Sunday, May 21, 2017

Sunday Snippet: Healing the Wound

Wow. Next week my second kidlet graduates from high school. I'm excited for him, yet I'm also wistful for the toddler with an overly large head—it's a family thing and he completely grew into the large noggin—that used to lob blocks and legos across the kiddie gate to get my attention. Next week's post might be an emotional one.

Anyway… on to the week's TV fare. Gotham kept things nice and interesting. I love the twisty-twist with Selena and Bruce. I'm also enjoying Ivy with Oswald. She's a nice foil to his manic craziness, maybe even better than Ngyma. I do have to wonder if Jim or someone else will ever find the knife Mario tried to kill Leigh with. Honestly, her anger with him is the only thing that kind of pulls me out of the show, even though it's justified and makes complete sense.

The Flash needs a rewatch. I didn't catch all of the episode and came in late. I'm looking forward to the resolution and hope things pay off in a big way.

Arrow delivered, as usual. Even with the over the top and almost unbelievable things Chase seems to manipulate, I have no doubt the showdown on Lian Yu will be worth it. Have to admit seeing Merlyn kind of surprised me, only a little because his name was mentioned. LOL I'm really not sure how I feel about Arrow's move to Thursdays next season. I'll hold off judgment for now. But it's one more day I have to wait for new episodes and that doesn't make me happy.

Not excited about waiting until fall for new episodes of The Last Ship. It's my summer must watch show and now it's not going to be on in the summer. Bleh.

Still looking forward to the Friday night block on Syfy at the end of June. If this gets changed, be prepared for an epic rant. With Orphan Black airing its final season in June also, the month looks to be terrific.

That's it for television this week. Tonight's post is from Healing the Wound, a novella that started with a fan fiction community prompt of describing a scene ten seconds after the main character walks away (in a certain episode) they come back, which they didn't do in the show. I love what if scenarios and got pinged with an original idea for it.

Here's the mini-blurb:

Jenna Creed loses the love of her life and blames Thorp Waggoner. She needs to stop living in the past and Thorp wants to be the man she moves forward with, which means Jenna has a very big problem.

And a sneaky peek…

"Creed, Waggoner, Handler. You're up for battle simulations. Get your asses to the training room and suit up."
Jenna Creed cringed when the booming voice filled the room. The commanding instructor, Jones McTeish, didn't have low volume. He had earth-shaking loud and bleed from the ears loud.
She got up and promptly bumped into Mick Handler. He'd landed on McTeish's shit list for missing curfew the other night. No doubt, Mick planned to get himself off the top spot by jumping make haste for the training.
Mick flashed a quick smile. "Sorry, Creed, duty calls." He hot-footed it out of the classroom.
Thorp Waggoner took his time getting up, a sly smirk curving his lips. "He'd jump through flaming hoops if he thought it would help." He fell into step beside Jenna.
She chuckled. "Yeah, he would. But McTeish has Mick's number." Sliding her gaze sideways, she studied Thorp a moment. "How did you not get busted for being out after last bell?"
His slight shrug confirmed her suspicion that Mick hadn't been out alone.
Thorp waited until they exited the classroom before answering. "Sometimes it pays to have friends or, in my case, family with high rank."
His remark kicked the flirty vibe down a notch. And served as a reminder. Thorp Waggoner had places to go and a ladder to climb. Once their training finished, she'd no longer be in his orbit.
She shot him a quick glance. "I can't imagine where you and Handler would've gone together." The men didn't get along all that well.
Thorp snorted. "We weren't together. I was coming back from a…" He paused, his voice trailing off.
Jenna filled in the blank. "Date?" Thorp's reputation for hooking up started the first week of training.
His curved in a sheepish smile. "Yeah, go with that." He stopped outside the men's changing area. "Things went a little longer than anticipated." He shrugged again.
Jenna did her best not to imagine why things went longer than expected. She also failed miserably. Thorp epitomized her ultimate fantasy, so, yeah, her brain totally went there.
The pointed clearing of his throat dragged her out of the steamy movie playing in her head.
She flicked a quick glance in his direction. "So… you're in the clear but Handler's on a shit platter? Hardly seems fair."
Thorp leaned in and spoke softly. "I know. Which is why Handler hasn't been expelled. The watchman couldn't very well write him up when he let me slide. I was happy to point the facts on the ground out to him." He straightened and wore a smug smile.
Jenna's lips twitched. "I'll bet Handler loved that." The rivalry between the two made for excellent entertainment.
Most of the time.
Thorp turned to enter the changing area. "Not really, but considering we've only got four weeks of training left, he's seething quietly." He nodded toward the room next door. "Better get suited up. I'm gonna need some backup in there." A rumbling chuckle came from his chest.
Jenna shook her head and darted into the women's area. Playing mediator between Mick and Thorp didn't rate all that high on her list of fun things to do. But she'd deal, and maybe even look good if they went after each other.
If nothing else, she'd get in a good workout with two hot guys.

