Friday, February 6, 2015

Smokin' Hot—Hot and Swoon-Worthy: Lover's Day

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After a forced hiatus where I descended into deadline hell, I finally get to rejoin my fellow authors with a new Hot for Friday blog post. YAY!

This week we're tasked with posting a piece of dialog where our hero gets to take center stage and deliver a swoon-worthy line to the heroine. I can't wait to read some smooth moves from our hot men.

For my feature, I'm posting one of my favorite bits from my upcoming Fireborn Publishing Valentine themed release, Lover's Day.

For a little background, here's the tagline:

On Lover's Day, an exchange of favors puts Maxie and Nate back on the right track.

And the swoon-worthy dialog…(from Maxie's point of view)

Nate shifted and sat up, leaning against the pillows. "Where are we going with this, Maxie? I mean, is this just an easy lay? Is that why you picked Lover's Day?"
Leave it to Nate to get straight to the heart of everything.
Maxie sat up, facing him. "That's more than one question, Nate." Her lips twitched. "But the honest answer is yes, I picked Lover's Day to give us an out, if we needed one."
Nate shook his head. "We don't. Or at least I don't." He crossed his arms over his chest. "I'm not a one and done kind of guy. You should know this about me, Maxie."


Maxie is quite happy Nate's got staying power—in and out of bed. :D

Coming February 13
Fireborn Publishing


Book Blurb: Nate Northampton and Maxie Yearns are pilots on the Apus and have been dealing with the loss of their best friend, Martin Comico, who died in a crash due to a technical flaw. After Martin's death, the dynamic changes between Nate and Maxie. Nate pulls back, a little lost without Martin to act as a sounding board. Maxie notices the distance and feels like she's lost two friends instead of one.

Maxie becomes a woman on a mission. She wants things with Nate to go back to normal—and beyond—but without Martin to act as their buffer, she's not sure how to proceed. With Lover's Day fast approaching, and a lucky draw at the card table, Maxie has just the plan to test the waters with Nate.

Nate struggles with the new signals Maxie throws his way, but he goes with the flow, something Martin always recommended. Nate can't go wrong if he heeds his friend's advice and the reward may see his wildest dream become reality.


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  1. Nate said the perfect thing in that situation! Love!

    1. Thank you! Writing Nate proved to be a treat. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Fantastic sneak peek at Lover's Day!