Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sunday Snippet: Matchmaker's Men

July 21, 2013

Whew. Whirlwind weekend in Columbus, Ohio. My husband's region won their company's highest honor and we got a lovely dinner with fun entertainment and a night in a downtown hotel. Caught up with some old friends and finally, finally got to see my brother's house just south of the Brewery District. He's only lived there ten years and it's my first visit. LOL

Tonight's post is from Matchmaker's Men, a short, sexy story about two pilots who really need to be together and how the crew makes it happen. So much fun to write. :D

The tagline:

Nova Anell and Matz Yarmacher belong together, but neither wants to be the first to admit it. But when their crew mates start working behind the scenes to put Nova and Matz together, they have no choice but to face what they feel and decide what to do next.

And the sneaky peek…

Standing outside the head, waiting on Matz to arrive for his post-CAP shower, Nova verged on thinking the whole thing beyond a bad idea. On a good day she could cut the sexual tension between her and Matz with a knife. Gods damn Hot Sauce for recognizing the pull and running with it.
She shouldn't be tense with anticipation. Nothing would happen between her and Matz, right? She shouldn't be this anxious over a shower, should she?
A small sigh escaped before Nova could stop it. She shouldn't be…and she knew it. She didn't want to screw things up with Matz…they were at a great place. If only she could convince her body it would only be a shower—things would be peachy. And yet, she had a standing on a bunch of hot coals feeling—jittery and jumpy.
Pacing back and forth only added to the anxiousness, but standing still proved worse. It gave her brain too much time to conjure up images she didn't need to have in her head. Argh!
Turning to walk the short distance back across the corridor, she smacked directly into Matz, muttering a startled curse. "Shit, sorry about that." Backing away, she noticed he had his shower gear in hand. "'Bout time you showed." She didn't mean it to sound bitchy, but it did—even to her own ears.
Gods, she needed to get a grip.
Matz's quick smile of greeting faded to a questioning glance.
Nova made another hasty apology. "Sorry." She spun around and entered the head, not relishing the idea of having an audience watching her come completely unglued.
Having no choice, Matz followed her in, dogging the hatch behind him. It took Nova a few moments to realize he hadn't started undressed or anything to get ready for a shower. In fact, he hadn't moved at all, except to lean back, his shoulders braced against the bulkhead.
The bland look on his face only irritated her more. "What? Do I really have to undress you, too?" She took a step toward him, but stopped when Matz held up his hand.
I always enjoy writing characters that fight their attraction and get help from others to move things along. :D

That's it for this week. Catch everyone on the flip!

ML Skye

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