Sunday, October 20, 2013

Sunday Snippet: Bucking Convention

October 20, 2013


So… one of the things I love about The Walking Dead is how much it blows my mind and creeps me out in equal measure. LOL Seriously, the show has so many little nuances that always suck me in, and yet it tops itself weekly by grossing me out to the point of wanting to heave. :D

Let's see, what else? Strike Back season finale did NOT disappoint. I have one or two teeny quibbles, but I had a huge grin on my face with the final scene, so yeah, direct score for season three (or, well, four, if you count the way I do and consider the first series with Armitage and Lincoln as number one). I honestly hope there's another season to watch and enjoy.

Arrow also ranks right up there on my obsession list. I want to talk and write meta posts about how much I love it. I haven't been so obsessed with a show since the reboot of Battlestar Galactica. Sons of Anarchy comes close, but I sort of avoid the fandom circles for the show.

Anyway, tonight's post is from the follow up to last week's entry for Top Dog Pilots. Bucking Convention takes a look at Max and Maggie six months later.

Here's the tagline:

Max and Maggie survive Hell Week and start a relationship that works. Tragedy strikes Max's wingman and when Maggie shows up as the replacement, she discovers a very different Max. Not a good thing when he lives to fly.

And a sneaky peek…

Captain Maggie Harper blew out a deep breath, flipping the folder in her lap closed. She didn't want to read anymore details about the explosion that took the life of a fellow pilot. One she'd soon replace on the roster.
It sucked to step in when a comrade went down. Worse, when you were personally involved in the fallout.
And it didn't get any more personal for her.
She happened to be replacing Max Cutter's wingman.
Her heart tripped a little. It could have been Max's ship. The prayer of thanks she sent out might be rude, but so be it. Maggie wouldn't apologize for being happy or relieved Cutter didn't die in a freak accident.
They had a good thing going and she wanted to keep it that way.
Six months and no signs of slowing down.
Maggie smiled. Their interesting Hell Week interlude proved to be just the thing they needed to get through that particular bit of the insanity. But they'd stumbled a little afterwards. Danced around the idea of letting the sex remain a one time thing.
Okay, she danced around it. The fear of losing Max as a friend almost won out, regardless of the really great sex.
Cutter convinced her otherwise, two weeks after completing the quals, on the night they both made captain.
When the pomp and ceremony ended, he grabbed her hand, led her outside, and practically ran back to his base apartment. He tugged her inside and immediately backed her up against the wall while kicking the door shut. She didn't have time to think or speak before his lips were on hers, creating a raging fire that she needed him to suppress.
That night clinched it for them, and so far, their relationship had been great.
And it hit her again. She could've lost Max. And yeah, they were still new at the couple thing and trying to figure it all out… but it hurt to breathe when she thought about it.
If it hurt her to think about it, how did Cutter feel right now? Watching his wingman's ship explode? Maggie shuddered. Had to be the worst thing a pilot could witness… even though they all knew the risks.
Was she ready to deal with something like this?
Were they ready for it?
They'd be going from something quite casual—they each maintained their own place—to fairly domestic at warp speed.
She'd find out soon. The Pathos was within comm range, docking would be underway in less than three hours. She'd be face to face with Cutter again. And she'd give the relationship with him her all—because she was pretty sure she loved the guy. Maybe she'd suck at it and maybe she wouldn't.
Either way, Max would understand. No one knew her better.
She liked it that way.
And if her stomach clenched up a little? Had to be expected, right? New relationship. New orders. New CO.
New living arrangement.
But she'd handle all that like she always did.
Jump in with both feet and hit the ground running.
I have so much love for this couple. And they have one more story which I'll feature a little bit of next time.

That's it for this week. Catch everyone on the flip.

ML Skye

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