couple.

1539 / 10000 words. 15% done!

One Hot Mess
Eva Twine and Van Jefferson have a very friendly rivalry when their teams compete for the galaxy championship. But when Van questions what Eva will wear to the celebratory masquerade, she decides to rock his very foundation.

6941 / 10000 words. 69% done!

One Last Chance
Uma Banks, a natural born pilot, fails everyone she loves. But her biggest catastrophe is Fitz Winterson, a lifelong friend who should be more. Uma has one last chance to make things right… if she doesn't blow it again.

1906 / 9500 words. 20% done!

Operation Moot Point
Zia Rogue and Keb Belova are highly trained soldiers and put in charge of Operation Moot Point. Between them and their specialized skills, they should be able to plan the surprise party for the base commander--if they can stop arguing long enough to actually get the work done.

1228 / 9500 words. 13% done!

Out of the Box, Into the Burn
Parry Thrum, a superior pilot, is sidetracked with an injury and relegated to planning a mission on an enemy outpost instead of flying in to save the day. When one of her superiors rejects every parameter she comes up with, Blake Bradley, another excellent pilot, steps in and backs her up--the out of the box, into the burn approach is just the thing to take their opponent by surprise, and a very Parry plan.

1498 / 10000 words. 15% done!

Frannie Boyd and Thorn O'Reilly are stuck in a bad situation with no way out. But when the people they love are threatened, they'll play hardball to protect what's theirs, even if they have to go up against an admiral to do it.

5537 / 10000 words. 55% done!

Passing Ships in the Night
Renny Spur and Chad Raxton have something of an understanding--they meet at Moonspur shipyard whenever they're in the Milky Way galaxy. When Chad's late for a connection, Renny gets angry and makes a bad choice--one Chad has to decide if he can overlook.

1600 / 12500 words. 13% done!

Perfect Conversation
Gigi Morse ran away from Scott Alamead because she didn't want to risk losing him. But when she returns, a very different Scott greets her and Gigi realizes she'd landed back on the hot seat.

4764 / 10000 words. 48% done!

Personal Involvement
Tarin Glade gets caught up in a nightmare when she's brought before a disciplinary council for her personal involvement with a student who failed basic flight. When Ellis Spector, the brother of the complainant, speaks on her behalf, it rocks the foundation of his family--especially since the commandant who brings the charges against Tarin is Ellis's father.

1896 / 15000 words. 13% done!

Poetry in Motion
Ian Flannigan, a talented athlete, wants to take the crown on the planetary Sky Dawg circuit. But when he inadvertently causes the death of a competitor, he has to decide if he can keep it together enough to win, which won't be easy with the coach's daughter constantly pushing for him to lose control.

2845 / 8500 words. 33% done!

Point of Distraction
When Nisa Bight is trapped inside a holding tank with Ives Vanderhouse, she reveals a little known secret--she hates confined spaces. Ives points out she's a pilot and cockpits are very cramped quarters, but his sound reasoning falls on deaf ears and Nisa starts to lose her grip. Ives gets inventive and finds several points of distraction to help Nisa deal.

1904 / 9500 words. 20% done!

Power Play
Hailey March, a dedicated officer, receives a plum assignment she's wanted for a long time. But when she has to give orders to Rab McKee, she must ignore their long friendship, which is impossible because she needs him on her side.

3643 / 10000 words. 36% done!

Powering Down
A little enforced downtime leads to a small power struggle between Nicia Bowen and Jett Vanatta. Nicia isn't thrilled when Jett picks someone else to be his second in command, but once Jett explains his reason--they're too close--she can't argue the point. Instead, she decides to accept his excuse and get even more personally involved.

2506 / 8500 words. 29% done!

Promise to Keep
Two elite marines try to forge a relationship during a time of war. But when a worse than usual dangerous situation ups the ante, a promise is made and must be kept, regardless of the personal toll. After all, the marine motto is anytime, anyplace, always ready.

6547 / 10000 words. 65% done!

Pushing Buttons
Chet Vondallson hates complications--and integrating two crews when a space cruiser goes down sits at the bottom of his list of fun things to do. Parson Browd, one of Chet's top pilots--and his lover--likes to push his buttons and get a reaction, something Chet knows, but finds hard to resist.