I like the possibilities with this story. It's been fun writing the interactions.

That's it for this week. Catch everyone on the flipside.

ML Skye

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Sunday Snippet: Haven't We Met Like This Before

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there. It's a beautiful day in Ohio and I hope to enjoy the weather for a while.

Another terrific week in television. Gotham keeps working the crazy and I'm loving it. The blending of three or more plot threads is terrific and I hope we continue seeing a nice mix of all.

I missed most of The Flash. See crazy month starting for me last post. But, I'll catch up before Tuesday's new episode.

Arrow delivered another great episode. I love having Thea back even if it might only be for a little while. I'm not sure what's going on with Rene, but it'll be interesting to see how that plays out. Something tells me Chase might have something to do with why he didn't show up. I'm truly hoping the final showdown ends up being between Oliver and Talia with a little Nyssa thrown in.

Riverdale's season finale rocked! The first arc is finished and the second one opened with a serious bang. I'm honestly excited to see what the hell happens next. It'll be a major wrench in the Arch / Ronnie duo if her dad had anything to do with Fred's shooting. And something tells me that's a big possibility. Then again, I won't be surprised if that's a red herring and Mayor McCoy is actually the one behind the violence. Or maybe even Hermione. I'll have to wait not-so-patiently to find out. LOL

Last Sunday's Talking with Chris Hardwick turned out to be an excellent show. I'm a Charlie Hunnam fan and having him on for the entire hour was terrific. I love Chris's laid back style a lot.

Finally got caught up on Murdoch Mysteries and, wow, what a season finale. Definitely hope the show is renewed for an eleventh season.

That's it for television this week. Tonight's post is from Haven't We Met Like This Before, a novella that has one of my favorite tropes… siblings!

Here's the mini-blurb:

Reese meets Hallie, his brother's flight school roommate, when he bails her out of hack. Seven years later, they meet under similar circumstances on his father's ship.

And a sneaky peek…

"Geez, the things I do for duty and honor. And the stupid roommate code."
Hallie Todd crouched behind the bushes on the perimeter of the quad. Her stealth mission completed, she only had to make it across the campus yard and take the back trail to her dorm. Not the first time she snuck out after curfew, but tonight's reason had to be the lamest one ever.
Taking a breath, she crept from her hiding place and dashed across the lush green lawn then ducked around the corner of Hemmings Hall. Almost home. She stayed close to the wall, making her way to the end of the building.
Just about there.
Easing away from the cover of the shadows, she navigated between Learner and Abbott Halls. The trail she needed, the one least likely to be patrolled, loomed ahead.
She grinned when she stepped onto the gravel-covered path. Another sneaky trip accomplished.
"Halt! Who goes there?" The voice called out a brief moment before the spotlight revealed her position.
Hallie bit back a groan but dropped the bag she held and put her hands up. "Cadet Todd, final year." Her no-fail route should have been clear.
Dammit, dammit, dammit.
Then again, security patrols increased during finals week.
The guard made his way over to her. "Cadet Todd, you're out after curfew. You know what that means." He shouldered his rifle and planted his hands on his hips.
Hallie sighed. "Yes, sir. A trip to hack." She followed the lance corporal through the quad. "Do I get to make a call?"
The man snorted. "Of course. If you can make bail and waive the fine, you'll be free to go." He trudged up the steps to the security center.
Oh, she'd make bail all right. After all, the reason she'd made an after curfew run tonight? His stupid ass craving for fudgy brownie cakes. Alec had better haul ass to the bank and pay her fine.
Or… she would find a way to kill him while he slept.

