Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Another Launch from the Skye Port

Still weeding, gardening, landscaping. And I started the garage clean up project also. It's so weird how I can sit in front of my monitor on a daily basis and piddle with this manuscript or dabble with that one…and not get a bloomin' thing done.

But send me out to the yard or into the garage and when I get back…CREATIVE MANNA!! LOL

I'll honestly admit it's not like that every single day, but I think when I take the pressure off and just let my brain have some breathing room, things start falling into place. And like many others, I go through creative bursts where everything seems to just flow and come together in the exact way I want. I love those times.

Then you have those days where it's like fighting to get anything out. For myself, I still plug away, maybe not loving what goes on the page, but at least it's some type of progress. I find brainstorming sessions will help get me out of those ruts.

I'll type out ideas, jumping ahead in the story or, occasionally, random scenes that may end up going somewhere else or in another manuscript. Outlines seem to help also. If I'm stuck and I haven't outlined anything specific, I'll start one. Or…if I have an outline I'm working with, I'll revisit it and ask myself why the words have stopped flowing.

And wow…enough of that blather. Let's get to another detail session. :D

This time it's for Bucking Convention.

Almost Ready for Prime Time Manuscript #2

Bucking Convention

Rating: Spicy

How it came about:

Max and Maggie from Surviving the Trap decided they weren't quite finished yet. They wanted to see what would after they hooked up. Of course since it's them, their story couldn't continue in a strictly conventional way.

The process:

Again, no outline for this one. The title popped for me first and the story came about from that. Max and Maggie don't do things the normal way so some interesting circumstances were needed to keep that theme as a standard for them.

The idea they'd end up living together was set from the beginning, but the way they end up doing it changed from my original idea. There just wasn't enough conflict to satisfy me. At first, they were going to share quarters but not be allowed to share a bed. Then I remembered that I didn't set frat regs in stone and that wouldn’t really be a problem. And honestly, I just didn't feel that concept had teeth that would dig in and keep anyone interested.

But…the thought that they'd share quarters and maybe not be ready had possibilities and that's what I ended up going with.

So…let's catch up with Max 'Ripper' Cutter and Maggie 'Magpie' Harper.

It's approximately six months after the hook-up during Hell Week and Max has been assigned to the Asta Vera. He landed one of the plum spots that all the pilots want…deep space exploration…and the crew spends their time mapping a huge asteroid field.

Maggie is planet side waiting for her chance to grab a similar assignment. The call comes and it's not what she expects. In fact, it pretty much floors her. She's going to be Cutter's wingman.

By the way, they've both made the rank of captain. Surviving Hell Week bumped up their pay grade.

All well and good, but will living together make them closer or drive them to opposite ends of the ship?

Stay tuned…

Here's a sneaky peek…(unedited of course)

Captain Maggie Harper blew out a deep breath, flipping the folder in her lap closed. She didn't want to read anymore details about the explosion that took the life of a fellow pilot. One she was en route to replace on the roster.

It sucked to step in when a comrade was lost. Worse, when you were personally involved in the fallout.

And it didn't get any more personal for her.

She happened to be replacing Max Cutter's wingman.


Her heart tripped a little. It could have been Max. If the prayer of thanks she sent out was rude, so be it. Maggie wouldn't apologize for being happy Max wasn't the one who died in a freak accident.

They had a good thing going and she wanted to keep it that way.

Six months and no signs of slowing down.

Maggie smiled. Their interesting Hell Week interlude proved to be just the thing they needed to get through that particular bit of insanity. But they'd stumbled a bit after it was all over. Danced around the idea of letting it remain a one time thing.

Okay, she danced around it. The fear of losing Max as a friend almost won out, regardless of the really great sex.


Cutter convinced her otherwise, two weeks after completing the quals, on the night they both made captain.

When the pomp and ceremony was over, he grabbed her hand, led her outside and practically ran back to his base apartment. He tugged her inside and immediately backed her up against the wall while kicking the door shut. She didn't have time to think or speak before his lips were on hers, creating a raging fire that she needed him to suppress.

That night clinched it for them and so far, their relationship was great.



And it hit her again. She could've lost Max. And yeah, they were still new at the couple thing and trying to figure it all out…but it hurt to breathe when she thought about it.

If it hurt her to think about it, how did Cutter feel right now? Watching his wingman's ship explode? Maggie shuddered. Had to be the worst thing a pilot could witness…even though they all knew the risks.

Was she ready to deal with something like this?

Were they ready for it?

They'd be going from something quite casual -- they each maintained their own place -- to fairly domestic at warp speed.

She'd find out soon. The Asta Vera was within comm range, docking would be underway in less than three hours. And she'd give Cutter her all, because she was pretty sure she was in love with him. Maybe she'd suck at it and maybe she wouldn't.

Either way, Max would understand. No one knew her better.

She liked it that way.

And if her stomach clenched up a little? It was to be expected. New relationship. New orders. New CO.

New living arrangement.

But she'd handle all that like she always did.

Jump in with both feet and hit the ground running.


Will Maggie hit a wall or find domestic bliss? How does Cutter deal with it all? At least Stella Snupe isn't around to stir the pot. :D

I hope you enjoyed the blurb. Please feel free to ask questions or comment. I love to interact!

Until the next Skye Post…

Catch everyone on the flip!


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