Sunday, October 26, 2014

Sunday Snippet: Ignition Failure

Gotta say, I'm fairly easy to entertain, but I love it when the shows I watch elevate my standards. Right now, just about all my faves are hitting one hundred percent satisfaction levels. Once again, The Walking Dead blew me away. My super hero shows, Arrow, The Flash, Agents of SHIELD and Gotham are amping up the tension. My batshit insane shows, Haven, Sleepy Hollow, and Sons of Anarchy keep getting a little crazier and that keeps me glued to the television.

I also like a good mystery and got to watch Inspector Lewis last week. I usually catch up on the series when it's available on DVD, but I couldn't sleep and PBS was showing it. I've also been watching previous seasons of The Murdoch Mysteries (also known as The Artful Detective) on Ovation. Why they changed the name for US television is beyond me, but it's a great, fun Canadian show.

Tonight's post is from Ignition Failure, currently a sexy short that seems to want to hit novella status. LOL

Here's the tagline:

Favin Hart finally gets the man of her dreams but freaks out and ends up marrying another guy. Less than twenty-four hours later, she's facing the music and trying to fix her mess.

And a sneaky peek…

Favin glanced in Parrish's direction. "You know how you're all excited about launching and you get an ignition failure? It sucks the air right out of your lungs…"
Parrish nodded. "Yeah, I know."
She waved a hand. "That's how I felt when I woke up today. A horrible morning after regret." She shook her head. "Worst mistake ever. Why the hell did I listen to Howie?"
Parrish quirked a brow. "You were still drunk?"
Ouch. But she deserved the dig.
She shrugged. "No, just scared and he gave me an easy way out." Her shoulders slumped.
Not so easy.
Parrish sat up, his eyes wide. "Getting married to someone else is easier than being with me? Hell, Favin, I didn't even suggest marriage." He snorted. "Maybe I should have."
Favin jerked her head back and forth. "No. No way. I didn't want to get married. Ever." She straightened, leaned forward and put her forearms on the table. "My parents sucked at it. No reason to think I'll do any better." She huffed out a harsh breath. "Hell, I'm not doing any better. Less than twenty-four hours and I’m with another man talking about how much of a big ass mistake I made." On a roll, she kept spilling her guts. "The same man I had sex with less than six hours before I got married." She glanced up. "God, Parrish. Why don't you tell me to fuck off and walk away?"
Parrish sank back against his chair. "Because I can't, Fav. That would be easy. And I've learned something in the last day." He pinned her with his gaze. "I don't want easy. I want you."

Don't even ask me where the idea for this one came from, I've yet to figure it out, but once the characters took hold, I had to write their story.

That's it for this week. Catch everyone on the flip.

ML Skye

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