Hallie and Alec's hijinks are the stuff legends are made from. Hallie and Reese are much slower burning and have the potential to create a galactic love story that's all theirs.

That's it for this week. Catch everyone on the flipside.

ML Skye

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Sunday Snippet: Hard Call

May 7, 2017

Well, a crazy month begins for me this week. For whatever reason, May is always insane. Awards ceremonies, musical concerts, and, this year, a graduation. I'm just now starting to feel the feels about my middle kidlet ending his high school journey and getting ready to embark on his trip through adulthood. I should be more in the camp of two down, one to go and I'll get there… probably the day after we get the party out of the way. LOL

Television this week ended up being terrific. Gotham had a great episode with a few twists I didn't foresee. I'm still on the fence with the whole owl society thing, but I'm leaning toward liking where things are going.

The Flash ended up surprising me with the reveal of Savitar. I thought maybe Ronnie or Jay would end up being behind the suit, or possibly Thawne in some roundabout way. Looking forward to seeing how the rest of the episodes play out.

Arrow's episode reminded me again why I love this show so much. It's been a little uneven this season but the show always pulls everything together in ways I don't expect. I can't wait for Wednesday to get here for the next installment!

Riverdale's reveals paid off in a big way. At least for me. I have several items on my wish list for the finale and some saved back for the next season. I'm excited for the possibilities with Cheryl and where she'll go, seeing how the dynamic plays out in the Cooper household, and what happens with everyone caught in the potential crossfire. What I'm not overly excited about? Hiram Lodge. Seriously. I kind of don't care a fig about that dude, especially if he's all oily and smarmy and goes out of his way to be a dick. We'll see. I'm watching closely, CW. Don't muck this up.

My summer shows should be returning soon and I'm looking forward to watching my favorites. Hopefully, I'll be able to catch up on some of the mainstream fare I missed also.

And that's it for television this week. Tonight's post is from Hard Call, a novella that started with a prompt of writing a grief sex scene that doesn’t involve losing a relative. I actually love building the tension and details surrounding intense moments so I thoroughly enjoyed thinking up scenarios for this one.

Here's the mini-blurb:

Wiccam Kidder commands a space cruiser and wears the mantle of command with reluctance. When he makes a hard call and orders Valor Glynne to what may be a certain death, he wants to give up the burden and walk away. But Valor returns and Wic is faced with knowing she'll follow wherever he leads.

And a sneaky peek…

Valor Glynne strode through the corridors of the Hathaway, a single destination in mind. She nodded to a few familiar faces. Even with a huge military, she inevitably bumped into crew she'd served with before or people that came up through the ranks at the same time.
Making her way to the end of the causeway, she stopped outside command quarters, glancing inside. "Anybody home?" The shuffle of papers and scrape of a chair greeted her before the voice did.
"Valor… come to keep me on my toes?" He popped out from his recessed alcove that functioned as a study. "Because I know all your tricks."
She laughed. He should. Wiccam Kidder grew up military, the same as she did. They learned from the same playbook. The only difference? Her dad died in the line of duty and Wic's went on to command a flagship. Valor never tired hearing about their exploits.
She grabbed hold of Wic and hauled him in for a hug. Not exactly SOP between a commanding officer and their subordinate, but Wic wrapped his arms around her anyway. They didn't stand on ceremony, not when they were off duty.
Valor eased away, getting a good, long look at her new CO. "You're looking good for someone wearing the burden of command." Her lips twitched when he rolled his eyes.
Wic shot back. "Easy job until you came aboard." His mouth curved in a sexy smile.
The one she'd missed for almost a year.
Valor couldn't resist, she notched her chin up and cupped the back of his head. "You know I always make things interesting." Proving her point, she meshed their lips together and slipped her tongue over his lower one.
Wic responded, taking the embrace from teasing to steamy. His hands skimmed along her sides, reaching around to grasp her ass. Valor swallowed back a moan, wishing they weren't on a ship in the middle of a war. She had a long list of ways she wanted to rock his world.
Vic pulled back, his movement abrupt. "Dammit, Valor. That shouldn't have happened." He put some distance between them. "You know we can't act on this thing between us. Not when there's a war to fight." His words lacked the heat of anger but held a tinge of regret.
Valor shrugged. "Seems to me it's the best time to act. We might not have an opportunity later." Because they might be dead.
They'd had the discussion before he took command. No guarantees for a long and fruitful life when enemy fire got thrown into the mix. Wic refused to build a future on shaky ground.
He cocked an eyebrow. "I'm not down with the no tomorrow concept."
In other words, they'd get their shot. Sometime.
Valor flashed a grin. "Yeah, yeah. But I had to try." She always would.
Wic chuckled. "You wouldn't be you if you didn't." He flung an arm around her shoulder. "Get settled in and be ready for the morning briefing at 0800."