951 / 12500 words. 8% done!

Quality of Care
Stuck on the fringe of space, cut off by an enemy blockade, Phoebe Point and Dane Moragson keep their ragtag crew members from going stark, raving mad. When food rations become non-existent, Phoebe and Dane plot a daring plan to improve the quality of care for their comrades, even if means going against orders and risking court martial.

1561 / 12500 words. 12% done!

Questionable Vision
Park Danielson doesn't want to fight anymore. Stuck in a warzone, he has one burning question: Why bother sticking around? Darby Young has the answer: He's not allowed to leave.

2140 / 7500 words. 29% done!

Quick. Fast. Dirty
Vixen Arz and Josh Baldwin like their sex quick, fast, and dirty. In the middle of a war, they don't have time for sensual pleasantries and can't do the hearts and flowers thing anyway--Vixen is Josh's superior officer. If caught fraternizing, both face brig time--or court martial.

1249 / 10000 words. 12% done!

Red Tape
Noel Phame and Dirk Santias are given a temporary duty assignment to a new space cruiser and quickly realize how different the traditions are on the admiral's flagship. Once they figure out the red tape, they're free to fraternize all they want.

1138 / 10000 words. 11% done!

Relative Chemistry (Uncivil Revolution Book Three)
In a nation torn apart by an uncivil war, Wallis Canton is allowed to live if she keeps the men at a covert human trafficking location sated and satisfied. When Etta Morgan is brought in and held for sale to the highest bidder, Wallis finds a kindred spirit and rediscovers her will to be free. When Dom Marinelli arrives on the scene to save Etta, he almost takes out the one man, Perry Norris, who didn't abuse and degrade Wallis. With Perry's help, the four escape the facility and live to fight another day, and Perry helps Wallis navigate life on the outside, showing her good men do exist and love can flourish from tragic circumstances.

1329 / 25000 words. 5% done!

Rewarding Experience
When an explosion rocks a deep space mining expedition, injuring Trixie Bell, she realizes how much she wants and needs Jock Tennyson by her side. The grueling hours and physically exhausting work makes the couple cranky and edgy, but Trixie decides to show Jock how rewarding a simple reprimand can be.

1043 / 10000 words. 10% done!

Sapphire Naught and Gifford Fell are tasked with finding a saboteur and neither is allowed to fly until the culprit is apprehended. The cat and mouse game of tracking and luring their prey into a trap takes a toll on their relationship, but ends up making them see new sides to each other.

1544 / 12500 words. 12% done!

Security Risk
Quinn Kavanaugh and Izzy Nance, military security experts, are tasked with keeping the peace during a planetary summit. But when they act on their attraction for each other, they have to check their feelings at the door or potentially become a security risk.

4768 / 10000 words. 48% done!

Set the Record Straight
Keegen Brimm and Warner Misona check their feelings for each other at the spaceport airlock and have a knock down fight before they finally drag out all the baggage between them and set the record straight.

1200 / 15000 words. 8% done!

Sibling Rivalry
When Fayne Cartier falls for his brother's flight instructor, Rumor Child, he has no idea how difficult dating will end up being when his brother shows signs of not having the chops to qualify. Rumor won't cut Fayne's sibling from her class, thinking the rivalry may be what the younger Cartier needs.

1787 / 15000 words. 12% done!

Something New
The sex is always good between fellow fleet officers Margie Range and Eli Kennington, but Margie wants to try something new. The challenge? They're on a ship in outer space and the position she wants to attempt needs a lot more space than is currently available, but she won't be denied.

1980 / 9500 words. 21% done!

Specter's Masquerade
Juna Newberry starts her new position as head of security on the Specter Spacestation under fire. She walks into the job two days before the biggest gala event of the solar year, a threat is made on the personnel, including the principal owner of the station, Maddox Specter, all while fighting her attraction for the sexy entrepreneur.

5424 / 10000 words. 54% done!

