Sunday, September 4, 2016

Sunday Snippet: Come Back to Me

Holy crap! The Last Ship only has two more episodes left and I'm dying to see both yet dreading the long wait for season four. ARGH! We got a favored familiar face last week and lost a new favorite. We also got to see one major enemy get his due. Now we just need to see Blonde Ambition get what's coming to her and hopefully find out if Jacob the Asshat reporter, who turned into a decent dude after all, met a terrible end. A LOT happened last week. Just saying.

The Killjoys finale rocked. We got some answers and spawned new questions. And, of course, one third of the team is separated from the other two. I wouldn't mind that being a thing for each season finale. I'm so interested in seeing how things play out for season three and look forward to the recurring characters maybe getting a little more backstory. And hey, if Rick Howland can start recurring, bonus points for that. Hat's off to Michelle Lovretta and her team for creating such a kick ass show.

Dark Matter is also weaving intriguing ripples. Yeah, ripples can't really be woven together, but this is science fiction so *blows raspberries*. I kind of loved the whole android / hologram dealio. And I'm kind of hoping we get some development / clear answers on the corporation thing. I'm all for murky waters and all, but I wouldn't mind some concrete motives either.

My rewatch of Killjoys season one is inspiring me to maybe do some fun recaps on my sister blog. If nothing else, I'd love to talk the mix of cast / costumes / music, because the first season nailed everything.

And that's it for television. Tonight's post is from Come Back to Me, a novella built on the prompt of "come back". I love having a word or two to get started then diving into whatever scene plays out in my head.

Here's the mini-blurb:

Tania and James love each other deeply, but have a complicated relationship. When Tania has a chance to right a wrong, James has to trust she'll keep her promise to come back to him.

And a sneaky peek…

Tania Greene downed a shot of piqua and let the minty alcohol burn its cool trail down her throat. Anything to keep grief from clogging her airway. Getting bad news sucked on a good day, but it truly blew balls of space dust when she couldn't make amends for a wrong she committed.
She poured another shot, fully intent on getting stupid drunk.
"Greene, have you seen the casualty report yet?" Monica Ames stopped beside the table and waved the file back and forth.
A new stab of remorse pierced Tania's gut. "Yeah. Right after the initial list came through." Containing one name that would haunt her forever.
Monica shook her head. "Not that one." She placed the stack of papers in front of Tania. "Updated an hour ago. There's a name you're gonna want to see." Stepping back, Monica started for the hatch. "Third page, halfway down." She ducked out, leaving Tania alone in the room.
Tania frowned. She'd lost a lot of friends in the last skirmish with the Carmite settlers. Why the hell would she want to see more?
Flipping to the section Monica indicated, Tania's eyes scanned the new information. Didn't take her long to find what her fellow squadron leader wanted Tania to see. She lifted the report and brought it closer, blinking to make sure she read the update correctly.
Holy five hells. Denny Hatterson. Her gaze shifted to the status column and her mouth dropped open.
She sucked in a harsh breath. "Great gods above. MIA instead of KIA." The red star beside his name indicated a mistake on the previous version.
A wave of relief hit her followed by a kick of guilt. She had to convince her CO—and significant other—to let her run a rescue operation. The past week proved she had some unfinished business to handle.
Bringing Denny home would be a good start.
Rising, she tucked the report under her arm. "Too bad James won't see things my way."
Then again, making the only man she'd ever love understand why she had to leave him to find her ex would sound insane to anyone else.
To her, it hit right about normal.

Seriously? I don't tend to write angst-ridden fare. But I do like to dive into messy and see what happens. Maybe not your typical romance, but life isn't typical and I like to explore the boundaries of trust and the many definitions of love.

That's it for this week. Catch everyone on the flipside.

ML Skye

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