Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sunday Snippet: Promise to Keep


All right, people, I have dire thinky thoughts about two of my favorite shows, Strike Back and Sons of Anarchy, which I won't share here, but suffice to say, it's not looking good for a few characters. EEK!

Thank goodness, Arrow returns in two weeks and I can get my superhero fix again soon. Whew.

Tonight's post is from Promise to Keep and has something of a darker tone than I usually write. It's not quite a HEA, but it does have a star-crossed, moment in time, don't waste an opportunity flavor. I'm truly hoping it'll turn out exactly the way I want and eventually get published. :D

Here's the tagline:

Two elite marines try to forge a relationship during a time of war. But when a worse than usual dangerous situation ups the ante, a promise is made and must be kept, regardless of the personal toll. After all, the marine motto is anytime, anyplace, always ready.

And a sneaky peek…

Daniel Makepeace cracked a grin. On the run in a war torn galaxy, two people who'd normally never meet under most circumstances—being assigned to different divisions—could end up working together to keep order among the survivors. Mutual rank, of all things, brought them into each other's orbit to help hold the remnants of a battered military together. Respect, admiration, and a shared love of the absurd might be a strange way to start a relationship, but more bizarre things had happened. Daniel could write an entire series of novels about some of the more interesting occurrences he'd lived through during his time in the marine corp. Hell, he could write a second series on the last three years alone.
And he knew exactly where he'd start if he ever put pen to paper. The night he shared his first drink with gunnery sergeant, Jillian Mathison. A woman who had no equal. They hadn't known each other that well back then, but she'd done a fellow soldier a solid and kept him from going bug ass insane.
An out of commission marine oughtta be a dead one. The motto of his branch of the military: anytime, anyplace, always ready. Ready at a moment's notice to do the grunt work, haul officers out of danger, protect and keep the peace. A marine could pretty much do it all.
Daniel had grown up knowing he'd enlist—not much a guy with his upbringing could do. But he had no idea he'd make selection to the marine unit. The military had rigidly high standards for the process. Physical stamina, an aptitude for combat, and the ability to follow orders to the letter ranked high on the qualification scale.
But the number one thing the recommendation tribunal held out for had nothing to do with brute force. They looked for applicants with a keen intellect who could keep it in check for the chain of command, but use their smarts when in a tricky situation. And what else did marines do, but dive headfirst into insane drama?
Out of the seventy-five candidates he got lumped in with, only a dozen made the cut. Twelve people. They'd formed a tight bond and stood together to face whatever the enemy threw their way. Regular military, even the elite pilots, command officers and the admiralty just didn't get it. They weren't supposed to, not really. But Jillian did. She'd gone through the same trial by fire to earn her rank. Even though he didn't know her well, she already had an 'in' of being a marine.
Jillian Mathison hailed from a different ship, the Perseus, but her team worked exactly like his. She held the same rank, played the same role, used the same techniques. Would figure she'd have the best inkling to what made him tick.
When his R&R got cut short by a bullet to the thigh, she knew exactly what he needed.
And she'd saved the day.
He marked that as the beginning of a wonderful friendship. One he'd never allow himself to forget…
As if he ever could.

And so it begins… the story of Daniel and Jillian. :D The manuscript is coming together nicely. Here's hoping the sages keep cooperating. :D :D

That's it for this week. Catch everyone on the flip!

ML Skye

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