Friday, March 13, 2015

Smokin' Hot—Hot and Bothered: Surviving the Trap

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This week we're tasked with sharing a scene with sexual tension to leave us hot and bothered. Nice! Especially if you live in a cold climate… like Ohio in March. Seriously, I have to remind myself I was wearing shorts and flip flops in October sometimes. LOL

For my feature, I'm posting a scene from book one of my Top Dog Pilots series, Surviving the Trap.

For a little background, here are the series and book taglines:

Two top pilots, Max Cutter and Maggie Harper, like to mix a little personal with their professional life.

A week of hell pushes Maggie into risking her friendship with Max by sleeping with him.

Bring on the tension…

She'd formed a solid rule of never sleeping with someone she regarded as a friend. Sex equaled a physical release involving the exchange of bodily fluids and mind-numbing pleasure. It didn't mean she gave a damn about who she exchanged them with.
And that was the reason Maggie had never hooked up with Max—because she gave a damn about him. Sex with emotion made things complicated and complications weren't her thing. Not anymore. So Maggie kept things casual and never made promises she couldn't keep. That way she didn't lose friends, no matter how much sexual tension existed.
And there were bucketsful with Max. A stand-up guy and loyal to a fault, he had a laid back attitude that fooled a lot of people into complacency until they crossed him. Then watch out. Cutter came out swinging and was usually the last one standing.
He'd become one of the best friends she had, and there weren't that many. Maggie didn't make things easy. She had a habit of putting people through their paces and Max hit and crossed each one. He'd pulled her out of some embarrassing scrapes and still came back for more.
And the best thing? Once he'd gotten to know her and realized she wouldn't break her rule, even though they were both aware of the tension simmering between them. He backed off, content to be a friend.
He made Maggie feel safe.
Her biggest problem? Max was hot. As in smokin', drop dead, gorgeous hot. And right now, the sleep-deprived part of Maggie's brain was hard pressed to remember why she usually ignored that fact. Like a kid who needed a nap, she only knew she wanted him, and wanted him right this very moment.
Naked. Hard. Hot.
She couldn't seriously be considering it, could she? Hooking up with him?
Oh, yes… she absolutely could.
Holy hell.


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Book Blurb: Take one week of extreme training, add in two top guns, and stir together with a healthy dose of unresolved sexual tension. The outcome is two pilots pushed to their limits and they need to find a way to get through their hellish experience and possibly into each other's arms.

Series Blurb: Two ace pilots at the top of their game, Max 'Ripper' Cutter and Maggie 'Magpie' Harper traverse space and navigate a relationship at the same time. Follow their adventures through Hell Week, an unexpected tragedy, and a nightmare dinner party with steamy results.


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  1. Pilots are so hot! They should be their own category of military romance.

    1. I completely agree! Glad you enjoyed. Thanks so much for stopping by.