Sunday, February 14, 2016

Sunday Snippet: Yarn Spinning

Happy Valentine's Day and Singles Awareness Day to everyone! My husband and I don't do a big celebration, but we do try to make the day special in little ways. And it's been a truly rough week so we're appreciating the small moments of support.

What a terrific week for television! Monday is becoming one of my favorite nights with The Magicians and Lost Girl, and starting this week, Bitten. I watched the first episode and it rocked. So sad it's the final season of this show.

Tuesday is jammed up with The Flash and Agent Carter, both of which are terrific. Loved the journey to Earth 2 and seeing the counterparts. I'm very curious about who Zoom is, but I have a theory that probably won't shock anyone. LOL Agent Carter doesn't have long to finish up this storyline and I'm kind of excited to see where things go.

Wednesday is still my favorite and Arrow keeps dropping crazy twists into the storyline. I have so many potential theories of who's buried in the grave and who Oliver has to take out, it's not even funny. But I love it! Kudos to the showrunners for keeping me on my toes.

Legends of Tomorrow also makes me happy. I like how the group is coming together and starting to gel as a unit. And they're mixed up enough to keep things interesting. Almost every week a new grouping is featured and I'm totally down with that.

On Friday, I caught up with Teen Wolf and not a bad episode. Gotta say I'm rather thrilled the psycho doctor is no longer of this earth, meaning I won't be shocked if he makes another appearance somewhere down the road. I am going to be slightly disappointed if the beast turns out to be one of Theo's pack because there would have to be a huge bait and switch to make that plausible, in my opinion. I'm also caught up on Murdoch Mysteries, but still behind on X Company. *sigh* Seriously, the past week got completely crazy. LOL

And that's it for the random TV update. The Walking Dead premieres tonight and I'm hoping I fall right back into the show. J

Tonight's post is from Yarn Spinning, a novella that got its start with the prompt of "write something involving a lie". I put something of a spin on the prompt and hopefully will end up with a very cool story when I'm done.

Here's the mini-blurb:

Torrin Becks and Gaelan Van Zant pull duty on the same scout ship, which creates a good bit of tension in the five man crew. Torrin and Gaelan have something of a history and when the yarn spinning—who has the greatest exploit—starts, Torrin has to decide if she'll call Gaelan out on a big fat fib, or let the story stand as the winner.

And a sneaky peek…

Torrin Becks dragged her rucksack across the corridor and out onto the docking station. Her transfer papers dangled from between her lips and she tucked her ident badge into her back pocket. She wouldn't need it for the transport ride over to the Merrymack, the small scout ship she'd be billeted on for the next several months, maybe longer, but she'd need it once she boarded.
Glancing up, she spotted a pair of broad shoulders in front of her. Yum. She might get lucky and have some sexy eye candy to ogle on the flight over. Her gaze dropped to check out the ass that went along with the shoulders and, yep, nicely sculpted, filling out the grey fatigues to perfection. Her mouth watered and her eyes traveled upward again, hoping for a glimpse of the face belonging to her new obsession. She grabbed the transfer papers to protect them from possible drool.
The man angled his head to check the time and her salivating turned to instant dehydrated desert. Son of a bitch.
Gaelan Van Zant.
He definitely qualified as a primo specimen of manhood. Too bad he also happened to be her ex's best friend. And not a big fan of Torrin's since she and Eric Latimer broke up.
So much for her, up until now, great day. Why did the universe put them in the same line for boarding? Wait. Maybe Gaelan had the wrong line? Oh… she could hope.
The line next to hers moved forward and Torrin shuffled ahead, not paying attention. Until she smacked into the hard body in front of her. Dammit. Could she be any more stupid?
Gaelan angled around, glancing over his shoulder, lips curved in a half smile. His mouth flattened as soon as his gaze met hers. Yeah, too much to think he might let bygones be bygones.
Torrin braced for a confrontation, but apologized. "Sorry. My mind was elsewhere." She took two steps back, praying the person behind her saw her coming. "I'll keep the proper assured distance from this point on." She settled her rucksack in front of her, making it impossible to run into him again.
Gaelan rolled his eyes. "Don't tell me. You're on the scouting run?" Distaste coated his words.
She lifted a shoulder. "I go where they send me." At least she didn't tell him what he obviously didn't want to know.
He shook his head. "Yeah, no choice with orders." He frowned. "But let's keep that whole distance thing going once we board. The less we see each other, the more pleasant our journey will be." He didn't wait for a response, grabbing his bag and hoisting it over his shoulder.
Torrin sighed. She admired Gaelan's loyalty to Eric, but didn't relish spending the next several months being judged. Especially when Gaelan only had Eric's side of the breakup. Then again, he probably didn't give a damn she had a good reason for getting out of the relationship. And she could live with him not knowing her side of things.
But being crammed onto a small ship with Gaelan might mean her stock of painkillers would be gone within the first month.
How fun.

Gaelan is going to be kind of a pain but for more than one reason. Torrin puts everything down to his loyalty to Eric, but Gaelan's issues go a little deeper than that. And that's been fun to write. :D

That's it for this week. Catch everyone on the flipside.

ML Skye

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