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Sunday Snippet: Escape on Equinox

Hello again!

Found out my favorite actor has a new series he's filming in the UK. And it sounds like a great series. The Smoke is all about firefighters, which is near and dear to my interests. Half my family is involved in the fire service. :D

Looking forward to seeing how it's done in the UK. :D

Let's see, on a similar vein, tonight's post is about Escape on Equinox. Not sure if it'll be the second or third book in the Capital City Seasons series, but it'll feature characters we met in the opening book.

Here's the tagline:

Jim Hodges, an elite officer in a specialized tactical unit, finally meets a woman with a sweet disposition and a naughty sense of humor. But when she's taken hostage and his team is called in, he's determined to make sure a quick resolution takes place, which won't be easy because he's ordered to step aside and let his fellow members handle everything.

And here's the wee sneaky peek…

"Hey, Lieutenant, check out the hot, new nurse."
Jim Hodges shot a sideways glance toward the person in question. He never knew if the guys on Alpha team were setting him up. They would find it vastly amusing to point out an attractive male, even though they knew Jim played it straight.
Okay, not a male. Jim's eyes widened at the definitely hot visage in front of the hospital. The nurse had a long mane of red hair, scooped back from her face in a loose, messy ponytail. Even in scrubs, her evident curves indicated a sultry figure. Jim tried to keep the drool from escaping his mouth.
"Wow." He honestly couldn't think of anything else to say.
Red Mackinee slapped him on the back. "Thought you might like the view." He jerked his head toward the lovely woman. "Might wanna play it very carefully, though."
Ah…he'd found it—the catch. She probably had a partner, or something else not quite right. Maybe the gorgeous woman didn't do men. Figured the guys would dangle a seemingly perfect woman who couldn’t be touched.
"She taken or something?" He regretted the question as soon as it slipped out. Now they knew he had an interest.
Red scoffed. "Naw. But she's got a reputation for handing guys their asses on a plate." He shook his head. "Damn shame, it is."
Frustrated, Jim growled. "Then why point her out?" He tired of the games his teammates like to play. A recent transfer, Jim still had the new guy smell and the guys didn't let him forget it.
He wondered how long it lasted. Good natured for the most part, he'd grown weary of waiting it out. Not like they hadn't known him prior to his post with the team. He'd trained with them not long ago.
Red finally answered his question. "Well, see. We've all struck out, but figured you might have a chance, being new like she is."
Jim nodded slowly. "Right. What you're really thinking is how much entertainment you can eke out while watching her snap off my head." He shook his head. "No thanks."
Red tried to look affronted. "Now why would you think something like that?" He angled in. "Sure you don't want to at least attempt conversation?"
Jim hefted his rucksack over his shoulder. "Not in this lifetime, no." He turned and started for the van.
The main doors opened and Jessa Muldoon walked out. "Yo, Hodges. I've got someone you should meet." She jerked her head toward his object of interest and dragged him over to make the introduction. "Roz Mayfair, this is Jim Hodges—an incredibly great guy you should really get to know." She winked at Jim. "Hodges, this is Roz. We grew up together."
Jim stuck his hand out. "If you're friends with Jess, I like you already."
Roz laughed and pulled him into a quick hug. "I have a feeling there's a story here." She leaned in and whispered for his ears only. "And knowing Jess, it's a good one."
Her warm breath fanning against his ear did crazy things to his libido, but Jim nodded. "You called it. Maybe we can—" He broke off when the Mackinee shouted for him.
"Hey, lover boy, we gotta go. Make a hook-up with the hot nurse later."
Roz chuckled. "A hook-up, huh? Jess didn't mention you like to move fast."
Jim started for the truck. "Don't listen to them. They're morons." He turned back. "But coffee or something sounds great…if you're interested."
Roz blew him a saucy kiss. "Oh, yeah. Consider me exactly that." She waved and turned to head back into the hospital.
Jim barked out a laugh and climbed into the van. Roz Mayfair. Who knew he'd meet the hottest woman ever on a routine trip to go over training protocols?

So…there is a story about Jim and Jess, but you'll have to read Midwinter Crises to discover what it is if you don't want to wait for Escape. :D

That's it for this week. Catch everyone on the flip!

ML Skye

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