Sunday, August 30, 2015

Sunday Snippet: Taken by Surprise

Whew. What a week in television! First, Teen Wolf pulled off a pretty interesting ending for the summer finale. That being said, I'll happily watch Theo die in a fire created by Parrish if that ever happens. Just saying.

The Last Ship threw in a few more little twisty bits. I tweeted last weekend about wishing they'd stop killing my faves and boot off the Ramseys. Here's hoping someone heard my plea. LOL

Defiance turned in a kick ass finale. I'm so hoping it's not the end of the series, but if it is, I could live with the way it ended. That said, I think there's a buttload of potential left and hope to see more from this show. Dark Matter ended up being way better than I thought. Finally have more info about Two. It's a little sketchy but enough to keep me interested. And wow… I have to say I didn't see the end coming with Six. I'll leave it there for anyone who hasn't seen how things are left, but yeah, I'm in for more.

Not sure what Syfy has slated for their Friday nights now, but whatever it is, the shows have a tough act to follow. Fingers crossed for good stuff.

Haven't mentioned Dominion lately, but again, good show that's holding my interest. We'll see how they leave things for their finale. Haven is starting soon and I'll probably be a blubbering mess when it's over because I love that show so much. Stay tuned. LOL

Tonight's post is from Taken by Surprise, a sexy short where my heroine has to get creative to surprise my hero.

Here's the mini-blurb:

Pales Thompson has a new man, Herrick Edwards, in her life and his birthday is coming up, but they're stuck on a ship with no R&R passes available. Pales isn't great at maintaining a relationship, but she'll take Herrick by surprise and plan a spectacular day.

And a sneaky peek…

Pales snuggled up close to Herrick. "Mmm. Nice to wake up warm and cozy for once." The recycled air on the ship tended to make the mornings cold.
Herrick's lips quirked. "You mean without getting called out in the middle of the night to dispatch a few raiding parties?" His arms tightened around her. "Damn right it is."
Pales couldn't argue. They'd had five nights of interruptions, emptying out the sleeping quarters each time. Traversing the neutral zone always proved interesting… and exhausting.
She rolled to her back and stretched. "A full eight hours. I'm not quite sure how to act after getting a full night's rest."
Herrick shifted to his side, propping his head on his hand. "Bright eyed and bushy tailed?" His free hand traced a line down her arm.
Pales laughed. "No way. The XO will find a mile long list of shit he wants me to do." She turned to face Herrick.
He quirked an eyebrow. "You think he won't anyway? He knows we all got decent shut eye last night."
Pales sighed. "Yeah, you're right." Her lips upward and she met his gaze. "So let's take advantage of being awake early." She smoothed her hand down his naked chest and over his defined abs.
Herrick leaned in, snagging her lips in a quick, hard kiss. "Have I ever told you I like the way your brain works?" His hands found her hips, pulling her flush against him.
Pales shook her head. "No, but we're usually too busy trying to get a quick one in to do much talking." She usually preferred to avoid deep conversation, but Herrick intrigued her on so many levels.
She might have to revisit her stern set of rules. She'd already broken the first one by sleeping with him more than two nights in a row. Okay, they didn't actually get much sleep, so last night technically counted as the only time.
But she tried not to get attached to anyone on a ship. Why bother when transfers often came through at a moment's notice and random raiding parties took good pilots on a whim?
Except they were through the dangerous part of their journey and back in regulated space. And they'd be on this side of the galaxy for four months, carrying a scion generator to Base Station Ragnar.
Herrick's mouth moved along her jawline. "We've got ninety minutes before the morning briefing. Quick doesn't have to factor in this morning." His hands cupped her ass, kneading the flesh.
Yep. Time to throw the rules out the window.
Pales rocked her hips against his erection. "Then by all means, let's take our time and be as thorough as possible." Her arms went around his neck and she lifted her chin to meet his lips in a hot kiss.
I have a feeling this one isn't going to stay short and sweet, but we'll see how the sages cooperate. LOL

That's it for this week. Catch everyone on the flipside.

ML Skye

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