Sunday, October 23, 2016

Sunday Snippet: Dance with Destiny

October 23, 2016

What a great week in television for writing inspiration. I love to do my weekly roundup of viewing fare because it always gets my creative juices flowing. Sundays tend to be great writing days. LOL

Gotham might be having its best season yet. Truly, I love everything about it so far. I'm hoping the momentum continues and the show doesn't crash and go off the rails.

The Flash remains excellent. Loved seeing Jessie and Wells again. Also like the slow reveal of Caitlyn's issues. I'll leave it there for folks who aren't caught up yet.

Agents of SHIELD had a great episode. Everyone is finally back in the fold and it's time to move the story along.

Once again, Arrow proved to be awesome. Overall, it's still my favorite show. I love how they worked Quentin into the storyline and the way it went down. He makes so much sense for the new role he's taking on. Looking forward to the next episode to see how things go with Diggle.

Legends of Tomorrow also brought a great episode to my screen. I'm enjoying how hard the team is finding being an actual team. Very interested in seeing what happens with the new guy. Between Gideon and the two resident geniuses, I think he'll be alright.

MacGyver stayed fun. I have a fondness for train hijinks and the show delivered a terrific episode with a last minute save. Can't ask for more.

As usual, Van Helsing left me a little "meh". It's probably time to drop the updates since I'm not completely into the show. Sadly.

And that's it for television this week. I'll have some feelings about Murdoch Mysteries in the next post. YAY!

Tonight's post is from Dance with Destiny, a novella that continues the story in An Answer to Fate.

Here's the mini-blurb:

A prophecy discovered leads to a dance with destiny. Quillan and Jeb have to find their way back to each other and might just tempt fate to do it.

And a sneaky peek…

Another zing. "Damned good thing I haven't seen him." A surge of anger hit. "Thirty years, Quill. Every one of them a lie. How's the old man holding up?"
Quillan didn't know how to answer. She carefully kept the full force of her feelings tamped down. The elder Paldino had stoic down to a fine art. Drawn so taut she feared he'd snap. But the man wouldn't break.
She wished he had a little more room to bend.
"Quillan? How's my dad?"
She answered plainly. "He's your old man, Jeb. He moves forward. No matter how much baggage he has to drag along behind him."
His sigh came through, loud and clear. "You need to tell him, Quill. It'll help if he knows I'm alive."
She snorted. "Exactly how should I pull that one off?" She didn't feel his presence as strongly. "Jeb? Help me out here." Just a few more moments… please, Universe.
"Quill? Did you get that?" Jeb's garbled voice finally cut through.
She focused on the sound of his voice. "No. Say it again, Jeb. I can't hear you."
Instead of words, she received a vivid image of Jeb—maybe at age ten—sitting at a table, blood streaking down one side of his face. His mom stood behind him—wearing a look of abject horror—a broken wine bottle clutched in her hand. Jonah Paldino stepped between mom and son, pure rage marring his face.
Quillan gasped and her heart lurched for the men. But another image washed over the first. The replacement showed Jonah stitching up his son's wound.
With a tender hand, he tied off the thread. "She meant that bottle for me, son. You got caught in the crossfire."
Stoic Jeb sighed. "It's not the first time she's smashed an empty bottle, Dad. You're usually not around when she does it."
Jonah snarled. "It's the last time she'll do it." He cut through the string and stooped down, looking Jeb in the eye. "What's my bond?"
Jeb pressed his lips together, holding back a tremulous smile. "Your word, Dad."
"You have it, Jeb." Jonah cupped a hand on Jeb's cheek, rubbing his thumb over the dried blood. "I'm taking your mom to Holly Bend. They'll help her there." Handing Jeb a wet cloth, he ordered. "Get cleaned up. You'll stay on base tonight. Safe and secure. I'll have Ty make a pass for you."
Jeb packed a rucksack and followed his dad to the truck. He didn't ask any questions and probably didn't want answers. He slept curled up under the huge desk in the major's office.
Quillan sucked in a harsh breath. "Geez, Jeb. I had no idea."
His voice echoed softly in her head. "No one did. And they still don't."
A new set of images played in her mind.
Jonah shook his son awake, checking the wound on his head. "You all right?"
Jeb nodded, folding up his bedroll. "Head hurts, but I'm okay."
Jonah directed his son to the overstuffed leather chair. "Son, your mom and I had a long, overdue discussion last night." He settled down in the matching chair set offside from Jeb's. "She's not coming with us to Bannock." The new station orbiting Tular.
Jeb frowned but nodded.
Jonah grasped his hand. "It's not your fault. She and I need you to know it. You're a bright, smart kid. You understand she's angry with me, don't you?"
Jeb answered, solemnly. "Yes, Sir."
Jonah slid off the chair, kneeling in front of Jeb. "Your mom asked for one thing. She doesn't want anyone to know why she's not coming. At least not the real reason." He met and held his son's gaze. "It's a big burden to put on you, keeping her secret. But I'm asking if you can do it." His voice broke. "It's okay if you can't."
Jeb didn't hesitate. "I can do it, Dad. I won't tell anyone about Mom."
Jonah questioned. "Are you certain? It's a big thing to ask."
Jeb nodded. "I'm sure. My bond is my word, Dad."
Jonah reached out and hauled Jeb close. "You're more than I deserve, Jeb."
The picture faded and Quillan dashed tears from her eyes.
"I never told anyone about my mom, Quill. Until now. You share this with my father. He'll believe you."
Quillan snorted. "Bullshit. He'll think I’m nuts."
Jeb chuckled. "Quill, he already thinks you're insane. Tell him. It's the only thing I have that he knows, knows, I've never told anyone."
Quillan smiled. Jonah did consider her slightly crazy, but he appreciated her offbeat humor. Especially since Jeb's death—disappearance.
She cracked a wide grin. "You're not dead." Jonah would flip his shit when he found out.
Jeb sighed. "I thought we established that already, Quillan."
She laughed. "We did. But your dad doesn't know yet." Scooting around, she swung her legs over the edge of her bunk. "I'd better go tell him before I convince myself you're a figment of my imagination." Warmth infused her along with a shot of lustful yearning. "Dammit, Jeb, don't start something you can't possibly finish."
Jeb whispered, "I miss you, Quill. And I don't know when I'll be able to contact you again."
She tried to project everything she felt for him through their connection. "I miss you, too. And something tells me the hybot will make sure you get through again."
Jeb started to fade. "I hope so. Love you. Always."
A sense of emptiness filled her when the contact ended. "I love you, too, Jeb."

A little longer than usual for the preview. I liked how this scene turned out.

That's it for this week. Catch everyone on the flipside.

ML Skye

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