Sunday, April 30, 2017

Sunday Snippet: Hand of Fate

So… last day of April is here and I'm finally starting to realize I have a kid graduating in a month. It's my second experience, my oldest graduated five years ago, but, wow, reality hits in weird ways. LOL I've got a party to plan and things to make happen.

Thank goodness for television when I need a reality break. Gotham came back with a vengeance and delivered a very fun hour of TV. While the whole owl society thing makes me roll my eyes, I have a feeling the payoff will end up being worth it.

The Flash returned with a great episode. I'm not feeling as much love for this season's overall arc, but I do enjoy this show so much. I have two working theories for who revealed themselves to Kaitlyn and either makes me very excited.

Arrow continues to be my favorite show. Having Felicity go dark side is an interesting twist, even if it feels a little forced sometimes. Throwing ARGUS in and creating tension and conflict with John makes me happy. Looking forward to seeing how the season ends.

Riverdale upped the stakes again. My twitter feed is half and half on the love / hate for the show. Personally, I love it. There are some terrific little twists that make me happy. And I thoroughly enjoy the grown-ups getting caught up in their own drama and how that plays out between the kids.

I haven't really mentioned Doctor Who. There's a reason for that. While I really like the new companion and the sidekick, I'm just not excited about this season. I'll be happy to get through and see who Thirteen will be. Hopefully we'll get a new Master, too.

Class isn't bad. It's not quite the same as Sarah Jane's adventures, but it's got a good vibe and I like the interactions with the characters.

I've been busy enough to not really have time to catch up on my binge watch shows. With nicer weather, my cleaning gene kicks in and I start mini-projects that tend to last the entire summer. LOL

That's it for TV this week. Tonight's post is from Hand of Fate, a novella that explores what happens when the usual roles are reversed and the main characters have to follow an unexpected path while dealing with the feelings they have.

Here's the mini-blurb:

Ada Kurtz and Clark Wellington are great at their jobs, and either could pull off an upcoming mission. But when Ada gets injured, she's relegated to the sidelines, planning the operation and calling the shots for Clark. He has to take out an enemy satellite which won't be easy without Ada flying his wing.

And a sneaky peek…

Clark heard the crash and loud curse that followed. He rose from behind the desk and poked his head out the door. Ada sprawled in a misshapen heap on the floor, a fitrep clutched in her hand.
Well, hell. "I knew she'd get pissed, but…" Causing injury hadn't been his intent.
A medic bumped into Clark from behind. "What's that, captain?" He paused, his eyebrows raised.
Clark shook his head. "Nothing, corpsman. You'd better see to her."
Clark hadn't quite figured Ada would come charging for him… but he should have. And he had no doubt he'd been the reason she took a spill. Going to the commander to plead her case—so not her style. Instead, she'd hit directly at the source. Him.
He heaved a sigh. If she thought he enjoyed taking her down a peg or two, she'd be so damn wrong. But the pranks and jokes had to stop and putting her on notice seemed the only way to get her to chill out with them.
The latest one tipped the scales. "The senior command staff, along with a contingent of reporters, did not need to see me naked."
His decision to write up the incident and put her on report hadn't been made lightly. In fact, he would rather not have the official details anywhere in print. Too bad his state of undress got a brief, albeit veiled, mention in the press. Clark had orders to put a stop to any more foolishness, hence the decision for the permanent notation in her file.
Ada seemed to beg for him to use her as an example. And he could go either way… with condemnation or praise. If she'd behave, he could always hold her up as the shining example what to do… instead of not to do.
He stepped out into the corridor, ready to help, but two members of the deck crew already had her up and headed for sickbay, the corpsman following hot on their heels. She shot a venom filled look over her shoulder and Clark winced.
He'd get an earful in the very near future.

And boy does he ever get an earful. LOL Ada is not happy about injuring her leg.

That's it for this week. Catch everyone on the flipside.

ML Skye

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