Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sunday Snippet: Chasing the Sun

Week number four! I'm honestly thrilled to have an entire month of posts completed and posted on the blog. I keep hearing how important it is to maintain a presence and have content for readers to peruse if they want.

The Sunday Snippets are fun and, in a stroke of unforeseen luck, a great way to poke the sages into action. Someday I need to do a post about those pesky little imps.

But not today. Instead, it's time for a little preview of another work in progress. Tonight's feature is from Chasing the Sun, a tightly focused short story about the fallout the male character experiences when he's ordered to do something that goes against what he believes in.

Here's a tag line:

Chance Martin and Rena Chavez are best friends, and maybe something more, if their work will stop getting in the way. But when Chance can't deal with a set of orders to remove an admiral with lethal action, he starts a downward spiral he can't stop. Rena has to pull him back from the edge, no easy task because she always follows orders.

And here's the wee sneaky peek…

Chance Martin shut the water off and stepped out of the shower stall. He scrubbed a towel over his face and head, mopping up the rivulets before they could drip any further. The end to a very shitty month in sight, he finished drying off, wrapped the towel around his waist and grabbed his kit.
Rack time in ten. God, he actually looked forward to it. He had to be tired enough to sleep tonight. If he didn't get some solid, honest to goodness rest soon, he'd lose his mind.
Right. Chance figured he'd already pretty much lost it. How he'd managed to keep it from everyone else kind of amazed him.
When had his life become such a mess? Okay, okay. He knew when. Hell, he even knew how. But everyone had a crap life, in general. War had a nasty way of sucking the joy out of everything.
He just wished he knew why. He had no idea what they were even still fighting for anymore. And that bothered him. Once upon a time, he'd had a solid grip on the answers.
Not so much.
The freedom he held dear—to choose between right and wrong—no longer seemed black and white. The line between good and evil no longer straight, a murky shade of gray emerged and the division blurred beyond recognition.

It's a good thing Chance has Rena in his corner. He's got some major issues to work through and she'll hopefully push him to a better place.

Until next week, catch everyone on the flip!

ML Skye

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