Sunday, December 18, 2016

Sunday Snippet: Escape on Equinox

December 18, 2016

Only one week until the merriest day! We still have to decorate our tree, but we always wait until about a week before the holiday. Should be done by this evening.

The Great Holiday Show Binge Watch Extravaganza continued this past week. I finished up NCIS, moved on to NCIS: LA and NCIS: New Orleans. Then followed with MASH. Last night I started the X-Files.

Teen Wolf had a great episode. The season feels a little choppy but I'm enjoying. The Librarians and MacGyver had good episodes. Enjoyed the holiday-themed flavor on MacGyver.

That's it for television this week. Tonight's post is from Escape on Equinox, part of the Capital City Seasons series.

Here's the mini-blurb:

Jim Hodges, an elite officer in a specialized tactical unit, finally meets a woman with a sweet disposition and a naughty sense of humor. But when she's taken hostage and his team is called in, he's determined to make sure a quick resolution takes place, which won't be easy because he's ordered to step aside and let his fellow members handle everything.

And a sneaky peek…

Pre-dawn, the sun barely starting to come up, had to be the best time in the world for sex. Jim Hodges woke up to warm lips wrapped around his cock. His accompanying grin turned to a groan when Roz's tongue swirled around the hard shaft. The woman created serious magic with her mouth.
His hands fisted in her hair, tugging gently. Roz released his erection and angled around to meet his gaze, brow lifted.
Jim loved the way her hair fell forward. "Um… not that I don't appreciate the wake up call, but I want way more than that sweet mouth of yours."
Roz gave him a sexy smile and flicked her tongue over the tip of his dick. "Just getting you warmed up." Her head dipped down and her lips brushed over his hip bone. "Primed and ready so to speak." She licked a trail over the taut skin of his torso.
Jim hooked his hands under her shoulders and hauled her forward to straddle his hips. "I'm definitely ready." He cupped her breasts, relished the heavy feeling in his hands.
Roz rocked her hips, wet and hot, but Jim wanted to tease a little more. Roz had two hours before she had to be out the door for work. He planned to draw things out and keep the pace nice and leisurely.
Roz had different ideas. She had no desire to wait. Leaning down, she caught his lips, lifted her hips, and sank over his hard length. Jim grasped her thighs and raised his ass, thrusting deeper. Sometimes changing a plan on the fly paid off with spectacular results.
Roz broke the kiss and tossed her head back, shuddering with pleasure. "Ah, god. I love it when you do that." Her hips rocked against his groin.
Jim hissed out a breath. The heat and warmth of her surrounding him took his breath away.
He lifted his head, running his lips over her smooth skin. "You're hot and wet this morning. Feels good." His chin rubbed against her breast, the stubble raising goose bumps.
Roz moaned low in her throat. "Mmm. More." She pushed him back, planting her hands on his chest.
Jim obliged, skimming his fingers along her sides to cup her breasts. He rolled his thumbs over the taut nipples. Roz got more slick and wet, and kicked up the pace, riding him with ease.

Hoping to focus on finishing up this manuscript and releasing sometime in 2017. I love this series and need to get it back on track.

That's it for this week. Catch everyone on the flipside.

ML Skye

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