Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sunday Snippet: Bomb's Away

WooHoo! Another week, another post. Two weeks closer to my goal (50 weeks to go…LOL)

So, for this Snippet Sunday—and I think I have to call it something other than Six Sentence Sunday because I don't always follow the rules very well—I'm posting a bit from one of my favorite WIPs, Bomb's Away. It's not a really long story, but the characters are two of my faves.

Let's get started with a tag line:

A power struggle, an explosion and communication breakdowns. Sometimes it takes a really big boom to move things in the right direction.

And here's a wee sneaky peek:

Kiara Ungaro strode down the steps heading toward the private sector of the base compound. Coming off shift, she wanted a shower and her rack, in that order. The rising tensions over the moon everyone wanted rights to, despite peace talks, took their toll and she'd had more on her plate than she liked lately. Exhausted didn't begin to describe her state of mind. Bone weary, dead dog tired, and very pissy defined her state of mind.
Cutting through the private residential area saved time and kept her out of the main hub. Ronan Sidwell had watch this shift and running into him would not be at the top of her list of fun things to do.
Sadly it used to hold the number one slot.
But with the mood she found herself in…good chance blood would be shed if they crossed paths. Especially since her current level of irritation tied directly to the nasty bit of gossip she'd overheard about the former love of her life. If one more person weighed in about her split with Ronan her head would implode.
Breaking up with someone in a very public manner had made her the object of way too much speculation. It had been two months…people should move the hell on already. If they didn't do it soon, she might have to start maiming anyone who opened their mouth in earshot range.

What can I say? Kiara doesn't appreciate the amount of time her fellow soldiers spend talking about her break-up with Ronan. :D

Maybe she should have a cuppa and calm down a little. :P

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Stay tuned for more…

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