Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Blurb and Excerpt: Surviving the Trap


Take one week of extreme training: deep space, limited sleep, next to no rations, and flying scenarios over and over again.

Add in two top guns and stir together with a healthy dose of unresolved sexual tension.What do you get?Two pilots pushed to their limits.
Can they find a way to get through a hellish exercise…and possibly into each other’s arms?


Shaking his head again, Max was confused, and completely turned on. He really was standing there with Maggie looking like she wanted to eat him alive. Not asleep and not one of his many dreams about having her naked.

Hell’s bells…this was real.

His muddled mind finally reached the conclusion his body already had. Except he and Maggie didn’t do this. They danced around it. They flirted, they teased…but never acted on the impulses that bounced back and forth between them.

Not that he didn’t want to. He wasn’t the problem. Flaming hoops weren’t an option with Maggie…they were a requirement.

So what the hell was going on?

Grabbing her hands before she could start on her zipper, Max halted her progress even as his brain and body rebelled. “Maggie…what are we doing here?” Stupid question. It was obvious what she was doing, but he kinda needed to know why now?


“Staying awake. Nothing more, nothing less.” She was such a liar but they didn’t have time to get into everything they needed to about relationships right now.

Seeing that he was still hovering with hesitation, she upped the stakes. “Listen to me, Max. I’m tired. Really, really tired and we still have two more days of this bullshit.” Backing up, her hand went the zipper of her flight suit again. “I either need to fight or fuck…that, or fall asleep where I’m standing.” Slowly lowering the zipper, she held his gaze. “Your choice.”

Max blinked in stunned silence. His choice? Flaming hell. Choose the first and they’d both be brought up on charges, and frankly, he didn’t have the strength for brawling. But choose the second and it could be everything he’d ever wanted or it could mean walking straight into a minefield of recriminations once the dust settled and they weren’t more exhausted than sane.

But Max had lived with, lusted after and dammit…loved Maggie almost from the moment he’d met her. He’d just been smart enough to never tell her the last part.

Narrowing his eyes, he decided to play it cool. “I, uh…choose the latter.” Damn the repercussions. They’d deal with the fallout after catching up on their sleep.

Surviving the Trap, $1.99, Red Rose Publishing

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