I hope this all comes together the way I want it to. I love moral dilemma conflicts and Wic's got so much history with Valor not to mention the hope for a future the tension almost writes itself.

That's it for this week. Catch everyone on the flipside.

ML Skye

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Sunday Snippet: Hand of Fate

So… last day of April is here and I'm finally starting to realize I have a kid graduating in a month. It's my second experience, my oldest graduated five years ago, but, wow, reality hits in weird ways. LOL I've got a party to plan and things to make happen.

Thank goodness for television when I need a reality break. Gotham came back with a vengeance and delivered a very fun hour of TV. While the whole owl society thing makes me roll my eyes, I have a feeling the payoff will end up being worth it.

The Flash returned with a great episode. I'm not feeling as much love for this season's overall arc, but I do enjoy this show so much. I have two working theories for who revealed themselves to Kaitlyn and either makes me very excited.

Arrow continues to be my favorite show. Having Felicity go dark side is an interesting twist, even if it feels a little forced sometimes. Throwing ARGUS in and creating tension and conflict with John makes me happy. Looking forward to seeing how the season ends.

Riverdale upped the stakes again. My twitter feed is half and half on the love / hate for the show. Personally, I love it. There are some terrific little twists that make me happy. And I thoroughly enjoy the grown-ups getting caught up in their own drama and how that plays out between the kids.

I haven't really mentioned Doctor Who. There's a reason for that. While I really like the new companion and the sidekick, I'm just not excited about this season. I'll be happy to get through and see who Thirteen will be. Hopefully we'll get a new Master, too.

Class isn't bad. It's not quite the same as Sarah Jane's adventures, but it's got a good vibe and I like the interactions with the characters.

I've been busy enough to not really have time to catch up on my binge watch shows. With nicer weather, my cleaning gene kicks in and I start mini-projects that tend to last the entire summer. LOL

That's it for TV this week. Tonight's post is from Hand of Fate, a novella that explores what happens when the usual roles are reversed and the main characters have to follow an unexpected path while dealing with the feelings they have.

Here's the mini-blurb:

Ada Kurtz and Clark Wellington are great at their jobs, and either could pull off an upcoming mission. But when Ada gets injured, she's relegated to the sidelines, planning the operation and calling the shots for Clark. He has to take out an enemy satellite which won't be easy without Ada flying his wing.

And a sneaky peek…

Clark heard the crash and loud curse that followed. He rose from behind the desk and poked his head out the door. Ada sprawled in a misshapen heap on the floor, a fitrep clutched in her hand.
Well, hell. "I knew she'd get pissed, but…" Causing injury hadn't been his intent.
A medic bumped into Clark from behind. "What's that, captain?" He paused, his eyebrows raised.
Clark shook his head. "Nothing, corpsman. You'd better see to her."
Clark hadn't quite figured Ada would come charging for him… but he should have. And he had no doubt he'd been the reason she took a spill. Going to the commander to plead her case—so not her style. Instead, she'd hit directly at the source. Him.
He heaved a sigh. If she thought he enjoyed taking her down a peg or two, she'd be so damn wrong. But the pranks and jokes had to stop and putting her on notice seemed the only way to get her to chill out with them.
The latest one tipped the scales. "The senior command staff, along with a contingent of reporters, did not need to see me naked."
His decision to write up the incident and put her on report hadn't been made lightly. In fact, he would rather not have the official details anywhere in print. Too bad his state of undress got a brief, albeit veiled, mention in the press. Clark had orders to put a stop to any more foolishness, hence the decision for the permanent notation in her file.
Ada seemed to beg for him to use her as an example. And he could go either way… with condemnation or praise. If she'd behave, he could always hold her up as the shining example what to do… instead of not to do.
He stepped out into the corridor, ready to help, but two members of the deck crew already had her up and headed for sickbay, the corpsman following hot on their heels. She shot a venom filled look over her shoulder and Clark winced.
He'd get an earful in the very near future.

