Sunday, March 13, 2016

Sunday Snippet: Zen State

Whew. Had a super-busy week running all over the place with my teenagers. Glad it's over.

Another light television week, which worked out well, considering the whole crazytown express thing. The Walking Dead turned in a fine outing, but I'm still kind of dreading the whole Neegan thing. Here's hoping I'm projecting for nothing.

My Monday lineup continues to impress. I hope Syfy continues to keep that day of the week filled with awesome shows. I can't always count on the network to make the best decisions. LOL

Tuesday's Teen Wolf finale didn't disappoint. I can honestly say I'm quite happy with how everything turned out. Theo received a just fate and, as usual, Scott's side had all the bases covered. I was a little disappointed I didn't get to see how things turned out for Parrish. I have my own personal head canon for his future. Agents of SHIELD returned and not a bad effort.

Legends of Tomorrow is still putting on a good show. I have a few, small quibbles with some aspects of the development, but I'll save those for my fandom blog where spoilers are discussed openly.

Murdoch Mysteries ended up being pretty great. I love how the show, even after being on for almost ten years, still finds new ground to cover. Seriously, can't ask for more than that in a long-running favorite.

And that's it for TV this week.

Tonight's post is from Zen State, a sexy short story that got its start with the prompt "One character finds the other self-pleasuring". Bonus points for name moaning. Seriously? How could I resist that one?

Here's the mini-blurb:

Rue Chambers and Blaise Watkinson have secret fantasies about each other all the time, but don't act on them. At least not until both are trying to achieve a zen state by self-pleasuring and end up in the same place at the same time.

And a sneaky peek…

"And that wraps up the morning briefing." Blaise Watkinson, the CAG, glanced up, his gaze scanning the room, landing briefly on each pilot before he spoke again. "Dismissed."
Rue Chambers had it bad. If a single word uttered by the CAG could induce a shivery fissure of desire. The voice always got her. The raspy, rough quality never failed to zing all her hot spots. Morning briefings were all the more torturous because Rue hated the early AM hour and she always left with inappropriate thoughts blazing through her mind.
Rising, she started for the exit, fully intent upon hitting the hangar deck to pick up a shift in maintenance. The chief could always use an extra pair of hands and she could use the physical labor to work off some of the keyed up tension.
"Chambers. A moment please." Blaise called from somewhere behind her.
Rue paused and turned, intending to meet him halfway. But he surprised her by being less than ten feet away. She drew in a shaky breath, trying to calm her racing pulse. He didn't need to know how attractive she found him. Not like they could hookup. His higher rank meant she needed to keep a safe, minimum distance and stop indulging her baser instincts. Frat regs notwithstanding, Blaise had a reputation for sticking to protocol.
Rue met his gaze. "Sir?" Her feet itched to beat a hasty retreat.
Blaise propped a shoulder on the bulkhead. "You were late to the briefing this morning. Care to tell me why?" An eyebrow quirked in question.
Shit. She'd hoped he missed her sliding in after he'd started. And no way could she admit the reason why. Sorry, Sir. I took advantage of an empty bunkroom to self-pleasure, hoping it would take the edge off my attraction for you. First, her quick masturbatory session failed to have the desired effect. Second, Blaise would probably slap her with a reprimand for conduct unbecoming. So, no, she didn't care to tell him why.
But she had to say something. "I'm sorry, Sir. I slept through reverie, had trouble sleeping last night." The words stuttered off her tongue, her usual skill with stretching the truth totally escaping her.
Blaise narrowed his eyes, probably recognizing the lie. He studied her, saying nothing, for several long moments. Long enough, she finally had to glance down or wilt under the perusal. When she looked back up, he'd tilted his head to one side, a contemplative gleam in his eyes.
He straightened and shoved away from the bulkhead. "Are we going to have a problem with insomnia?" His gaze pinned her to the spot.
She shook her head, scrambling for a response. "Uh, no, Sir. No more caffeine after five PM for me." Her attempt at humor must have worked because he cracked a smile.
With a nod, he swept his arm forward, indicating she should precede him out into the corridor. "I'll expect to see you on time tomorrow then." He strode ahead then glanced over his shoulder. "You're on dog watch, right?" He referred to the hours between 1600 and 2000.
Rue inclined her chin. "Yes. I'll be sure to hit my rack as soon as I get off shift and grab some chow." She'd be ready for a semi-early night.
Blaise held her gaze a moment then faced forward again. "As long as you're on time tomorrow, Chambers." He made a left at the junction of the corridor and disappeared from her line of vision.
Rue heaved a relieved sigh. She'd skated free and clear on that potential minefield.
Now she had to make sure she absolutely made it to the morning briefing bright and early.

I'm seriously hoping to find the time to finish this one up. So much fun to write.

And that's it for this week. Catch everyone on the flipside.

ML Skye

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