Sunday, May 5, 2013

Sunday Snippet: Organic Chemistry - Civil Revolution Book Two

Wow, some gorgeous weather today. I love having a true spring with mild temperatures and lovely breezes, instead of a chilly thirty degrees one day and eighty-five with loads of humidity the next. LOL

Today's post is from the second book in the Civil Revolution saga. Organic Chemistry features the same folks from Bad Chemistry but the focus is on Dom and Etta's relationship. Etta is a fascinating character to write and she speaks very loud and clear when I try to go in a direction she doesn't like. LOL I wish all my characters had such strong opinions. :D

Here's the tagline:

Dominic Marinelli and Etta Morgan meet under very difficult circumstances, but form a relationship built on one basic need: sex. When Etta decides to strike out on her own, Dom has to figure out why it bothers him so much.

And here's the sneaky peek…

The walls of the former spa turned way station for refugees closed in on him. He snagged his jacket, turned and bumped into Etta Morgan.
Literally, almost knocking her on her ass.
"Damn. Sorry." His free hand reached out to steady her. "You okay?"
Etta laughed lightly. "I'm fine. Fine." Her fingers were warm when they closed over his bicep.
Kind of like her eyes when she looked at him.
"I wasn't paying attention." Her hand slid down to his forearm and rested there.
Dom stepped back a little, needing some space, but didn't try to shake her hand free. Etta looked over his shoulder, her gaze landing on Lex and Char then dropping down to the jacket in his other hand.
A brief shadow of something entered the depths of her eyes and her mouth flattened to a thin line. But only for a moment. She let go of his arm and smiled brightly in his direction.
"I'm glad I found you…" She angled her head in the direction she'd come from. "Do you have a minute? Or are you heading out?"
Damn. He really wanted to escape into the shadowy dusk. He felt honor bound to assist her though.
His mouth turned up in a brief smile. "I've got more than one if you need it." He flung his jacket over the back of a chair.
Etta's eyes crinkled with a genuine smile. "I promise I won't keep you long." Spinning around she led him to her room and pushed open the door. It hung slightly lopsided and Dom figured out what she needed him for.
Resetting the hinge.
Etta dug into her back pocket and produced the missing pin.
Ding. Ding. Ding. He'd totally called that one.
"This spa is a great place to crash for a few days, but the eight foot doors are just a tad above my reach." She lifted her gaze and jerked her head upward. "Would you mind?"
Dom took the pin from her outstretched hand. "Not at all." She lifted up on the door and lined up the slots of the oversized hinge.
He slid the rod home and swung the door back and forth a few times to make sure it would hold. "Thanks." The assistance hadn't been necessary, but he appreciated it.
Etta grasped the handle and pushed the door shut. Then she turned and pressed her back against it.
"They're perfect together."
He didn't have to ask who she meant, but he so did not want to talk about it.
He frowned. "Yeah, I know." His voiced sounded harsh, even to his own ears. He should probably work on that.
"Why not let it go? Hook-up with someone else?"
Dom shot her a sideways look. "You volunteering?"
Etta shrugged. "I might be." She eyed him up and down. "You interested?"
He swept appraising eyes over her from head to toe. She had a certain rough beauty. Sorta raw and sensual, enough to make his dick twitch under his jeans.
Right. He wouldn't be going down that road again.
He sighed. "Even if I were, I wouldn't be." A hard on didn't make him stupid. She looked the type to tease, tempt and walk away.
Actually she looked offended before her eyes dropped to the bulge in his pants.
"Why not?" An arched brow worked for her. The slightly triumphant gleam in her eyes didn't.
Dom cut to the chase. "You don’t wanna be a substitute. Don't you deserve better?"
She rolled her eyes. "It's not about what I deserve. I'm WAY past that."
Baffled, Dom queried. "Then why make an offer that'll open you up to abuse? Because right now—with me—that's what it would be."
Her laughter caught him by surprise.
"Abuse? Really?" She walked around him, putting her hands on his arms, grasping at the muscles of his biceps. "Because you don't feel all tender and gooey toward me?" She snorted. "Not exactly what I'm looking for."
Okay. She had him intrigued.
"What, exactly, are you looking for?"
"Something hot, hard, dirty, and fast." Her gaze flicked up and down, lingering just a moment too long on his crotch. "Three outta four isn't bad. I'd take it."
Dom gave her a tight smile. "And which one do I fall short on?"
She smirked. "For all your big, bad talk of abuse, I seriously doubt you have it in you to be as dirty as I want." Shrugging she turned away. "But I can live with—"

Yeah, sorry, gonna leave it right there. LOL Needless to say, Etta pushes just the right button to get a reaction from Dom. Seriously, delicious fun to write her. :D

That's it for this week. Catch everyone on the flip!

ML Skye

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