And boy does he ever get an earful. LOL Ada is not happy about injuring her leg.

That's it for this week. Catch everyone on the flipside.

ML Skye

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Sunday Snippet: Gut-Punch Feeling

Well, my youngest attended our local prom last night and she looked so beautiful. I'm always amazed I had a hand in creating my kids. They're good people. J

Gotham returns Monday! I'm pretty excited for the final half of this season. Also looking forward to having my CW shows back with new episodes. And the summer TV fare isn't looking too bad either.

My work schedule is jammed and I love it! I like to stay busy, even when it cuts into my writing time. I could live with about four more hours each day, but I'm getting a lot better at managing personal with professional.

Tonight's post is from Gut-Punch Feeling, a novella that got a start with a writing community prompt of "one character is revealed to be an enemy after they're rescued by a main protagonist". I love scenarios featuring a betrayal of some sort.

Here's the tagline:

Evie Roth, a soldier explorer, keeps her promises. But when a sinister plot threatens those she loves, especially Parr Romanoff, she'll break a vow she made long ago… to herself.

And a sneaky peek…

Evie resisted the urge to rub the phantom pain again. "I just can't understand why you'd want anything reproductive from me. I'm such a screw up." Hell, she could show him the documentation of her many mistakes.
Cavelle tilted his head to the side. "Ah, but your pattern for self-destructive tendencies is part of the reason we chose you. Your emotions run deep." He shrugged. "We needed to test our theory."
Evie narrowed her eyes. "Go on, fill me in. What was the working theory?"
Cavelle leaned forward. "Personal connection. We don't have those among our race. We took your ovary to create life with someone you cared for." He met her gaze. "Loved."
Lifting a brow, she casually asked. "And did it work?" She bit back the bile rising in her throat. Plenty of time later to expel the rage building inside her.
Cavelle's shoulders slumped. "It didn't, no."
Relief flooded her and a victorious vibe followed.
Evie snorted. "Guess you overestimated my feelings for Steven, didn't you." She had what she needed now.
Cavelle realized he'd lost the advantage. "You loved him. We know you did." But he couldn't deny or take back the information.
She started for the exit. "Apparently that's not enough." And they were so mistaken. Parr always held her heart, whether she'd known it or not. "Or… you're wrong."
Cavelle didn't accept total defeat. "But you came back for him."
Evie paused, her hand on the doorknob. "Yeah, I did." But not because I love him. "I made a promise to return… so I did." She glanced back over her shoulder. "Something we lowly humans do… keep our word. I said I'd get everyone off that planet and I did. End of story." She exited, head held high.
She managed to keep her composure until she hit the first juncture. Leaning back against the wall, she gave free rein to the emotions slamming into her. Sliding down, her butt hit the floor and she bent forward, resting her forehead on her knees.
She'd bested Cavelle, but at a price. All illusion stripped away, Evie owned her love for Parr. Steven worked as a pleasant substitute but didn't touch her soul the way Parr did—and always had—which made her as bad as the simulates, maybe worse. At least they had an excuse for their behavior, all in the programming, but she had no defense for playacting at being in love with Steven.
Heaving a sigh, her head snapped up when footsteps approached.
Parr rounded the corner and stopped short, hovering in position for a second before relaxing his stance and slowly making his way toward her.
He dropped down beside her and draped an arm around her shoulder. "Evie…"
She shook her head. "It figures you'd show up. Is this the moment where you tear me apart and tell me what a failure I am."
He huffed out a harsh breath. "I can if you want me to, but that wasn't the plan."
She angled her head around and met his gaze. "Then what? Why are you here?"
He leaned in close, nudging her head. "Just wanted to say, nice work. That's all."
She opened her mouth. Closed it. What could she possibly say? She never expected kindness and his praise disarmed her, stripped her bare, and she didn't know how to respond. Her shoulders slumped, then shook, and tears flowed freely down her cheeks. Parr gathered her close, cupping the nape of her neck to rest her head on his shoulder.
He pressed a kiss to the top of her head. "Let it out, Evie." His hand smoothed her hair. "Purge the past and let everything go."
She truly didn't deserve his support, but if possible, she loved him even more than five minutes ago.

