Sunday, November 24, 2013

Sunday Snippet: A Thousand Reasons


Another great TV week. The 50th anniversary of Doctor Who truly made my entire week. Sooooo nice to watch a show I love on BBC America and not get stuck with ninety-seven episodes of some Gordon Ramsay show and/or Top Gear. Don't get me wrong, both shows are okay, I'm just really tired of how often they're on during the day. The BBC has a HUGE library and I used to love watching all the various offerings before the network got overrun with a chef and three car enthusiasts. *sigh*

Anyway, Arrow delivered and provided several off the charts levels of awesome. Seriously, I live for Wednesdays. Let's see, Sons of Anarchy brought some good stuff to the table. Sometimes I think if certain people would shut up and other certain folks would sit down and have an actual conversation, things might go a whole lot easier. I may have a nice, long post on my TV blog—which rarely gets used—once the season is over.

I could go on but since it seems like next week is hiatus for the Turkey Day holiday, I'll save some reactions for that post.

Tonight's snippet is from A Thousand Reasons, a short story about an established couple who have an issue to work out.

Here's the tagline:

Dix Benson wants life to finally settle down after he passes the advocacy exam. But when Willow Gold decides to accept a job flying missions in a very hot zone, he can think of at least a thousand reasons it's a very bad idea. Convincing Willow will be the challenge.

And a sneaky peek…

The new opportunity had Willow excited. Something she really wanted to do. She loved consulting but hated the red tape and endless waiting for parliament to play its political games. She knew how important it had been for him to take a shot at the legal process… knew how much he loved it. Could he really hold her back from something she loved as much?
The question answered itself as the final sputtering gurgles indicated the coffee was finished brewing. Flying was her passion just as the law was now his. Willow needed to get back to what she did best… pull it out of the fire while the iron was still hot.
And he'd be right here waiting every time she came home.
All the frustration, hurt and anger dissolved while he poured two steaming mugs of the freshly brewed liquid. Picking them up, he made his way back up the stairs feeling a little sheepish at how quickly his reaction had pushed them into a full blown argument, complete with flying pillows and a slammed door, which was now cracked open. 
Glancing down the hallway, he noticed the bathroom mirror steamed up from a shower. With a mug in each hand, he used his foot to nudge the door open and swallowed hard. Willow stood making the bed… naked… except for a towel wrapped around her hair. Looking up, she caught the look on his face and straightened, gauging the atmosphere. She didn't say anything… didn't have to… knowing instinctively he wouldn't give her any more grief over her decision.
She moved around the bed, coming to a stop in front of Dix and she smiled as she took one of the mugs, closing her eyes when the aroma hit her. Bringing the cup to her lips, she watched him and blew across the surface before risking a long sip of the fortifying brew. He doubted it would be sexy to anyone else but him, but god, it made him hard. Lips quirking appreciatively, he took a bracing gulp from his own mug letting his eyes close in satisfaction.
When he opened them, Willow's lips were curved wickedly as she placed her mug on the dresser. Doing the same with Dix's, it freed his hands to cup her face… his fingertips working under the edge of the towel loosening it until it fell to the floor. He leaned in to kiss her as she hooked a finger in the waistband of his jeans, tugging him toward the bed, undoing the buttons of his fly on the way. Bumping up against the edge brought her breasts into contact with his chest and she moaned appreciatively, breaking the kiss. Dropping his hands, he helped her push his jeans out of the way. Unable to resist, he snagged her lips again.

Needless to say, a resolution should be coming soon. :D

That's it for this week. Catch everyone on the flip.

ML Skye

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