Friday, February 27, 2015

Smokin' Hot—Hot Kiss: Boyfriend's Brother

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This week we're tasked with sharing a hot kiss, whether it's slow, eager, passionate, a kiss can be many things. *sigh* Check out the smokin' smooches and enjoy! :D

For my feature, I'm posting a scene from a current release, Boyfriend's Brother, where my main characters land themselves in a tricky dilemma.

For a little background, here's the tagline:

Chloe mixes a potential marriage proposal, a close call, and her boyfriend's hot brother—a heady combination or dangerous concoction.

Bring on the smooches…

They'd talked once, briefly, about relationships. Chloe never thought anyone would want her 'forever'. Didn't think she'd ever be worthy.
She worried her lower lip between her teeth. "I'm scared."
She looked terrified.
Jason's eyes grew wide. "Of Marc?" She couldn't be scared of his brother—the guy worshipped her.
Chloe shook her head back and forth. "Of myself… of screwing it up…" She sighed deeply. "I don't know if I can do forever. Hell, I'm still attracted to other guys." She swung a sultry gaze toward him.
Jason didn't know what to say… so he said nothing.
Chloe moved forward until an inch separated her face from his. "I'm attracted to you." Her eyes were intent on his.
And there he had it… out in the open.
The air became charged.
He didn't fight the magnetic pull drawing him closer to her. Her head drifted slowly forward, her gaze locked on his, and her lips met his… tentatively at first, then with a hunger that threatened to consume him. Exchanging heated kisses, they tore at each other's clothing with frantic movements, trying to remove it with haste. Jason dragged his shirt over his head and threw it across the room, and Chloe pulled hers open losing a couple of buttons when they popped off to land on the floor. Lips met skin when Jason shoved his pants down until he could kick them off to land in front of the table. Chloe quickly undid her jeans, and Jason tugged them down her hips, following their path with a burning trail of kisses.


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Book Blurb: Chloe Timmons and Jason McIvey are each at a crossroads.

On what may be her last weekend as 'just a girlfriend', Chloe quells her restlessness by hitting the town and runs into her boyfriend's brother, Jason, a fellow pilot in the area for an air show. A barroom brawl brings them together.

Chloe thinks her boyfriend Marc may propose, and she's not sure she's ready for marriage. Jason has to decide if he's staying in the military or going civilian. When Chloe and Jason spend the night together, it doesn't make either decision easier.


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