Spider's Webb (A Furlough 99 Novella)
Spider Smith, techno geek extraordinaire, meets his match when Hailey Webb decides she needs his expertise. When her carefully planned escape from a life of crime goes awry, Spider wants to help, but with his team out on a fool's mission, Spider has to fight the battle on his own.

2577 / 10000 words. 26% done!

Star Chasers
Marnie Ritoli, a kick ass mechanic for the premier team in the galaxy, is presented with a dilemma: choose a new mate or leave the Chasers. But Marnie knows Luce Carrington isn't dead, and she won't play second fiddle to anyone, so she does what she's best at and finds a loophole in the league rules, picking Luce's best friend…the person who backs her into a corner in the first place.

4752 / 10000 words. 47% done!

Stealing Hannah
Hannah Keane gets caught between Kane and Trent Canterman when their sibling rivalry heats up. Kane loves to push his brother's buttons by telling everyone Trent likes to steal girlfriends. When Kane introduces Trent to Hannah, Trent decides stealing Kane's girl is a good idea to settle the score once and for all.

6925 / 15000 words. 46% done!

Page Wagner and Gannon Bendis pull long range recon duty and Page decides they need to play truth or strip. After several days of sexy banter, Gannon has enough of Page's innuendo and confronts her... in the shower.

1413 / 9500 words. 15% done!

Strategic Wagers
Onyx West and Lev Thorogood, friends and fellow crewmates, have the best kind of friendly rivalry. But when Onyx decides she can best Lev at a game of strategy, something he rarely loses, she pulls out all the stops to win.

2466 / 7500 words. 33% done!

Stripped to the Skin
Kailey Pick and Dax Christopher are trapped in an isolation chamber when a ship wide power outage occurs. The temperature rises and they have to strip to the skin--a perfect time to consummate they're growing attraction--except they're not alone. A junior officer is stuck with them and he's not dealing well with the heat.

1383 / 10000 words. 14% done!

Lena Stoll and Welles Abernate work security on a large space station. While the job pays well, the stress level can quickly skyrocket, but Lena comes up with a perfect solution--she acts as a dominatrix in her downtime--much to Welles's surprise.

1576 / 12500 words. 13% done!

Table of Lies
Nichelle Stohl finally has her life on course--she's an instructor at the coveted academy of military science and she's testing the relationship waters for the first time after a truly horrible break-up. Then she meets Garth Fillion--her boyfriend's brother--and her world tilts sideways.

1270 / 10000 words. 13% done!

Taken by Surprise
Pales Thompson has a new man, Herrick Edwards, in her life and his birthday is coming up, but they're stuck on a ship with no R&R passes available. Pales isn't great at maintaining relationships, but she'll take Herrick by surprise and plan a spectacular day.

1178 / 9500 words. 12% done!

Therapeutic Recuperation
An accidental blast on a hangar deck lands Nadine Hewes and Hall Pullion in sickbay. The ship's doctor gets them stable then puts them in the same alcove so they don't drive everyone else nuts while they recuperate, leading the pilots to discover all kinds of interesting things about each other.

752 / 10000 words. 8% done!

Satin Welch takes one look at the gorgeous Blade Killian and decides she has to have him. She purchases his slave contract and grants him freedom. Blade doesn't trust the beautiful woman or her idea to make him a partner on the Threshold, a pleasure ship traveling throughout the galaxy, but he can't quite resist the chance to make his own choices after a decade of sexual servitude.

1695 / 15000 words. 11% done!

Ties Don't Bind
Gemma Neal, a solider, shares a past with Tripp Macintosh and wants to reconnect with her former friend and lover. But when Tripp gets elected to a parliament position, trading fatigues for a suit and tie, she's not sure how to proceed…a foreign concept for the take charge lieutenant.

1063 / 6500 words. 16% done!

To Create a Spy
Mariah St. James isn't what she appears to be when she's recruited by a covert black ops group hell bent on using her supposed skill set. But when she finds an ally in Matthew Jamison, she thinks she might actually survive the rigorous and deadly training…until he betrays her by leaving her alone in a dangerous situation.

21334 / 25000 words. 85% done!

