Sunday, August 10, 2014

Sunday Snippet: Fevered Pitch

EEK! I just realized we've only got around ten days before out school year starts. I'm both thrilled and freaked out. Thrilled because the structure is great for the kids. They know where they have to be and at what time. Freaked out because we still have supplies to buy and I'm booked solid and jammed up until after the first day. Poor planning on my part. LOL

As usual, some great TV this past week. The finale for Dominion left so many new questions and I hope we get a second season. I'd love to see more of this show. Really loving the twists and turns in Defiance, too. And The Last Ship is steadily becoming one of my favorite shows.

Filming has started on Sons of Anarchy, Bitten, Arrow and Flash. Fall can't quite get here soon enough.

Tonight's post is from Fevered Pitch, a free bonus read featured Hal and Mia from Mia's Choice. If all goes well, Mia's Choice will be finished sometime in October or November.

Here's the tagline:

After six months apart, Hal and Mia are finally reunited at the new space station. But Hal is unknowingly exposed to a virulent virus and brings it along from his last planetary excursion. He succumbs to the raging illness and Mia makes a fevered pitch to her former husband to save Hal's life before she surrenders to the same infection.

And a sneaky peek…

Hal exited the Queen Amalie, rubbing the kinks out of his neck. An achy tension worked through his shoulders, but he figured a long night spent in the arms of his old flame—and current wife—would do wonders to improve his space lag.
His gaze scanned the landing bay, hoping to see Mia. Six months apart, he couldn't wait to get his hands on her. The deck crew quickly finished securing the ship and Hal finally spotted his brainy brunette. She stood back, watching the action, a small smile on her face. She glanced in Hal's direction and the grin spread wide. She lifted a hand, waved, and started dodging the crewmembers between her and Hal, picking up speed the closer she got.
Three feet away, she launched herself forward and Hal caught her, lifting and swinging her around. Her mouth met his and her arms wrapped around his shoulders. She eased back when she needed oxygen.
Settling her on her feet, he cupped her face. "It's damned good to see you, Mia." He leaned in closer. "Can I take you to quarters and ravish you? Or do you have more work today?"
Mia winked. "I'm all yours for the next forty-eight hours."
Hal grinned. "You cleared your schedule for me?" His hand slid down to grasp hers and he tugged her against his side. "You must've missed me."
She wrapped an arm around his waist. "You know I did, Hal." She started forward. "And I don't plan to waste a moment of my free time. Let's go."

Just a brief little look. I hope you enjoyed!

That's it for this week. Catch everyone on the flip.

ML Skye

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