Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sunday Snippet: Excelling Anger

July 20, 2014

Do any of my readers watch Defiance? I'm totally loving the new season. The tagline of Tick, Tick, Tick seems to fit the way the episodes have been going. I'm looking forward to when everything blows up and comes to a head.

Dominion and The Last Ship are also on my must view schedule. I kind of like finding new shows in the summer to sink my teeth into. I'm also rewatching the original La Femme Nikita series from the 90s. I love that show! Oh, and Peacekeeper Wars! So much good TV right now.

Tonight's post is from Excelling Anger, a novella where my main characters have a knack for getting mad first and figuring out what they need to do later.

Here's the tagline:

Fallon and Rook are pilots who excel at many things, but they've turned being angry with each into a fine art. When they have to confront their issues, they rediscover how working together can have excellent results.

And a sneaky peek…

Dreamboat propped her shoulders against the bulkhead. "Did you hear about Rook's little set down with the captain? Directly before he got booted from command deck?"
Fallon shrugged. "I heard they had words, but nothing else. Why?" She didn't really want to talk about Rook.
Marcie made a sound of disbelief. "You're kidding, right? Are you seriously going to tell me you have no idea what went down?" Her voice rose and her eyes flashed.
Fallon frowned. "I'm saying I don't know what happened. I'm not exactly keeping track of how many people Rook pisses off." She pushed away from the bulkhead and started down the corridor.
Marcie called out. "Except yourself, right? The guy can't breathe without pissing you off."
Fallon paused and glanced over her shoulder. "It's a mutual kind of thing, Marce. Either say what you have to say, or leave me alone."
Marcie marched over and got in Fallon's face. "You know, you two have to be the single most stubborn people in the universe. You're so damned good at everything… but excelling at anger?" She waved a hand back and forth. "You two take top prize. Being pissed off at each other all the time is wasted energy." She leaned in closer. "And you're both stupid. You excel at that, too."
Fallon quirked a brow. "Geez, thanks, Marce." She narrowed her eyes. "What's got you all bent about this? Rook and I eventually work our shit out."
Marcie growled. "He's been removed from command because he backed you up." She jabbed a finger in Fallon's shoulder. "Get your ass out there and do something."
Fallon's eyes widened. "He backed me up? He told me to cut the crap and quit bitching about Gamner's order." When had he changed his mind?
Marcie rolled her eyes. "And you stormed out, right? He listened to the comm log and came to the same conclusion you did."
Fallon huffed out a breath. "That we'd be heading into an ambush." She shook her head. "Why didn't he stop the mission?"
Marcie made a garbled choking sound. "What the hell do you think he was trying to do when Troyer kicked him out of command? Good God, Fallon. He's in the briefing room with Gamner right this moment trying to convince him to launch an entire squadron instead of a single SAR bird." Marcie threw her hands up. "And you're sulking around like a wounded animal. March yourself into the briefing room and back Rook up."
Fallon had already headed in the direction. "Thanks, Marce. I owe you one." She didn't catch Marcie's reply, double-timing it down to the next junction and taking a left.
Rook might not welcome her intrusion, but if nothing else, she could verify the lack of data in the transmission.
And she could do it respectfully… even if it killed her.

The bickering is almost as much fun to write as them working out the solution to their issues. J

That's it for this week. Catch everyone on the flip.

ML Skye

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