Sunday, July 3, 2016

Sunday Snippet: Boxing Day

Ahhh, The Last Ship makes me so very happy. And none of my favorites ended up dead in the last episode so there's that, too. I won't hold out too much hope for a death free episode tonight. Best to be prepared, right?

Killjoys came back with a bang. Gotta say I'm super happy to see it back on my screen. Here's hoping the whole season is as terrific as the premiere.

Dark Matter… eh, I was a little disappointed in the opener. That said, there are some interesting developments, especially given the ending. I'll reserve judgment before deciding if season two is a bust.

The finale for Wynonna Earp rocked. Fingers are still crossed for a second season. Some great seed were planted for future threads and I hope Syfy gives this show a chance.

Babylon 5 rewatch continues. I'm almost through the first season and so many little things I missed on the other viewings are popping up. I love when that happens.

Strike Back is also entertaining me with the same things happening. I catch small things I missed when I watched the first time.

That's it for TV this week. Hope everyone enjoys the fireworks shows if they like that kind of thing. Me? I'm happy watching them on what else… television. J

Tonight's post is from Boxing Day, a sexy short with lots of reflection of happy moments.

Here's the mini-blurb:

Aeryn Gray packs up the personal belongings of Nash Nitali and spies a pair of boxing gloves. The sight takes her back through their weird brand of courtship and she takes some time to reminisce about their long, tangled affair.

And a sneaky peek…

Nash Natali scrambled out of the training ring. Shit. He rarely lost track of time, especially when he had an early briefing. Damn. Way to get off on the absolute worst footing possible with his new pilot. One he desperately needed.
Even if she had a smart mouth to go along with her hot temper.
And even hotter body. The woman filled out her gym gear in all the right places.
Inappropriate, Nash. Get your head out of your ass and off her curves. Focus on making amends for the dick move.
He chased his lieutenant down. "Gray! Hold up." Catching up to her, he apologized. "I'm sorry I missed our briefing. I don't make a habit of blowing off my new pilots." He flashed a smile. "I've been waiting for your arrival with great anticipation for two weeks."
Her lips curved, a polite gesture. "Yeah, well, you could've fooled me." She folded her arms over her chest.
Nash tried a different approach. "Look, we can head to my office right now." He remembered his sweaty state. "Or, if you'd rather, I can grab a quick shower and meet you in ten."
Aeryn eyed him with a sideways glance. "Why not head back to the gym and you can brief me while I get a workout in?" Her gaze challenged him to refuse.
He didn't argue. "Not exactly SOP, but since you're cutting me some slack here, I'm all for the idea." Turning, he headed back toward the gym area.
She followed and grabbed a pair of sparring gloves. "I'll apologize for butting in earlier. I should have realized you were training a rookie." Stuffing her hands in the gloves, she tightened the straps with her teeth.
Nash quirked a grin. "You definitely don't hold back, do you?" He slipped a pair of gloves on also.
Aeryn gave him a sheepish smile. "Not usually, no. I speak my mind but have no problem being told to keep my thoughts to myself." She turned and started a quick jab session with the speed ball. "Doesn't always work, but I do my best to comply." A quick side eye showed the humor in her gaze.
He liked her. She'd fit in well with her shoot from the hip style.
Nash took a spot at the neighboring machine. "Can't ask for more, especially since you've given me fair warning." He settled into a steady rhythm, enjoying the camaraderie. "For the record, feel free to call me on my bullshit whenever necessary." He snorted. "Missing a briefing is definitely bullshit."
Aeryn barked out a laugh. "You know what, Sir? You and I are going to get along just fine."
He couldn't agree more. And spent the next thirty minutes giving his new pilot the lowdown on her new post.

I love this little short story. Here's hoping I can finish it up soon and launch it into the bookverse. :D

That's it for this week. Catch everyone on the flipside.

ML Skye

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