Sunday, June 7, 2015

Sunday Snippet: Quick, Fast, and Dirty

How did half the year slip by already? Seriously, I think I'm still stuck back in January. LOL

Then again, I know it's summer when Strike Back returns! It's not on in the US yet, but I'll be happy to do a rewatch when it hits Cinemax. I'm totally bracing to not have a full team by the end of the ten episode run. Something tells me Stonebridge and Scott have been way too lucky to date. Just saying.

Orphan Black continues to bring it's A game. I love, love, love the dynamic of putting Helena with Allison. I will say I'm not at all surprised Rachel pulled a magic rabbit out of her ass. I'm actually a little thrilled I can still hate her. I totally want to see her and Rudy in a room together and honestly don't care if neither comes out. LOL

Bitten had its US finale on Friday and I knew what would happen but the losses still smacked me in the gut. Season three can't get here fast enough for me.

On the Teen Wolf front, I'm about halfway through season four and I'm slowing down a little so I don't have so long to wait for new episodes. Although, I guess I could totally do a complete rewatch from start to finish if I get through the last handful of episodes too quickly. :D

That's it for TV this week. Tonight's post is from Quick, Fast, and Dirty a sexy short where my main characters don't have a lot of time for love, but find ways to work around the constraints.

Here's the tagline:

Vixen Arz and Josh Baldwin like their sex quick, fast, and dirty. In the middle of a war, they don't have time for sensual pleasantries, and they can't do the hearts and flowers things anyway—Vixen is Josh's superior officer. If caught fraternizing, both will face brig time—or court martial!

And a sneaky peek…

Josh stuck his head inside the office. "Vix?" His tone hushed, he lifted a brow in question.
She slapped the file closed. "Yeah. Definitely." Sliding the fit rep to the side, she stood, pushing the chair out of the way.
Josh ducked into the room, pushing the hatch closed before securing the door with a screwdriver. He cupped his erection, palming it a couple of times then working his zipper down when he walked closer. Vixen's mouth watered. She loved watching him get hard and ready. He popped the button and revealed the long length he had ready and waiting for her.
Sucking in an excited breath, Vixen played catch up and worked her fatigues loose, shoving them past her hips. Josh moved in behind her, guiding his cock between her legs.
He made a satisfied sound. "Wet and hot, just the way I like you." His hands grasped her hips and he teased her by sliding his rigid hard-on along her folds.
She glanced back over her shoulder. "Don't tease me, Josh. I want you hard and fast today." She wiggled her butt, bumping against his groin.
Josh leaned in and nipped at her ear. "When don't you?" But he didn't wait for her response.
Instead, he thrust forward, going deep, just the way she loved.
She groaned. "God, you feel good." And he did, always.
Even if the sex had to be quick, fast, and dirty. They stole moments, snatches of time to be together. They couldn't do anything else. Not in the middle of the stupid war.
Josh shoved his hand under her shirt to palm a breast. "Gonna be quick, Vix." His hips pumped, sending him a little further inside. "I've been thinking about this since roll call this morning."
Josh's hair roughened thighs met hers and she arched her back, grinding against him. "Hmm. That's about the same time I started looking forward to—oh, yeah, more of that, please." His palm smoothed down her torso and his fingers found her clit.
Josh's breath fanned against her ear. "Come with me, Vix. I'm ready… so close." He switched to short, rapid strokes moving in tandem with his magic fingers.
She sucked in air, gasping when she slid over the edge. "Now, Josh. Right now." Her nerve endings zinged with the orgasm, the tingling sensation blooming low in her belly to spread outward in a full body shudder.
Josh grasped her hips, pulling her ass into his groin, holding her there through his release. He huffed out a strangled breath, bracing one hand on the desk to keep him upright when his knees buckled.
Brushing her hair to one side, his lips grazed her neck. "I want more." Easing away from her, he grabbed the cleansing wipes and handed one her way then.
Still enjoying the throb of aftershocks, she gave serious consideration to going for round two. But the midafternoon shift change loomed and she had duty on the comm deck.
She groaned. "No time right now, but I'm free during last dog watch." She used the cooling cloth, brushing it over her hot skin, before righting her uniform.
Josh did a quick clean up before tucking his spent cock back into his pants. "Where?" He pushed his shirttails past the waistband then zipped and buttoned up.
Vixen didn't hesitate. "Storage locker on D deck. I'll bring the lube." Her lips curved when his mouth dropped open. "Two hours. We'll have time."
Josh cupped her face with both hands. "I'll be there." His mouth captured hers in a quick, hard kiss.
Crossing the small space between the desk and the hatch, he grabbed the screwdriver and spun the release.
Pulling the door open, he turned. "Thank you for seeing me today, Sir." Crossing the threshold, he strolled away whistling a jaunty tune.
Vixen pulled her chair back over, sat down, and opened the fit rep she'd been working on. Recharged and ready to finish the report, she fought the urge to hum a peppy song of her own.

Vix and Josh are so much fun to write. I have a feeling the conflict is going to rear its ugly head in the very near future. Can't have my main couple all hot and steamy throughout the whole story, right?

That's it for this week. Catch everyone on the flipside.

ML Skye

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