Top Honors
Katie Beal and Hilton Hillion have a messy break-up after she fails him from basic flight. Two years later, Forbes Hillion bumps into her at Hilt's graduation from the academy and sparks fly, but Katie won't go down the same road again... after all, her career won't survive another setback from Forbes's dad.

1087 / 12500 words. 9% done!

Under a Crescent Moon
Tyra Blanc, a top military pilot, harbors a secret love for classic, old romance movies. When she's not paying attention during a briefing, her superior officer, Dev Dravenish, reveals her weakness and Tyra is caught between wondering how he discovered the information and how to deal with the all-out ribbing coming her way.

1051 / 7500 words. 14% done!

Understanding Truth
Perdix Plane and Brock Halliwell are soldiers who finally understand a few simple truths. They're not normal people, they don't follow standard operating procedure, and they'll never have a conventional relationship--and maybe that's perfectly okay.

1328 / 12500 words. 11% done!

Unexpected Surprise
Roma Dobb and Case Havensworth, two soldiers with a long and storied history, finally tie the knot, but keep it very low-key and don't tell anyone. Case's dad shows up without warning on their second wedding anniversary and gets an unexpected surprise--a not so new daughter-in-law.

939 / 6500 words. 14% done!

Uniform Differences
When it comes to respect, Tegan Gruss and Ellsworth Boshuk have a few uniform differences with defining how to show it. Ellsworth is tired of her busting his chops--he's her superior officer--but Tegan doesn't care about rank when someone isn't worthy of her time and effort, but Ellsworth is very worthy.

255 / 10000 words. 3% done!

Unlawful Acts
Effy Carmichael, an up and coming officer, wants the job of Alpha Team Leader and deserves it, except she's a few years too young to hold the position. When the spot goes to one of her oldest friends, Jonah Kirkland, Effy has to swallow her pride and welcome him even while she fights the powerful attraction between them. Hooking up with Jonah is against regs, but it may be worth committing an unlawful act to finally realize one of her most closely held desires.

5326 / 7500 words. 71% done!

Veracity of War
The veracity of war takes a toll when Emerson Gamble assumes command of a military outpost after his captain loses his life. Sheena Tram wonders if they'll be able to maintain their relationship when the burden of responsibility always gets in the way.

783 / 12500 words. 6% done!

Viable Options
Karlin Hex and Jay Shaliman are trapped high in the mountains when their planet is attacked and left for ruin. Karlin decides plan A is to find a ship, get off the planet, and find their way to the military fleet or a viable spaceport. Jay finds the notion admirable but wonders what her backup option is. That's easy--plans B through Z are the same as plan A.

570 / 22000 words. 3% done!

Mercy Flynn and Bishop Hiller, two of Space Station Titania's brightest employees, have many vices, but the biggest for either? Each other. They have to live and work together, and avoiding the temptation to take things into personal territory wears on each, making the thin line of professionalism very blurry.

1379 / 10000 words. 14% done!

Victory is Hollow
Patience Clew and Del Mindhapel are elite arms instructors for their training academy and have a lot of tension bouncing back and forth. When two of their cadets go head to head in an illegal duel and one ends up with a mortal wound, the teachers are confined to quarters and that's when the tension really goes out of control.

912 / 12500 words. 7% done!

Nevin Fram and Chase Barlow put everything on the line when they wager who can get the drop on the other first with a hot kiss. Nevin executes a plan to catch Chase during a sparring match, but he turns the tables on her and wins. Nevin wants to go double or nothing, but first her brain has to start functioning again.

733 / 8500 words. 9% done!

V World: To V or Not to V
Mallory Biden and Surge Tempest work side by side to police crimes in V-World, a virtual reality recreation area where anyone can live out their wildest fantasy. But when Surge goes rogue to track down an old nemesis and enters the Void Zone, a dangerous, untraceable place he helped create, Mallory will risk getting trapped inside to pull him out.

8935 / 20000 words. 45% done!

Wait No More
Zoey Blythe pushes Cash Mateson out of her life when she sees how much good he can do as an elected official. Ten years later, their paths cross again and Zoey realizes she should have fought a little harder to stay by Cash's side. Heading up the security detail for Cash's campaign, Zoey feels the spark again, but marriages and careers are on the line, even if she doesn't want to wait anymore.

