Sunday, October 16, 2016

Sunday Snippet: Damn the Torpedo Flu

October 16, 2016

Whew. Crazy busy weekend with my daughter's first high school homecoming. Very glad to have a day to recover. LOL

In television this week, Gotham keeps pulling out the stops and taking twists I'm not expecting. I like that. Keep bringing the crazy, please.

Caught up on Agents of SHIELD. The season feels a little choppy so far, but I'll keep watching to see if the flow smooths out a little. I'll honestly say I'm slightly tired of the whole constantly being betrayed by someone on the inside scenarios. Here's hoping that isn't what's going on.

The Flash is doing a pretty decent job of explaining the reset of the timeline and how it's bled over into the other verses. A little tripped up over the gender swap on Arrow. I'll say nothing else in case folks are behind.

I kind of like Oliver having to train a new team on Arrow. Really not sure about the whole Felicity thing. Reserving judgment until more of the season plays out. Diggle's in dire straits again, which, eh, could get old fast.

Legends of Tomorrow rocked!! I rather miss Snart not being with the team and Rip is hopefully not completely lost. Mick is a total riot and I'm kind of liking how he's meshing with the team.

MacGyver had another good episode. It's a fun Friday night show and the cast works well together. A little disappointed with the Penny character, but it's her introduction so we'll see how things play out there.

Van Helsing still isn't quite doing anything for me. Maybe this is a show I need to binge watch to really sink into the storyline. We'll see what happens.

The Walking Dead returns next week. I'm still "meh" about the premiere. That could change in a week. LOL

And that's it for TV this week. Tonight's post is from Damn the Torpedo Flu, a sexy short about finding hot romance in the middle of a crisis.

Here's the mini-blurb:

When the torpedo flu hits the space station, Paisley and Dale are practically the last ones standing. Working through the crisis will bring them closer together, if they don't kill each other first.

And a sneaky peek…

::Pass the word. All passes to the recreation and commerce sectors of Riva Anchorage are hereby revoked or on hold. Attention. Pass the word. An outbreak of the torpedo flu is confirmed and spreading like wildfire::
Paisley Groves stopped midstride and let out a groan. Glancing up, she shot a middle finger at the speaker. "Damned miners. Figures they'd bring some horrid virus back."
::The mining and military sectors are under quarantine until the virus runs its course. Mining operations are suspended until the source is discovered and eradicated::
Paisley snorted. "Oh, sure. The miners get a break. But what about the rest of us?" She started toward the head again. "Not bloody likely."
Undogging the hatch, she swung the door out and almost ran into her CAG, Dale Helmsworth.
He caught her by the shoulders. "I take it you heard the announcement." Stepping back, he followed her into the unisex bathroom.
Paisley slid a sideways glance his way. "Be hard not to." Yanking her locker open, she rifled through to find her shower kit. "What the hell is torpedo flu?" No doubt something vile and debilitating.
Dale propped a shoulder on the metal enclosure next to hers. "From what I've heard, it's like regular influenza on stims. And there's no warning period. That's why they call it the torpedo flu. Sneaks up all stealthy like and hits fast." He shuddered.
Paisley swallowed hard. "How fast?"
Dale met her gaze and held it. "Dropping like flies fast."
Oh, yeah. Definitely vile.
She gathered her kit and a large towel. "Geez. That sucks." Slamming the door closed, she started for the shower stalls. "What are the symptoms?" Not that she'd go anywhere near a sick person. No way.
Dale trailed behind her. "The usual. Fatigue, head and body aches. But instead of cold symptoms like coughing and sneezing, the chills and fever are worse and dehydration is a big problem." He stopped outside the cubicle she chose, drawing the curtain closed behind her.
Stripping off her clothes, she handed them through the opening into Dale's waiting hands. "Ugh. Guess I'll be drinking buttloads of water then." She turned the water on and waited for it to warm up. "Are there any preventative measures? A vaccine or something?" Considering she'd never heard of torpedo flu before today, she had doubts.
Dale confirmed her fears. "Nope. It's not common enough to be in our standard yearly boosters." He popped the cap on her shower gel and loaded the washcloth she stuck out.
Scrubbing down, Paisley faced the ugly truth. "Dammit. This is going to suck. How long before we start seeing the effects?" She rinsed the suds and held her hand out for shampoo.
Dale squirted a dollop in her palm. "Already are. We're down two pilots already."
Paisley lathered her hair. "Shit. Seriously, just shit, shit, shit." Her brain already started reworking the flight roster.
Dale stopped her progress. "I've rescheduled the next two days, so we're covered for now." He had her towel ready when the water turned off.
Taking the terry cloth, Paisley quickly patted dry then wrapped the fabric around her torso. "Okay, maybe we should put out a recommendation for the squadrons to steer clear of the miners." She flashed a quick smile. "Thanks for the assist, as always."
Usually they'd be sharing a stall, but he'd no doubt been busy with briefings and redoing the flight roster.
Dale grinned. "Least I can do. We're going to have our work cut out for us." He gathered her dirty clothes and settled on a bench after tossing them in the laundry bin. "We can ask the pilots to stay in our quadrant, but it's probably a moot point."
Paisley grimaced. "Yeah, yeah. There's way too much fraternizing between the two groups." Not that she had room to talk.
Dale's lips twisted in a smirk. "Yeah, well, we don't set the best example." He reached into her locker and pulled out a fresh pair of warm-ups, a soft t-shirt, and underthings.
Paisley sighed. "Maybe I'll hole up in a supply locker until the contagious period is over." She seriously considered the idea.
Being sick rated right above getting shot on her list of things to avoid. Actually, getting the flu might be worse than taking a bullet.
Dale quirked a brow. "You know there's not enough room for two in those lockers, right?" His palm glided over her calf.
Paisley paused, her t-shirt halfway over her head. "Damn. You're right." She finished putting her top on then grabbed her pants and stepped into them. "Okay, no supply locker." Straddling his lap, she met his gaze. "For now. I reserve the right to call first dibs when everything goes totally sideways."
Dale wrapped his arms around her. "Deal."

I love having fun with my characters. Dale and Paisley provide lots of enjoyment.

That's it for this week. Catch everyone on the flipside.

ML Skye

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