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Sunday Snippet: Submit


Ugh. I'm fighting a nasty summer cold / allergy / yuck something, which I'm hoping runs its course before next week. School starts on August 25, but my kidlets already have golf and football stuff going on. We've already had a football scrimmage and our first golf match is Monday. Sadly, I won't be going because I can't breathe when I go outside. LOL Ugh. Seriously, my nasal passages can clear up any time now.

Let's see. Teen Wolf? Yeah. A shit ton of stuff happened in the last episode. Glad to see things moving forward. I'm now excited to see Monday's episode. If I'm not in a cold / allergy medication induced coma.

Friday night on Syfy is still kicking major ass. Defiance turned in a pretty awesome episode. But… I was sad to see one of the characters go. I'm also dying to see where this whole thing ends and there better be another season to wrap stuff up. I'm going to be very angry if there isn't. LOL

Killjoys seriously keeps me glued to the screen. This is another one where a new season is a must. The pacing and everything else related to backstory and world building is just about perfect. The only thing I'd like to see a little more of is John's history. I'd even throw Pawter in there, too, but I'm actually okay with what's been revealed of her history so far. Here's hoping next week's episode is mind-blowing.

Dark Matter… cliffhanger ahoy! I'll be riveted to see how Two gets out of the predicament she landed in. I'm also interested in seeing where they end this season. While this show spends a little more time on backstory / exposition, I'm definitely excited by the possibilities of more.

The Last Ship. What can I say? I've praised everything from the pacing, characters, actors, and writing. I'll add all the twists and turns to the mix. I totally didn't see Rachel's ballsy action last week and I can't wait to see if shit flies or not. I'm kind of hoping for the latter because seriously? Her move needed to happen. Just saying.

And enough about TV. Tonight's post is from Submit, a novella where my heroine shows my hero an awesome way to bust stress.

Here's the mini-blurb:

Lena Stoll and Welles Abernate work security on a large space station. While the job pays well, the stress level can quickly skyrocket, but Lena comes up with a great solution—she acts as a dominatrix in her downtime—much to Welles's surprise.

And a sneaky peek…

Welles blinked, his shock evident. "What the hell Lena?" His gaze scanned her from head to toe.
No doubt the leather bustier, latex hot pants, black lattice stockings, and high heeled, patent boots boggled his mind and scrambled his wits.
Lena lifted a shoulder. "Gotta relieve the stress somehow. This works." She pinned him with a bold stare. "It's not sexual, Welles."
He snorted. "Sure as hell looks that way." He glanced around her workspace filled with light bondage devices and other tricks of her trade.
Lena smirked. "Oh, Welles. You have so much to learn." And she wouldn't mind educating him.
The Marionette didn't do hardcore sadomasochism so the paraphernalia would be considered tame in most of the private facilities that catered to those who lived and breathed the lifestyle.
Welles frowned. "You think?" He folded his arms across his chest.
Lena huffed out a laugh. "Don't think. Know." She did a slow walk around the room. "But you'd never understand. Not if you think it's about sex." Lesson number one.
Welles cocked his head to one side. "So what's it about, Lena?" His skeptical tone belied the curiosity in his gaze.
She pursed her lips. "Finding order in chaos." The simplest way to start an explanation.
Welles rolled his eyes. "By smacking someone on the ass or putting their dick in a ring?" He shook his head.
Lena shrugged. "That happens sometimes. But you're missing the point." She stopped and waited, hoping to lead him exactly where she wanted him to go.
If he would open up to the possibilities, she could show him how exciting and rejuvenating a little playacting could be. Not to mention she'd love to get her hands on him more than just a little.
Welles finally asked. "And the point is…" He quirked an eyebrow.
Lena turned and walked toward the x-frame rack. "Control. Submitting to it and finding the calm in the storm." She glanced back and caught the doubtful look on his face. "Never mind. I told you you wouldn't get it." She ran her hand over the polished metal and gave the hand restraints a solid tug. "The concept is probably beyond you." Sliding her gaze sideways, she caught his reaction.
His arms dropped and his lips thinned. "So explain the concept then." He moved to the center of the room and settled down onto the spanking stool, a u-shaped, upholstered bench.
Lena shoved the vivid image of him draped over it, his ass on display while she chose which disciplinary tool to use.
Shaking her head, she pondered how to answer. "Look, the name of this club is The Marionette. It's all about role play here." She walked toward him, the heels of her boots making a click-clack sound on the tiled floor. "It's not a hard core S and M club. The guys, and girls, from the luxe quadrant come to enact fantasy scenarios. Maybe they're not getting what they need at home." She dragged a chair over and sat across from him. "Or they always have to be on point in their business meetings, or whatever. They're in high pressure situations, making all the decisions, and when they come here, they know exactly what to expect and none of the pressure is on them." They simply followed orders instead of giving them and let her make all the decisions.
Welles frowned. "Where do you come in then? All slicked up in latex, leather, and black lattice stockings." He did another once over.
Lena smiled. "I'm what guys dream about, Welles. A woman who can punish and reward, create tension before relaxation, and ultimately provide a satisfying end." And usually in ways no one expected.
Welles quirked an eyebrow. "How is that not about sex? If guys are getting off and blowing their wads, it's sexual." He barely kept the disdain from his voice.
Lena sighed. "First, not all of my clients seek that kind of release. Those that do strictly self-pleasure." She waited a beat. "And only if I give permission." She got up and paced back and forth. "That's the key, Welles. Giving them the okay to do what they want, but letting them not be the ones to decide." She stopped and faced him. "The experience is very freeing on an emotional level."
His reactions played out on his face for several long beats, skepticism followed by reflection until understanding finally dawned. About damned time. Lena didn't think she could paint a clearer picture of what she did and why.
Welles glanced around the space, his gaze lingering a little longer on the equipment. "Okay, Lena, I get it. And I can see how what you do relieves stress… on both sides." He huffed out a breath and slowly rose. "I'll file the report and note there's no conflict of interest here." He turned toward the exit.
Lena grabbed his arm. "Hold up, Welles. You're not at all curious to see if there could be a conflict?" She wanted him to stick around and let her put him through the paces.
Welles paused and faced her. "Is that a challenge?" He planted his hands on his hips.
Lena lifted a shoulder. "More like a dare, but call it whatever you want." Her lips curved.
Welles gave her a long, considering look. "Fine. Show me." He met her gaze with a bold stare.
Lena fought to keep her mouth from dropping open. She'd hoped, more like craved, getting him into this position. She couldn't blow her chance now.
She moved to stand toe-to-toe with him. "You're ready to give up total control?" Her fingers tingled with anticipation.
Welles gave a terse nod. "Yes, Lena." He held her gaze. "I submit."
A ripple of intense pleasure rocketed through her. She let a wide, slow smile spread across her face when she backed up several feet. Reaching into her pocket, she remotely closed and locked the door.
Putting on her game face, she lifted her chin. "From this point forward you will address me as Domina, do you understand?"
Welles barely kept his lips from twitching, but he responded. "Yes, Domina."
Several delicious scenarios sprang to mind and Lena couldn't wait to get started.
She inclined her head. "Good. Now strip."
This one is so much fun. Lena finally gets Welles exactly where she wants him.

That's it for this week. Catch everyone on the flipside.

ML Skye

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