1922 / 10000 words. 19% done!

Wasted Credits
Valora Prime can't figure out why a smart, attractive man like Hackett Barnes pays for sex. When she corners him to find the answer, his response catches her off guard and she has to make a quick decision. Let him in or let him go.

948 / 15000 words. 6% done!

We Have a Winner
Kella Yates and Weston Grogan can't fight their attraction and everyone knows it. The entire crew of their ship waits in anticipation for their inevitable hook-up. When they finally cave in to their lust, the winner of the when will it happen pool can be declared.

370 / 9500 words. 4% done!

While We Still Can
Maura Sells and Cobb Kinkleman are fighting in a long and bloody war. During a rare moment of downtime, Cobb decides they need to get what they can, while they can and quickly convinces Maura a heated kiss. They face a bleak future and stealing a night of hot passion may be their only reprieve.

993 / 9500 words. 10% done!

Why We Fight
Emmett Barley, an embedded investigative reporter, pushes Pier Luphen, the squadron leader, for honest answers about the war they're fighting. She tries to take the status quo, but Emmett won't have it. He's heard the military party line his entire life and he wants the truth or nothing. He also wants Pier, but she's not willing to compromise her mission regardless of how she feels about Emmett.

1639 / 12500 words. 13% done!

Wings Get Clipped
In the middle of a war, a long-standing personal vendetta comes to light against Schuler Grace and Gren Gambolina's commanding officer and it put the two soldiers directly in the line of fire. Fighting the enemy within, while doing battle with their adversaries on the warfront, Schuler and Gren form an unbreakable bond to see them through their biggest challenge.

707 / 15000 words. 5% done!

Wires Crossed
Vanessa Twill and Justin Hardwick don't always see eye to eye and the tension between them is thick and taut. When a training exercise goes bad, the duo is grounded until they get their act together. Forced to communicate, they work out some issues and realize they didn't have their wires crossed… a saboteur did. Literally.

796 / 12500 words. 6% done!

Words Not Necessary
Sometimes an outside observer can provide a lot of insight on a couple's relationship, even if they'll never understand it. London and Braun are so in tune with each other they rarely speak, yet their communication is evident for anyone to see.

1222 / 10000 words. 12% done!

Wounded Birds
When weeping sickness hits a space carrier hard, pilots Minka Kovak and Channing Santclar are two of the first to go down, which creates a problem since the fleet relies on them to keep the planes in the air. But when the duo gets through the worst of the virus—without killing each other—they end up working from their isolation alcove to shuffle the schedule and fill the flight roster.

607 / 12500 words. 5% done!

Xanthic Flu
Rowan Buel and Fuller Beckett are competitive by nature, but when they contract the Xanthic flu—a nasty virus that turns the skin yellow—at the same time, it takes their game of one-ups-manship to the extreme. Isolated and quarantined together, they duo learns working together can actually be fun.

1189 / 12500 words. 10% done!

XO on the Warpath
Garrick Mellark, executive officer of the Methone, is on the warpath. His crew is bucking orders and he's not going to deal with it anymore. Shay Vamper gets elected to soothe the snarly XO into his usual jovial self, which shouldn't be hard considering she's his current flame.

601 / 10000 words. 6% done!

X-Ray Tango
Kellan Gates and Josh Robertson do not get along, constantly vying for top position in their squadron. But when they're transferred to another ship, Josh is targeted by a former nemesis that uses program X-Ray Tango to keep Josh in check, which fires up Kellan—no one is allowed to give Josh a hard way to go except her.

858 / 12500 words. 7% done!

Yank the Chain
When pilot Riley Wang refuses to cave in and sleep with an arrogant major, she ends up in hack a week before graduation from flight school. Moss Mordecai bails her out, but keeps her from going after her superior officer. If Riley wants back on the roster, she needs a plan and spending more time in the brig isn't a good one.

998 / 15000 words. 7% done!

Yanking the Pipe
Sammie Shields and Firth Fairmountain have fun yanking the pipe—pulling anonymous pranks—until one of their fellow soldiers gets injured. Their commanding officer gives them a choice—transfer to a marine unit to learn discipline or get busted down a rank. Sammie opts for demotion, but Firth chooses the alternate and finds a new mission.

