Sunday, May 28, 2017

Sunday Snippet: Hedging Bets

Whew. What a busy week leading up to my son's graduation tonight. Looking forward to watching him accept his diploma and start on the next phase of his journey.

I missed Gotham and hope to catch up after the craziness calms down.

The Flash's finale ended up being pretty good but I'm actually kind of hoping there won't be as much time travel shenanigans in the next season. Honestly, I like the ripple effect from Flashpoint but I'm hoping it's pretty much wrapped up.

Arrow. What a season-ender. I pretty much sat and blinked at the screen for a few seconds in stunned silence. Even seeing how the end would play out, I still ended up being shocked. LOL I really want the hiatus to fly by so I can find out who made it and who didn't.

I got through the first season of Iron Fist. I'm something of a completest and wanted to watch before The Defenders started. I don't know… I kind of like the setup for the next season with Joy and Davos possibly teaming up but I wouldn't mind seeing Madame Gao go down in flames.

I'm really struggling with Doctor Who. I'm looking forward to a new doctor and a new showrunner. I kind of long for the format Davies started and hope the new person goes back to something similar. I'm disappointed in the way everything is either overly convoluted or completely discombobulated. I shouldn't need a set of show notes to get all the nuances, right? Eh… here's hoping the next season is awesome.

And that's it for television. Orphan Black starts in two weeks and I'm excited!

Tonight's post is from Hedging Bets, a novella built around the prompt of having the two main characters get thrown in jail (or the brig) and have to deal with their issues.

Here's the mini-blurb:

Lettie and Thane have issues that are getting in the way of their work and are thrown into separate cells for being insubordinate to a superior officer. Their commander decides they can stay locked up—in the same cell—until they work their crap out or one of them calls for a body bag.

And a sneaky peek…

"If that chip on your shoulder gets any bigger, you'll face-plant on the metal decking."
Lettie Lang paused, turned around, and strode back into the rec room. People parted for her, giving her space to move forward. She stopped when she stood toe-to-toe with Thane Sorenson.
She jammed a finger in his chest. "Your ego is so big I'll have a nice, cushy landing spot." The words were short jabs, scoring a direct hit.
His nostrils flared. "My ego is not out of control… unlike your shit attitude." He planted his hands on his hips, ready to do battle.
Lettie snorted. "If my attitude is crappy, you're the reason. Always." The guy couldn't keep his opinion behind closed lips to save a life.
Thane opened his mouth to respond but the words died in his throat when the XO stormed into the room with a loud bellow. "Enough!"
Lettie bit back a sigh. Great. Another lecture for her and a free pass for Thane.
The executive officer, Marx Jackson, slowly made his way over. "What rank do you two hold?" His gravel-coated voice silenced the room.
"Lieutenant, Sir." Lettie rolled her eyes when she answered in unison with Thane.
Jackson made an obnoxiously rude sound. "You'd never know by the way either of you acts. In fact, you're worse than raw recruits. The military spent a buttload of money to train you as officers—yet neither of you act like you made it through."
His assessment stung. Even if it had a ring of truth to it, except…
Lettie directed her attention to the XO. "With all due respect, Sir. We're not on duty and—"
Jackson cut her off with a growl. "Don't give me that crap, Lieutenant. Duty isn't on a damned schedule." He swung his gaze to Thane. "And you should know that better than anyone."
Thane frowned and an angry glint flashed in his eyes. "Don't drag my dad into this, Sir. It'll only piss Lang off even more."
Lettie rolled her eyes. "Not likely. You do that all by yourself." She didn't have a family name to live up to.
Or one she could abuse the way Sorenson did.
Thane opened his mouth to respond, but Jackson held up a hand.
"And we're right back where we started. I've had more than enough of this." He nodded toward the exit. "No more. Clear out."
Lettie refused to budge. She didn't start the insult flinging and she shouldn't have to leave.
Crossing her arms over her chest, she stayed put. "I'm not leaving." After all, she'd been here first.
Thane mimicked her stance. "And I'm not going anywhere either."
The XO cocked his head to one side. "You're disobeying a direct order?" He eyed each both officers.
Lettie stood her ground. "It would seem so, Sir."
Thane didn't respond, but he didn't leave either.
Jackson shook his head. "Fine. Have it your way." He crossed to the comm panel and lifted the handset. "Security to rec room. Lang and Sorenson need to be escorted to the brig for a ten-day rip for insubordination." Hanging up, he pinned both with a hard stare.
Lettie didn't need another black mark on her jacket but she wouldn't give Thane any ground. The only thing keeping her from asking the XO to reconsider… the fact Thane would have the same charge on his record. Unless his dad stepped in. Lettie didn't think their CO would countermand the XO, but she'd deal with it if he did.
Thane drilled her with his gaze and Lettie let a smirk twist her lips. Served him right for being a huge pain in her ass.

I'm having fun with this one. The thin line between love and hate is fun to make all blurry.

That's it for this week. Catch everyone on the flipside.

ML Skye

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