Sunday, December 20, 2015

Sunday Snippet: Spirit's Bright Star

*meep* Pardon me while I have a small panic attack. It's somehow five days before Xmas and I have nothing wrapped. This doesn't happen, at least not for a long time. All I can say is the sages have been prolific and when they're feeding me words, I pretty much lose all track of time. So… a whirlwind wrapping session is on tap starting first thing tomorrow. Ugh.

I missed the Haven finale. See previous comment about the sages feeding me words. I'll catch it on demand in the near future. I hope. LOL

The Librarians and Agent X had pretty great episodes this week. I'm also in a good mood after watching the magic and mayhem the librarians get involved in. And Agent X makes the conspiracy theorist part of my brain work to figure things out. Two hour finale next week and I'm definitely interested in where the season ends.

That's it for TV this week.

Tonight's post is from Spirit's Bright Star, my holiday story that's coming in under the wire. Releasing this week!

Here's the mini-blurb:

Courtney Caine and Gib Gallagher incur the head of security's wrath. The top man for Space Station Gamma punishes his two best shadow operatives by putting them in charge of all the decorations for the upcoming holiday season, and they have to pull off creating the glitz and glamor without blowing their covers.

And a sneaky peek…

Gib pulled the information on the eight different themes McCall gave them and printed out a tentative supply list. Research sucked. But seeing how Courtney would pull together the perfect wife look greatly appealed to him.
The woman constantly amazed. She could operate under any kind of circumstance. When McCall needed a femme fatale, he almost always tagged Courtney for the role. Her transformations blew everyone away and she slipped into various characters with ease. Yet she managed to hold her own against thugs bigger and stronger than her feminine frame. She rarely let a target escape her grasp, the slip-up with Beno notwithstanding.
And he'd laid out a huge challenge for her. "I'll bet she really blows my mind." He rose and exited the interview room, heading for the clothing area to find an undercover wardrobe.
He'd probably need to hit up a stylist, too. He usually avoided the need, but his usual shaggy, collar-length style wouldn't cut it, not if he wanted to pull of portraying a big name designer. He wondered what Courtney would come up with… probably something super chic and ultra-sharp.
And sexy.
Geez, he needed to get his mind off Courtney and focus on the op.
But a few more moments wouldn't hurt. Her looks combined with a keen intelligence made for an intriguing package. Warm and witty, she let her guard down, but not often. The job required her to keep a certain aloof quality, or maybe Courtney cultivated the allure to make it easier to play her various roles.
She always kept the other operatives at arm's length. He understood why she might, but he wanted to pursue something, anything, with her. He'd heard the scuttlebutt—Courtney didn't hook-up with coworkers. He imagined several reasons why. A former romance gone bad. Or maybe a personal moral code. Regulations didn't state employees couldn't have relationships.
Whatever her reasons, he aimed to discover them. Puzzles intrigued him and he wanted to figure Courtney out. If he could unlock the door she kept firmly closed and determine what really made her tick, he stood a chance at something great. If she really didn't want him, he'd respect her wishes. But he'd try like hell to change her mind.
They could be spectacular together.

I'm looking forward to having this one out there. Courtney and Gib were so much fun to write.

That's it for this week. Catch everyone on the flipside.

ML Skye

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