969 / 12500 words. 8% done!

Yarn Spinning
Torrin Becks and Gaelan Van Zant pull duty on the same scout ship, which creates a good bit of tension in the five man crew. Torrin and Gaelan have something of a history and when the yarn spinning—who has the greatest exploit—starts, Torrin has to decide if she'll call Gaelan out on a big fat fib, or let the story stand as the winner.

847 / 15000 words. 6% done!

Yearly Vigil
Venessa Broyles makes a yearly vigil to the graveside of her former lover, Hamish Blesdale, where she runs into his best friend, Hogan Baird. What starts out as an awkward stroll down memory lane eventually brings two lonely souls together.

2008 / 20000 words. 10% done!

Yee Haw!
Two new transfers upset the delicate balance of the space carrier, Mephisto, that Kellsie Eaves and Wick Fairchilds worked so hard to obtain. When the duo attempts to restore the status quo, the troublemakers go after Kellsie and she gets to school them in the art of kicking ass, with Wick as her backup.

1523 / 15000 words. 10% done!

Yelling In Vain
After an accident that takes the life of a fellow cadet, Lora Seaves falls back on her combative attitude to keep it together. Jestin Warbly has to decide whether or not Lora is cracking up or okay to fly. He's got one big problem… a powerful attraction for the rookie pilot clouds his judgment.

848 / 12500 words. 7% done!

Yellow Fang
Yancy the Yellow is Palmer Gump's only childhood friend—a stuffed toy from her dad. Missing and presumed killed in action, an auction is held for Palmer's personal items. When she returns, she gets everything back… except for Yancy, which leaves her feeling a little lost and unsettled, until it finds its way back to her via Dannon Bennett.

1346 / 10000 words. 13% done!

You're Welcome
Dalyn Harris spends a lot of his time keeping his significant other, Shauna Drake, out of hack. When an old, forgotten prank catches the executive officer by surprise, Dalyn scrambles to keep Shauna's part under wraps—he has no desire to spend their anniversary in a brig cell.

418 / 7500 words. 6% done!

Yummy Goodness
A bonus scene featuring two favorite characters involved in a practical joke.

159 / 1200 words. 13% done!

Zen State
Rue Chambers and Blaise Watkinson have secret fantasies about each other all the time, but don't act on them. At least not until both are trying to achieve a zen state by self-pleasuring and end up in the same place at the same time.

996 / 7500 words. 13% done!

Zero Sum
Sabrina Delft and Carrick Stafford have a zero sum relationship—whenever one gains something, the other has a corresponding loss. But when they're stranded on an abandoned mining colony and forced to rely on each other, they learn to balance the good with the bad and end up with a total win.

993 / 10000 words. 10% done!

Zipped Lips
Details of intimate encounters are spilled during a rousing card game and recent hook-ups are brought to light, but Keavy Smart and Gresham Young have the best secret—trying to keep quiet is half the fun and zipped lips means none of the crew is the wiser.

858 / 9500 words. 9% done!

Zinging Barbs
Reagan Bruce won't slow down, not even when she's seven months pregnant and Ian Flannigan decides to walk away from competing to keep Reagan healthy. The couple exchanges some zinging barbs until they work out their issues.

144 / 5000 words. 3% done!

The Zipper Incident
Layne Donaker makes a grave error when she mistakenly uses a super adhesive on Hyde Scarlotti's zippers—all of them, including his flight suit. Hyde is beyond done with her stupid pranks and calls her out in front of the entire crew, which Layne doesn't take kindly.

902 / 9500 words. 9% done!

Zulu Delta Niner
In a war torn galaxy, Nell Watkinson works to save lives on the front lines in the battle arena. When she returns home, she meets Jerrick Haight, a man who's not afraid to fight if his number is called, but he vehemently opposes waging war when it spreads resources so thin their own people suffer. On opposite sides of a moral dilemma, Jerrick's actions put him in danger and Nell uses everything at her disposal to save his life.

941 / 10000 words. 9% done!