Sunday, August 7, 2016

Sunday Snippet: Climate Control

August 7, 2016

Well… a lonely week without an episode of The Last Ship, but the previous episode gave me lots of fodder to make theories about. LOL. I seriously think Blonde Ambition has an agenda we have yet to see. A friend suggested Allison is in cahoots with Jacob the asshat reporter and I love the idea. On the Asian front, Chandler has his hands full. The green mist stuff may make me find a new favorite color. LOL

Killjoys keeps getting better and better. Truly love how lots of threads are working their way together and twisting around each other. This show continues to amaze. And guess what? It's got green plasma goo stuff, so, yeah, maybe orange is going to be my new favorite color. LOL

Dark Matter finally dropped some details about Nyx, one of the new crew members. Looking forward to seeing how the interaction with Four changes when she finds out what he suggested for her brother.

Babylon 5 rewatch continues and I'm almost at the end of season two. I'm looking forward to diving into three because the groundwork from the first two seasons starts building one of my favorite characters arcs of all time.

I viewed more Strike Back and remembered how much I loved all the mistakes they let Stonebridge and Scott make in season two. Seriously, the duo messed up on a pretty big scale… several times. LOL I think that's why it became one of my favorite shows.

And that's it for television. Tonight's post is from Climate Control, a sexy short I hope to make part of my Space Caper anthology. This will hopefully include several short works based around the loose theme of fun antics in space.

Here's the mini-blurb:

When the climate control on their ship goes haywire, Ned and Lakin have to heat things up and cool things down. During the wait for a fix, they discover a mutual attraction and the temperature goes from chilly to blazing in record time.

And a sneaky peek…

Lakin Pope slid out from under the mine-crawler and slowly got to her feet. She swiped a hand over her forehead then fanned her face.
Huffing out a breath, she blew stray tendrils of hair away. "Holy hells, it's like a sauna in here."
[Pass the word. Temperature is gonna rise. Climate control is stuck on hot. Ship's engineer is working on the problem. Pass the word.]
Lakin groaned. "Well that explains why you could cut the humidity with a knife in here." She unzipped her coveralls and shrugged out of the top portion. "Hey, Ramos, I'm done for the day. It's too damned hot in here already." And with over fifty crewmembers, the ship wouldn't cool down anytime soon.
The head mechanic waved her off. "Get out of here, Pope. I'm cancelling shifts until the engineer gets his shit together. Those crawlers aren't going anywhere and we won't need them until our return trip." He walked over to the comm station to make the announcement to the maintenance crew.
Lakin ducked into the small locker area and stripped down to her t-shirt and shorts. The cotton fabric already stuck to her skin and she yanked the shirt over her head, leaving her clad in a thin formfitting tank. Not exactly standard issue for the Galactica Mining employees, but the bigwigs could kiss her ass if they had a problem with her attire. Better yet, they could try making long hauls in their own ships. Maybe they'd realize comfortable clothing during downtime made their crewmembers happy.
Lakin beat the rush of maintenance crew and cleared the changing area before the others started rolling in to shed their heavy work clothes. She strolled through the corridor and went down one deck to the crew quarters. She didn't have a lock on removing as much as possible, meeting four other people in the residential section in various states of undress. Making her way to the senior staff section, she glanced inside the bunkroom then made a quick dash to the head.
Only to bump into Ned Carmichael coming from the opposite direction.
He'd gone down to his boxer briefs and had a thin tank thrown over his shoulder.
He flashed a grin. "Looks like you had the same idea." His head jerked toward the unisex bathroom. "Grabbing a nice, cool shower before it gets really steamy in here."
Lakin cast an appreciative glance in his direction. "Damn, you're looking good, Ned. Maybe the climate control should go on the fritz more often." She nudged her way into the head before him. "And, yeah, figured I'd get in before the mad rush." Grabbing the hem of her shirt, she tugged it up and over her head. "I don't mind sharing if you don't." She slid him a sideways look and laughed when he groaned.
He shook his head after giving her a slow once-over. "You're killing me, Pope. The least you can do is share." Moving past her, he yanked open his locker and flung his shirt inside.
Shooting her a quick glance, he shucked his briefs and strode into an empty stall. Turning on the spray, he stepped under the water and choked on a strangled gasp. With six shower heads, they'd definitely have to share sooner or later. Wouldn't take long for the whole crew to get wise and drop in.
Lakin chuckled. "Cold, isn't it?" She stripped her panties off and tossed them into her locker.
Ned crooked his finger. "Join me and find out." He moved to the side, giving her plenty of space to duck under the frigid blast when ready.
Taking a deep breath, she moved forward, sneaking another peek at Ned. The man had a gorgeous physique. How had she missed that?
And what did she have to do to get up close and personal with his hard, hot body?

Little longer than normal snippet, but I loved how this scene came together. If all works out, I'll introduce my Space Caper Shorts in 2017.

That's it for this week. Catch everyone on the flipside.

ML Skye

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