Sunday, April 6, 2014

Sunday Snippet: Climate Control

Holy crap. What a week in TV—oh, and a kick awesome movie, too.

The Walking Dead's finale delivered the best ending line, maybe ever. Okay, maybe not ever, but damn close. I completely enjoyed Rick's journey over the entire season. And seriously, The Talking Dead and Chris Hardwick are so great. I love having that hour after TWD to decompress.

I have to take a moment to mention S.H.E.I.L.D. also. I'm one of the fans who completely enjoy the show, but the last several episodes have really amped up the drama and awesomeness. I'm excited to see what happens through the end of the season.

Arrow's Deathstroke blew my mind. Manu Bennett is truly remarkable in his performance. I love and hate him… at the same time. LOL I had a flurry of back and forth emails with a friend not long ago and one of the things we love the most about the show is how much Oliver totally screws up so much. His heart is usually in the right place, but he'll make the wrong call and everything blows up in his face. I, for one, love that about the show.

And finally… Bitten. Whoa. The season finale rocked!! I can't believe how much they crammed into forty-something minutes. I made the right call about who really pulled the strings, but I won't spoil anything here. LeBlanc and Santos got brilliantly awesome send offs. Basically, the perfect finale… even the very, very end. LOL I do have a bit of a quibble with Rachel, but I'm actually hoping there's more to her too stupid to live moments… and maybe my speculation will pay off regarding her. Come on, season two. *prays for news soon*

Last, but not least, gotta mention Captain America: Winter Soldier. I LOVED it. It's now at the top of my fave Marvel movies. I've always been a Cap girl anyway, but this movie just kicked major ass. And totally blew up the Marvel 'verse. LOL

My one and only gripe is having Natasha be former KGB. If her birthdate is 1984, the timeline doesn't fit since the KGB disbanded in something like 1991. Hmm… unless she joined at birth. *shrugs* It's a tiny blip. Besides, I can go with comic canon and assume she's doing the slow aging thing if I really need to. J

Whew… should get to the actual post, right? Tonight's snippet is from Climate Control, a short story that puts my characters in a bizarre situation where they have to get creative.

Here's the tagline:

When the climate control on their ship goes haywire, Ned and Lakin have to heat things up and cool things down. During the wait for a fix, they discover a mutual attraction and the temperature goes from chilly to blazing in record time.

And a sneaky peek…

Ned shivered. "Lakin, is it getting cold in here?" He glanced up, his gaze scanning the ducts.
Lakin followed his line of sight. Sure enough, a burst of frosty air spewed from the vents.
She rolled her eyes. "Dammit. It's gotta be something with the climate control." She rubbed her hands over her arms, the friction bringing goose bumps to the surface.
[Pass the word. Climate control is down for at least six hours. Pass the word]
Ned groaned and headed over to his locker to grab some fatigues and an extra blanket.
Lakin took the clothes and shoved them back onto the shelf, but took the bulky cover from Ned.
She had a better idea. "Ned, you're not on shift any time soon, are you?"
Ned shook his head. "No. Not until midday, why?"
Lakin's lips curved into a smile and she jerked her head toward his bunk. "Wanna share body heat?"
Ned grinned. "When did you get so smart?"
She smirked. "I always have been. You've just never noticed." She sat on the edge of the berth and drew her legs up onto the thin mattress, scooting over to give him room.
Ned spread the blanket out, then crawled in beside her. "Remind me to pay better attention." He shifted around, trying to get comfortable.
Lakin rolled onto her side, facing the wall. "Stop. You gotta be sideways. Turn toward me." She reached back, trying to grab his hip.
Instead she found the solid flesh of his torso. His abdomen rippled under her fingers, reacting to the light touch. Holy shit. How did she not know how built he'd become?
Huffing out a breath, she apologized. "Sorry. I hate that tickly feeling when someone gets me in the gut."
Ned angled forward, spooning up behind her. "It's all right. Just unexpected." He relaxed, drawing the blanket more snugly around them.
Lakin shivered a little and let the warmth of his body seep into hers. She grasped his hand, dragging his arm across her hips, draping it around her waist. He moved in closer, bringing his groin flush with her ass.
The hard ridge of his cock nestled between her cheeks. Even through the thin pants they each wore, she couldn't mistake the swelling of his erection.
Oh, my. She got goose bumps again… but not from the chill.
Gotta love it when characters discover their attraction in unusual ways, right? LOL

That's it for this week. Catch everyone on the flip.

ML Skye

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