Sunday, June 21, 2015

Sunday Snippet: Rewarding Experience

June 21, 2015

Happy Father's Day to all the terrific dads out there.

This week in TV? Gotta talk about the Orphan Black finale. Holy crap. I swear, every time I think I've got everything figured out the curve ball smacks me in the face again. I LOVE this show.

Killjoys ended up being better than I thought. Definitely happy to add it to my Friday night lineup. Defiance is dark this season and I like it, a lot. Dark Matter followed its premiere with another great episode so I'm in. So happy to have good TV on Friday nights again.

Strike Back's episode provided the high octane adventure I crave. I will say I sincerely hope Mei gets her richly deserved reward in the very near future. Please and thank you.

Finished a few more episodes of Teen Wolf. Should be caught up in time for the premiere in the next week or so. Also started Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries. What a kick ass show! Very much along the lines of The Murdoch Mysteries, which is one of my favorites. Looking forward to binge watching more soon.

The Last Ship premieres tonight! Can't wait to see what the crew gets into this season. Bring on the action.

Tonight's post is from Rewarding Experience, a novella where my main characters are face constant challenge and sometimes need to remember a more simple approach is nice.

Here's the tagline:

When an explosion rocks a deep space mining expedition, injuring Trixie Bell, she realizes how much she wants and needs Jock Tennyson by her side. The grueling hours and physically exhausting work makes the couple cranky and edgy, but Trixie decides to show Jock how rewarding a simple reprimand can be.

And the sneaky peek…

Jock looked up from the after action accident report. "Hey." He ran his gaze over Trixie, checking to make sure she didn't look too tired. "Should you be up?" He nodded toward her crutches.
She rolled her eyes. "Bastian gave me the boot. Told me if I could run my mouth, I could do it elsewhere."
Jock chuckled. "Driving him insane, were you?"
Trixie shrugged. "Maybe. I hate the infirmary. Once you're awake it loses its appeal."
Jock jerked his head, indicating she should come in. "Take a seat, before the floor meets your ass."
She sank down, letting out a long sigh. Setting her walking aids against the wall, she propped her leg up on the neighboring chair.
Jock grimaced. "How's the knee?" He closed the report and laid it aside.
Trixie frowned. "It's fine." She shifted a little, then blurted. "Thank you." Her voice cracked and she cleared her throat.
Jock quirked a brow. "For what?" He settled back in his chair, studying her.
Trixie snorted. "Gee, I don't know. Saving my life." The knee injury took her out of commission, but she'd been inches from being completely submerged under the rubble.
Jock downplayed the incident. "As if I could've let you die. The paperwork would be a nightmare." They did a dangerous job, close calls would always happen.
Trixie laughed, but the sound came out garbled. Her emotions churned just under the surface. Jock hoped to put her at ease not make her feel more unsettled.
Trixie sobered. "Seriously, Jock. Thank you." Her gaze met his and held it for several long moments.
So much unspoken… they'd been off lately. Snapping, snarking, and generally disagreeing about everything. She'd thrown some heavy insults at him just before the explosion… yet he didn't think twice about sticking around until he dug her out. He could've gone to get someone else, but he didn't.
Jock tiled his head. "You're welcome." He couldn't quite bring himself to say more.
The next move rested firmly in Trixie's hands.
She twisted her fingers together and glanced away. "Look, Jock. I'm sorry." She huffed out a sigh, but didn't say anything else.
He shot her a questioning look. "For what?" With Trixie, it could be a multitude of things.
Her eyes widened. "Last week, month, hell, make it the last several." She shifted again, moving her injured leg more fully onto the chair.
Jock shrugged. "You didn't say anything I didn't have coming." Their disagreements couldn't be shouldered by her alone.
Trixie narrowed her gaze. "Even the crack about shoving your dick up your ass?"
Jock's mouth thinned. "Okay, that one crossed a line, but I expect no less from you." She never pushed hard unless she had strong feelings.
Trixie's met his gaze squarely again. "Maybe you should start reprimanding me then." Her voice took on a husky quality unrelated to the soot and dust she'd swallowed.
He wanted to crawl over the desk and haul her close. Her injury and his uncertainty kept him rooted to his chair.
But, he quirked a brow. "Really? And how do you see that working, Trix?"
Her lips curved. "In a very mutually beneficial way." Her eyes flashed with something indefinable.
And he had a raging need to be schooled.
He leaned back, crossing his arms over his chest. "Okay, I'm intrigued. And… I'm listening."
I can't wait to hear the rest of this conversation. LOL

That's it for this week. Catch everyone on the flipside.

ML Skye

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