Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sunday Snippet: Bad Chemistry (Civil Revolution - Book One)


Very crazy week with weather all over the place. LOL I'm kind of happy when it's rainy because I get to catch up on lots of television. Nothing like folding clothes with Stonebridge and Scott from Strike Back.

On a similar note, only three more episodes of Arrow this season. I'm truly excited to see where things end up and where they go after the hiatus. My brain hurts with all the possibilities.

And that leads me to tonight's post from Bad Chemistry, the first book in the Civil Revolution saga. I'm currently writing it under the ML Skye name, but it may very well end up switching over to Skye Ritchey. The sages aren't playing nice and keep giving me mixed signals. They can't decide if they want it set in the future on another planet, or more urban fantasy current time. *sigh* This will be one of those manuscripts that goes through a zillion revisions. LOL

But…I do have a tagline:

Lex Durban and Charlotte Martin do their best to survive in new world hierarchy, each with a different kind of target on their back. But when they have to undertake the dangerous task of moving refugees to a new location, Lex wants Char to stay behind so only one is in danger, but Char has other ideas.

And a sneaky peek…

Lex Durban surveyed his men's work, impressed with the ramshackle appearance of their new base of operations. An outside observer wouldn't think much of the structure of lean-tos constructed with galvanized steel and surrounded by several different types of fencing. He particularly loved the standard issue plank style interwoven with the chain link mesh and patched over with more of the girded metal. The place looked thrown together and had a commune type of vibe.
He grinned. Exactly what he'd been going for when they found the location. The whole thing hid the true beauty—an exterior entrance to an underground bunker facility. A mid-sized concrete building, twenty by twenty-four feet, led to the reinforced true base of operations. A former government safe location, the space transferred into military hands sometime near the end of the cold war. The huge area hadn't seen an update since the late eighties, which suited Lex just fine. The less traceable tech the better.
His fifteen man team kicked major ass. They'd pulled the exterior together in under a week. He'd head out at first light to meet with his commanding officer and give him the bullet on the readiness of their location.
Okay, General Edward R. Mulroney didn't exactly hold an official rank. His former position in the military no longer existed. But he did establish a covert, underground version of the armed forces, one that continued to protect the citizens of a country in turmoil.
The chain of command stopped at the retired general, his attachment of former officers—admirals, colonels, commanders, and captains—and an odd group of no longer elected senators, representative, and two governors. Good people who got into politics to actually make a difference. Until they realized the impossibility of the effort.
Now they put their time into finding shelter for the displaced citizens who got caught out of the boundaries of the new districts or chose to leave the oppressive environments. Lex had been ordered to scout and find a place in New to set up a permanent center. The first part of his mission completed, he had to figure out how to supply the location. If tradition held, he'd be doing a lot of compromising with the Sector Police. Not his idea of fun, but it usually proved necessary.
Letting himself into the main base, Lex scanned a critical eye around the area. He made his way to the living quarters and claimed a space to call home. He tossed his rucksack on the floor beside the bed and fell into it. Sheer exhaustion would guarantee a good night sleep and his internal alarm clock would wake him before the sun came up.

The opening of the book lays some groundwork, which may or may not work well since there isn't a lot of dialog. When I read, I often like being dropped right in the character POV and getting to crawl around in their head before jumping into lots of talking. Gives me a chance to get to know them intimately before they interact with anyone else. J

That's it for tonight's post. Catch everyone on the flip.

ML Skye

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