Sunday, July 10, 2016

Sunday Snippet: Breaking Point

Well, The Last Ship didn't kill any of my favorites last week. On one hand, this makes me very happy. On the other, I'm now wondering when, who, and how much it will destroy me when they take out a crewmember. LOL

Killjoys continues to rock my world. I love the show so much. I also love seeing so many familiar faces from other genre shows. Same goes for Dark Matter. After a "meh" opening episode, this week's turned out to be so much better with the possibility of a few cast shake-ups. I'm a little iffy on where things are going but I'm in for the ride.

The rewatch of Babylon 5 is up to the start of season two. I'm also in season two of Strike Back. Summer is great for sinking into and revisiting old favorites.

Tonight's post is from Breaking Point, book three in the saga of Molly and Sloan. Series title is forthcoming.

Here's the mini-blurb:

Molly and Sloan are rock solid until the fleet reaches its breaking point and their relationship is one of the casualties… or so they want everyone to think.

And a sneaky peek…

Molly waited her turn. She thought she had the answer. "We still need to get someone on the inside."
All eyes looked at her now. Most held disbelief.
"What?" She walked around the tactical room. "It's not a bad plan. We get someone close… go to the big deal meeting and grab the leader. Game over."
Sloan shook his head. "It won't work. They'd never let anyone military within ten feet of that meeting."
Oscar jumped in. "If someone resigned their commission in support of this movement, they would."
Molly grinned wide. "I like the way he thinks."
Quinn considered the idea. "It's risky… lotta things could go wrong."
Sloan had a very bad feeling. He had no doubt who Molly thought would be the best. And he hated the idea. Who better for the job than a loud-mouthed, high profile pilot with a propensity for bucking authority?
He shook his head back and forth. "Don't even. Don't even think it, Molls. You are not going in."
Killian. He'd be a better choice. He had a reason to be angry. Hadn't been back very long, got left behind. Molly… too high profile, too recognizable. Utterly crazy idea.
No one would buy it.
Molly shot him a scathing look and fired back. "You did not just say that." Her glare should've singed him on the spot. "Who died and made you admiral?"
Her comeback pulled a grin from the elder MacNeill. And Sloan knew he'd lost.
Liam nodded. "It makes sense, Major. Create a big splash, grab their attention, go in hot."
He shook his head again. "No… they'll never go for it."
Molly scoffed. "Says you. And screw that. If you're not going to help, go meet with Sinclair."
Sloan sent her a chilly glance. "I think I'll do that. Admiral?"
His dad treaded lightly. "Go. See what you can find out. We'll need his intel."
Sloan gave a curt nod, pivoted, and walked out the door.
This was far from over.

I'm making slow progress on this series. The first two books are pretty much completed and the third is a little over halfway. Based on what I have to date, looks like two more will round out the series with a possible offshoot or two. We'll see how everything goes. J

That's it for this week. Catch everyone on the flipside.

ML Skye

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