Sunday, June 8, 2014

Sunday Snippet: Differences Settled

June 8, 2014

Orphan Black. If you're not watching this show, why aren't you? LOL I rave about Arrow and Bitten, but in all honesty, Orphan Black hits every single one of my hot spot kinks for television. The writers always throw something into the mix that catches me completely by surprise and seriously, with the amount of television I watch, that's hard to do. LOL

Truly, if you're looking for something awesome to sink your teeth into, find the first season and don't look back. The acting is top notch—any show that has a lead actress who can pull off no less than nine different roles, usually at least four to five simultaneously, is worth its weight in gold. And the supporting cast is stellar. Go. Find. Watch. You won't regret it.

Tonight's post is from Differences Settled, a novella where my main characters are stuck in a tenuous situation, but eventually make headway.

Here's the tagline:

Regan Tiedt and Finn O'Kellen are transferred to a new ship under difficult circumstances and find they have to settle quite a few differences with their new crew mates… and their commanding officer.

And a sneaky peek…

Commander Craig entered her quarters and barked an order. "Lock it down."
Regan had blood trickling down her lip, but managed a crisp salute.
Craig eyed her two pilots. The CAGs—current and former.
She snapped. "Stringer, you're dismissed. Find your way to sickbay then report to the brig."
Taylor nearly snarled, but checked the action. With a precise salute, he turned and exited the commander's quarters, his back straight and shoulders rigidly tense.
Craig fixed her gaze on Ragan. "Captain, I see you held your own."
Regan nodded. The statement didn't warrant a response.
Craig lifted a brow. "Care to tell me why I'm going to be cleaning blood off my deck?"
Regan responded. "With all due respect, Sir, you won't be the one cleaning it."
Craig's lips twitched. "You're right about that, Captain. I think you'll have that honor." She nodded toward the L-shaped sectional. "Now tell me what just went down here." Her butt hit the cushion, but she didn't relax.
Regan held back a sigh. "Captain Taylor and I settled a minor disagreement." She settled down on the edge of the sofa, maintaining a rigid posture.
Craig inclined her head. "I see. Who started it?"
Regan didn't hesitate. "Mutual engagement, Sir." She wouldn't hang Taylor even though he had started the altercation.
Craig snorted. "My ass. I've known Ewan Taylor a lot longer than you, Captain." She finally relaxed, leaning back against the nubby fabric. "He goes for the throat and when that fails, he fights dirty." The commander shrugged. "He learned that trick from me."
Regan didn't react. She waited patiently for her superior officer to make her point or dismiss Regan.
Craig frowned. "I won't play favorites, Captain. When you finish cleaning up the mess, report to the brig." She rose.
Regan quickly stood and saluted. "Yes, Sir." She turned and made her way to the hatch. "I'll return with the necessary items to get rid of the bloodstains."
Craig's lips curved. "You do that, Captain. Dismissed."

Finn has a similar run in with the chief of the hangar deck and the XO intervenes. Half the fun of writing for Regan and Finn is figuring out their new crewmates should react. :D

That's it for this week. Catch everyone on the flip.

ML Skye

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