I'm very fond of Evie and Parr. Their story is coming together in ways I didn't expect.

That's it for this week. Catch everyone on the flipside.

ML Skye

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Sunday Snippet: Guarded Chance

April 16, 2017

Happy Easter to those who celebrate. I'm always down for baked ham, mashed potatoes, and noodles. Also, the weather couldn't be more beautiful today.

Thoroughly enjoyed Talking with Chris Hardwick last week. I truly enjoy his casual approach to interviewing. He's such a fan of everything and it shows.

Not much on television this week. I'm looking forward to the return of my lineup.

Riverdale had a great episode. Secrets and sins run deep in the small town and it's so cool to see the interesting ways both get exposed. It'll be fun to see how Archie's mom mixes it up with everyone.

Had a busy work week but had some time to look forward to some returning shows. It looks like Syfy on Fridays will be awesome this summer. Killjoys, Dark Matter, and Wynonna Earp all in one block? Doesn't get much better.

And that's it for television. Tonight's post is from Guarded Chance, a novella that started out as a "what it" scenario between two of my favorite characters. It kind of grew from there and became its own story.

Here's the tagline:

Echo Dart, a brilliant soldier but hot mess of a woman, becomes a captive of the enemy who try to recondition her for their purposes. During the process she realizes there's only one person who has every touched her soul, Race Markinton. But she's already burned the relationship bridge with Race and once she's free, she has to figure out how to make amends or lose him for good.

