Sunday, November 15, 2009


JT Faxt, reporting directly from the ASC Mythos just prior to the launch of the military's newest program, Mass Preparedness Assault Training (M-PAT). As previously reported by numerous news organizations, the goal of Hell Week, as the M-PAT training has been not so affectionately dubbed, is to prepare our fleet for anything and everything.

The question burning up the wireless relays is why? Why do our top pilots need to complete a series of next to impossible attack and landing sequences in order to remain qualified for active flight duty? And why strip them down to basic rations? We're a peace-time society with more than enough food, water and personnel to go around. Why make our already highly trained pilots repeat scenarios every few hours with slight alterations each time? What will less than four hours rest between launch and land do to this elite group?

Is the whole exercise nothing more than an elaborate way to separate the wheat from the chaff? And, if so, again the question to be asked is: why?

So far, those answers have not been forthcoming. But they will be. The press corps has finally been allowed into the inner sanctum of the space carrier and we have brief access to the pilots and crew. We'll see what they have to say about gearing up for an intense week of training.

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JT Faxt is brand new to the Wireless News Group. Fresh out of university, his curiosity motivates him to seek answers by asking questions that discover the 'why' and 'how' people do what they do. He's made a name for himself by chasing down the details of the story and reporting them first. Keep your news feeds set to update and watch JT climb the ranks.

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