Monday, September 3, 2012

A New Release for September 3, 2012

I'm excited and thrilled to announce my newest release which should upload tomorrow to Amazon...

Shyler: Finding Home (A Furlough 99 Novella)

Here's the awesome cover

Details: $2.99 | Approximately 19500 words


Sparks fly when Inter-Stellar Police Inspector Shyler Lumen meets Mars entrepreneur Marshton Grey. She's after one of his employees who created a lethal club drug. Shyler doesn't want the distraction Marsh provides, but he could hold the key to solving her case.

Or he might end up being her biggest obstacle.

Marsh wants to help Shyler catch his former employee before he can slip the net from Furlough 99. He isn't prepared for the attraction to the tightly wound inspector, but he doesn't fight it. Shyler proves to be a fascinating puzzle Marsh doesn't come across very often.

It's a good thing he's up for the challenge she presents.


Greyswell Industries—Head Office—Queen City, Mars

"What's the death toll?"
"One hundred and fifty-seven as of ten a.m. this morning."
Marshton Grey nodded curtly, accepting the information and his chief of security quickly exited the plush office. The man had gone above and beyond by keeping Marsh informed of the situation. Now Marsh had to do damage control and nip the problem in the bud. He'd already laid the building blocks to make that happen.
Marsh stood up from behind his desk, gathered his travel documents and pressed the intercom to his admin.
"Lucy, I'm unavailable until further notice."
"Have a safe journey," her soothing voice answered. "I'll see you aren't disturbed, Mr. Grey."
Marsh trusted her to do exactly that. Super efficient, his admin would block, handle, or delegate whatever came up while he had to be off planet. He peeled off his suit and tie, and threw on a pair of comfortable dungarees. Didn't worry about an overnight bag, he had plenty of wardrobe options located where he'd be headed.
Furlough 99.
Ass end of the universe.

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