And a sneaky peek…

"Gah! We've been over this before, Wilson. We're not revisiting the topic." Echo Dart squared off with her significant other for the thousandth time.
Wilson Prewitt crossed his arms over his chest, his face stony. "Yes, we are. You have to stop working for the rebel alliance." His mouthed thinned to a slash across his face.
Echo heaved a sigh. "I'm not working for them, Wilson. Showing them tactical maneuvers and helping them plan raids puts me firmly in the camp of working with them." Why the hell didn't he get that?
Wilson blew out a slow breath. "And you know how I feel about that. We're in a good place here, Echo. They leave us alone."
"They" referred to the coalition occupying the rock of a moon they lived on. How Wilson thought she'd ever fall in and play nice with enemy combatants never failed to spike her ire. Now proved no different. The urge to bolt and run as fast and as far as possible boiled in her gut. She sure could pick the worst possible men. Not always. You had a good one once and blew it to hell. Right. Inner voice needed to shut the hell up.
Echo rolled her eyes heavenward. "Wilson, we're done here." Possibly for good this time. "I'm going out. Don't wait up for me." She grabbed her coat from the hook and started for the door.
Wilson, his voice desperate, spoke up. "I have a solution to our dilemma." He pushed away from the wall and strode toward her.
Echo paused then turned to face him. "What dilemma? This"—she gestured to him then her—"between you and me? It's not working out. And I'm sorry for it, because I wanted it to, but you're not what I need." One person fit that bill and he'd never come near Echo again.
Wilson's voice went eerily soft. "Not yet. But I will be." He grasped her shoulder, halting her progress toward the door.
Echo shook him off, not in the mood for crap. "What, exactly, is that supposed to mean?" He rarely got aggressive, not even when she'd prefer it over the calm efficiency he loved to throw at her.
Wilson's lips twisted in a sad smile. "I'm sorry, Echo. But I can't lose you." He wrapped an arm around her, hauling her close, pinning her to his side. "I won't."
She didn't see or hear it coming… the jab of a needle in her upper arm and the fuzzy, gray haze that immediately followed. But she should have. Son of a bitch. A trained soldier had a sixth sense about danger. Or they should. She'd burnt the wick at both ends lately and her instincts were off kilter. Not a very good excuse, but lack of sleep and self-induced emotional turmoil had her tied up in knots. Race and the old man would take her to task for letting her reflexes go dull.
Well, the old man would. Race… would probably shake his head, curl his lip in a sneer, and walk away.
Two men moved into her blurry line of vision. Whatever they'd loaded the syringe with worked fast. Echo couldn't even put up a fight when they zip-corded her hands behind her back and threw a black hood over her head. But she caught the insignia on the shoulder of her captor. Coalition dogs. Enemy hands. Didn't that just fucking figure.
She resisted the pull of unconsciousness. Physically incapable, her body burned with a need to rebel. Her brain focused on using her other senses; hearing being the only one of use.
"You won't hurt her. I have your word on that, right?" Wilson's tone hovered between concerned and bitchy.
A gruff voice answered. "We said we wouldn't. Now get out of the way." Rough hands grabbed her shoulders and another set lifted her legs.
Oh, Wilson, you asshat. Only a truly stupid idiot would take the enemy's word on anything.
Movement followed and the sensation of drowning in darkness came close to overwhelming her. Outside, the sound of traffic greeted her ears. The scratchy fabric of the hood chafed at her cheeks and forehead. Shadows with brief patches of light were the only thing she could make out, her vision blurring further.
Echo would have never believed Wilson could betray her in any way. Another black stain on her current roster. Desperate men did stupid things, and handing her over to the enemy counted as supremely moronic. But the blame didn't belong solely to Wilson. Nope. Echo's self-destructive tendencies had finally reared up to bite her on the ass.
And she had no one in her corner, which rested squarely on her shoulders, too.
Unable to fight her captors, the inky blackness overcoming her, or the sluggish pull of the drug coursing through her veins, Echo's last thought went out to Race, asking forgiveness and apologizing for being such a constant screw up.
Darkness descended and, with no other choice, Echo gave in.

Honestly? This one is turning out to be more than I'd hoped for. I'm excited to finish it up and put it out for everyone's entertainment.

That's it for this week. Catch everyone on the flipside.

ML Skye

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Sunday Snippet: Good for the Soul

Ugh. This has been a rough week. A nasty stomach virus worked its way through the entire family. So glad we're all back to being semi-normal.

Looking forward to catching Talking with Chris Hardwick tonight. I'm excited to see what he brings to the screen each week.

Legends of Tomorrow had a solid finale. I look forward to seeing how the team deals with the time quakes. Awesome to see Mick pretty much choose his side.

Riverdale keeps getting better and better. I love this show. Watching Archie screw things up makes me happy. It's nice to have a character who gets to grow and change… as long as he actually gets to do both.

Finished up season three of City Homicide and got a start on season four. I'd forgotten how much I didn't like Rhys. Can't remember if he ended up growing on me or not. Took a small break to rewatch Pitch Perfect and do my happy chair dance while viewing.

That's it for television this week. Tonight's post is from Good for the Soul, a novella where my main characters realize love is good for the soul.

Here's the mini-blurb:

Dex Thurgood has ideals he upholds and wants to keep it that way. But when he's forced to confront a sinister underground trade leader, he has to face his darker nature to bust up the extortion racket, which won't be easy because Ramsey Markum knows one of Dex's deeply buried secrets. Lana Denman steps up to help Dex deal with the fallout of not being perfect.

