Sunday, March 22, 2015

Sunday Snippet: Not the First Time

Holy crap. The ending for Bitten's latest episode is going to make waiting for the new one very difficult. I'm dying to see the last three episodes.

The Flash and Arrow also have me on the hot seat, impatiently awaiting the next showing. The Flash kind of messed with my mind and I really hope there's not a huge misstep coming up that's going to disappoint me. Arrow, on the other hand, can usually do no wrong, so the whole deal with Palmer and his meddling has me a little less concerned. I am a little twisted up over Lance falling back into Camp Opposition, but I have a feeling that's not going to last long. *fingers crossed*. I'm also wary over the fate of one of my faves. It's a gut thing and I hope I'm wrong… we'll see.

The Walking Dead season is almost over and I gotta say, this has been one of my favorites. It's so different from what we've had and I love it. Very sad about the loss of one of the new characters, but loved to see Eugene step up in a big way. Very curious about Gabriel and what's going on with him.

Enough television. Tonight's post is from Not the First, a novella where personal and professional collide for my main characters.

Here's the tagline:

Katen Knox and Paul Macabes, pilots, soldiers, lovers, weigh in on opposite sides of a proposal to produce new planes while stationed in deep space. Not the first time they've been on different sides of an issue, they quickly learn it's hard to keep the professional drama out of their personal space.

And a sneaky peek…

"It can't be done." Paul Macabes put his foot firmly in the opposition's camp.
Katen Knox snorted. "I can't wait to prove you wrong."
He countered. "Katen, no one has ever, ever, succeeded in redesigning a plane, making modifications, and producing a fleet of them while out in deep space."
She leaned forward. "I know. And you know what else? No one's ever tried." She sat back. "So your point is moot."
Paul glanced around the huge table—every seat filled with senior officers—and met the gaze of his commander, Admiral Adam Snell. Shit. The man would give Katen the chance to see if she and her merry band of fools could pull off the impossible. And commit resources they might need at a later date. Paul sighed, owning defeat. Reason wouldn't win over rollicking bravado today.
He slumped in his chair. "Okay. Prove me wrong." His lips twisted. "I'll look forward to watching your attempt to pull this one out of your ass." He wondered if he'd be lucky enough to see said butt anytime soon.
Probably not, if she really thought her project had a chance. Absence made the heart grow fonder, right? Yeah, total bullshit.
A slow, quirky smile spread across Katen's face. "You know, Paul, not the first time I'll enjoy showing you how it's done." She waited a beat. "My ass notwithstanding, you might wanna take pictures and notes." She lifted a brow, all but daring him to take the bait.
He opted not to engage. To her great disappointment, he shoved away from the table and gave her a mock salute before directing his attention to the admiral. "Sir? If I may? Since Katen's got her work cut out, the flight schedule needs a major adjustment."
Snell waved him off. "You're dismissed, Captain. Give a copy of the new schedule to the XO when you have it ready."
Paul nodded. "Yes, Sir." He cut across the room and exited through the hatch, Katen's gaze following him the entire way.
Without a doubt, she'd have one or two, or possibly a million, more things to say about her crazy ass plan to manufacture planes on a warship several light years away from the nearest supply station.
He couldn't wait.

I love exploring an external conflict coming into an already established relationship. So much fun!

That's it for this week. Catch everyone on the flip.

ML Skye

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