Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sunday Snippet: Luck Runs Out


After crap tons of rain, we got a really steamy, summery day today. I forgot how the humid air can blast you in the face when you go outside. LOL Relearned very quickly today. J

Tonight's post is from Luck Runs Out, a short novella with characters from Queen City, Mars. This location also features briefly in the Furlough 99 story, Shyler: Finding Home. The sages are whispering they'd like to see Shyler and Marsh, but the story hasn't lent itself to having them make an appearance yet. Maybe a bonus scene/free read can bring the couples together. J

Here's the tagline:

Domino Montgomery and Webb Wellesley are totally different personally and professionally, but they work seamlessly together. When they land an off world transport assignment, they have to babysit a condemned prisoner and deal with an impish captain who's hiding a wee bit of a secret of his own.

And the sneaky peek…

"Wellesley! You got a minute?"
Webb ducked into his captain's office. Even if he didn't have time, he'd make it. He owed the man a debt for choosing Webb's name from the long list of personnel waiting to get into one of the busiest station houses in Queen City.
Captain Bilar Christian sat behind his desk and looked up from the ream of paper, pointing to a chair, indicating Webb should take a seat.  
Webb dropped down and nodded. "What's up, Captain?" His eyes noted the large file and Webb hoped it meant they'd get a new recruit in soon.
It sucked being the new guy for two years running.
Christian leaned forward and got right to the point. "We just received notification regarding a prisoner transport to Venus."
Webb groaned. He'd rather spork his eyes out than spend several days babysitting a criminal on a drop run. He wouldn't be the only one either…no one like making them.
Maybe the captain wanted him to take over as shift supervisor. "And?" He wouldn't voice the question, might jinx himself.
The captain gave it to him straight. "You're going."
Webb leaned back in the seat. "Shit." He sat forward again. "Did I do something to piss you off, Captian?"
Bilar laughed. "No, Webb. You're name popped as next up for the haul. Luck of the draw, I'm afraid."
Webb sighed. "Who's my lucky partner?"
The captain sat back in his seat. "Montgomery."
What? No way.
Webb gave his superior officer a sharp look. "Now I know I did something to make you mad." A thought occurred. "Wait, isn't she on leave?" Anyone would be better than Domino for a transport run.
The captain gave him a grim smile. "Just got back a few hours ago."
Well, shit. Webb made an attempt to squirm out of the detail. "Are you sure someone else—"
Bilar interjected. "Already told her, Webb. She's packing, check that, repacking, as we speak." He rose and gathered the stack of papers. "Go grab her and we'll have a briefing in fifteen."
Poor Webb. He's actually got it bad for Domino…he just won't admit it. LOL

That's it for this week. Catch everyone on the flip.

ML Skye

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