Sunday, December 1, 2013

Sunday Snippets: Ties Don't Bind


Not much new in TV this week, so finishing up from last week's new episodes. The Walking Dead is my on the fence show. Some weeks I love it, some weeks I'm very 'meh'. Last week was definitely a 'meh' week, but the new episode tonight is pretty good, but the Governor just doesn't excite me all that much.

Sleepy Hollow continues to make me happy. It's so crazy insane I can't not like it. This week's Arrow and Sons of Anarchy have me ready to get through Monday so I can watch new stuff. J I also quite enjoyed Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D. I'm not nearly as disappointed as a lot of fans are, but I'm a long time believer in setting up story arcs for bigger payoffs later.

That's it for this week. Should have some great reactions for my next post.

Tonight's snippet is from Ties Don't Bind, a futuristic, speculative romance featuring longtime friends who finally have a chance to become more.

Here's the tagline:

Gemma Neal, a solider, shares a past with Tripp Macintosh and wants to reconnect with her former friend and lover. But when Tripp gets elected to a parliament position, trading fatigues for a suit and tie, she's not sure how to proceed… a foreign concept for the take charge lieutenant.

And here's a sneaky peek…

Tripp entered his quarters after grabbing a hot shower to find Gemma asleep in the chair by the bed. Dressed in fatigues and—he had to be seeing things—wearing his tie. A quick shake of his head confirmed that she really did have his tie around her neck, with the knot resting against the swell of her breasts.
He crossed the room and securing his towel with one hand, stooped down to wake her up.
"Gemma." He nudged her gently. "Hey… wake up."
She came awake slowly, blinking sleepy eyes open. "Hey, Tripp." Sitting up she glanced around, confused, before she realized she was in his quarters. "Damn… I fell asleep. How long does a shower take anyway?"
Tripp snorted. "Depends on how many times you get stopped on the way there and back." Standing, he crossed the room to open the wardrobe and grab some pants and a shirt. "Being half naked does nothing to slow down the wheels of government."
Quickly dressing, he kept up the flow of conversation. "What's up? You doing okay?" He turned back and snagged some socks out of a drawer. "And what's with the tie?"
Stretching when he asked, Gemma glanced down. "What?" Then she grinned. "Oh, nothing. It was lying on the bed and I wondered what it felt like to have a noose around your neck all the time now." Standing, she crossed over to where Tripp stood. "It's not nearly as restricting as I thought it would be."
His hair still damp and mussed from the shower, she reached up and smoothed it back from his face. "For some reason I assumed wearing it would make me feel all starched and pressed, but it doesn't." Dropping her hands, she loosened the knot and let it fall to below her breasts. "In fact, it makes me feel a little bit wicked." Grabbing the edge of her shirt, she lifted it up over her head, somehow leaving the tie behind when she tossed the garment on the bed.
Tripp's eyes narrowed. He'd wondered why she sought him out, but didn't know what to expect. Stripping her shirt off, typical Gemma, but not typical them. Not lately. Not for a long time. Why would Gemma want to…
He leaned forward, trying to get a look at her eyes. "Gemma… what are you doing?" She didn't look drunk… or anything like that. A relief. The last time she initiated something between them she'd been half off her ass wasted. Always hard to tell with her, too. She rarely acted intoxicated. Never had the telltale signs.
She didn't have any now. In fact…
She looked damn good.
Tripp might actually have thirty minutes of unoccupied time he can spend with Gemma, too. Wonder what they'll get up to. LOL

That's it for this week. Catch everyone on the flip.

ML Skye

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