And a sneaky peek…

With his past staring him in the face, Dex dug in and refused to bend. Ramsey could do what he wanted with the information. Dex couldn't give a shit anymore. The guilt nearly ate him alive anyway. If Ramsey shared the information, maybe Dex could move the fuck on and put that dark decision in the past. He and Erica started out great. They had fun and enjoyed each other's company. And the sex couldn't be better.
Until Erica used it as a weapon.
By the time Dex realized he and Erica did not make a good fit, she told him about the pregnancy. He reacted to the news with stone-cold silence. A baby wouldn't fit in his life, and he couldn't be the type of father he'd want to be. Erica knew. They'd talked about it. She'd heard his deepest concerns about trying to raise a child, yet not being there due to deployment or getting stationed somewhere a family wouldn't thrive. Did Erica think he'd be overjoyed? Far from it, Dex had the horrible thought she'd done it on purpose, to bind them, and keep him in her life. Had she known he'd lost interest? That he'd found someone he wanted more? Did her instincts warn her or had he given her some kind of indication about his swiftly changing feelings?
Erica interrupted his stream of consciousness. "Dex? What do you want to do? About the baby?"
He honestly couldn't answer. He didn't have one. Erica laid a hand on his knee and he felt trapped. Smothered. Penned in.
"Dex? Did you hear me?" She punched his leg. "The baby? What should we do?"
Disentangling himself, he put some space between them. "I, uh, I don't know." He wanted to bolt. Run. Hop a transport off planet.
Erica frowned. "What do you mean, you don't know? You don't seem very happy."
His eyes widened. "Did you think I would be? I've got four more years in the service. You know how I feel about trying to raise a child when I'm active military."
Erica shrugged. "But, Dex, you could muster out. You don't have to stay in the service."
Her utter lack of comprehension made his head hurt. "Erica, you don't just leave the military. You have to have a reason, a damned good one, and a pregnant girlfriend does not qualify."
She frowned again. "But I thought—" She stopped, her gaze flying up to meet his.
She couldn't quite cover the flash of guilt.
Dex saw red. "Oh, hell no. You did it on purpose, didn't you?" How had he missed the manipulative side to her?
Erica tried to play her maneuver down. "Well, not really on purpose. I might've missed my birth control shot by a week, but I didn't plan it."
Dex shook his head. "Maybe you didn't plan to miss it, but you knew what could happen because you did. If you'd told me, I would've taken precautions." He shot her a look. "Or we could have skipped having sex until you were covered again."
Erica pouted. "But I didn't want to forego the sex." Her hand moved to his crotch. "I love your hard cock inside me."
Dex doubted it would ever get hard for her again. His dick certainly had no reaction to her current touch.
She jerked her hand away and he figured she realized the same. "I don't know why you're so pissy about it. It's a baby, Dex. You won't miss much. They don't do anything overly useful until they start school anyway."
Incredulous, Dex shook his head. A child amounted to a commodity to her. He'd rather not be involved at all.
Making a decision, he rose. "Do what you feel is best, Erica. If you continue the pregnancy, I'll support the decision and the kid."
Her lips thinned. "But you won't be around, will you?"
He held her gaze. "I'm deploying in two weeks. You knew that."
She stood up. "Not what I mean. You're not planning to be with me."
Dex gave a terse nod. "I'm sorry, but, no, I’m not."
Erica's eyes went cold and flat. "Nice. Knock me up and walk away. What a guy."
Dex didn't bother pointing out the flaw in her statement. He grabbed his hat and headed for the door. "Think what you want, Erica. I'll leave the base contact information with Smythe on my way out." He pushed the door open. "You can keep me informed via the main switchboard until I have a permanent post."
Erica lifted a slim shoulder. "Whatever, Dex. And by the way… your financial support won't be needed. You can't hold a stick to my father's money."
Dex snorted. "Never tried to, Erica. But I'll pay my fair share, either way."
She chose to ignore his assertion. Dex tucked his hat under his arm and left, wandering through the huge house to the butler's quarters. He left his military personnel details with the nonplussed man and took his leave.
Getting behind the wheel of his car, Dex breathed a resigned sigh. He hadn't expected the breakup to be easy, but the curve she'd thrown hadn't helped. By the time he pulled to the end of the drive, he questioned whether he'd made the right decision. A month after he deployed, he discovered he'd never find out. Erica had been killed in a car accident when she lost control of her vehicle. Smythe informed Dex she'd been driving at a high rate of speed and spun out around a sharp curve leading to the family's summer estate.

Dex's downward spiral will go out of control… unless someone checks his progress. Good thing there's a woman willing to do just that.

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