Sunday, June 16, 2013

Sunday Snippet: Hand of Fate


Happy Father's Day to all the great and wonderful dads out there, my own included. :D

It's fun to reflect on my relationship with my dad. We didn't always see eye to eye and had a few rocky years to get through. I think it's why I love to write about troubled waters between dads and sons and/or daughters. In my case, I got lucky and my dad and I grew as individuals and found our common ground. My husband and his father never quite got to a place where they could embrace their differences and discuss them without rancor.

Tonight's post is from Hand of Fate and it features a dad and son relationship where they work together. I get to pull from personal experience—my dad and I (and my two brothers) worked for the same company for almost ten years and often had to check the personal relationship at the door—so much easier said than done. J

Here's the tagline:

Ada Kurtz and Clark Wellington are great at their jobs, and either could pull off an upcoming mission. But when Ada gets injured, she's relegated to the sidelines, planning the operation and calling the shots for Clark. He has to take out an enemy satellite which won't be easy without Ada flying his wing.

And the sneaky peek…

Ada Kurtz stared at the fitrep in her hand. Clark Wellington wanted to do what? Put her on notice? Oh…no effing way. She rose from the table and stormed out of the rec room.
God damn the man. Since when could he not take a joke?
Okay…the last one she pulled had been low. Grabbing his clothes, along with any stray towels, and leaving a trail from the showers to the senior pilots' quarters seemed like such a cool idea when it hit. She didn't know the commander would be conducting a walk through of the ship. So it couldn’t be her fault he caught his son traipsing through the corridors while wet, dripping, and naked.
Ada kind of made it her personal mission in life to loosen Clark up. She appreciated his high standards, but yeesh, sometimes he needed a good swift bite of reality. Normal folks didn't maintain a rigid hold on themselves 24/7. Clark could be fun…when he relaxed. He just forgot to do it more often than not. Occasionally he needed a reminder…and she never failed to provide one. Which got her in trouble. She thought the clothes thing a necessary evil. A prank designed to get him out of his headspace and down with the regular people.
Too bad Clark didn't see it the same way.
She might need a new personal mission. Or maybe examine why she picked getting Clark to relax as one. She respected the hell out of him, but fought a powerful attraction, too. Everything about the man screamed commitment and they had a war to fight. Everyone knew bad juju hit when pilots tried to hook up for more than a good, hard fuck.
And Ada had a feeling—deep in her gut—one time would snowball into something so much more. So yeah, right, exactly. She'd keep to the status quo for now. She pushed Clark's buttons and he used her as the example.
But it didn't mean he got to put her on notice. Hurrying though the causeway, still reading the nasty report, Ada missed the yellow caution signs. Her focus on getting to Clark as soon as possible distracted her from everything else.
She rounded a corner and hit the wet, slippery surface of the deck, skidding several feet before—BAM!—down she went. Hard.
Son of a bitch.

Clark will obviously feel awful about Ada's injury, but he'll also have a chance to see her work behind the scenes and maybe find a new kind of respect for what she can do. J

That's it for this week. Catch everyone on the flip.

ML Skye

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