Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sunday Snippet: Boyfriend's Brother

Greetings! Week number three and still on target. Seriously, it sounds stupid, but I'm deliriously happy the posts are becoming a habit.

Snippet Sunday this week features a scene from a manuscript thisclose to being finished. A few more scenes and off to the beta readers it goes.

I'll be honest, the story for this could be a little triggerish for some, but it does have a great conflict, if I do say so.

Here's the tag line:

Mix a potential marriage proposal, a close call, and her boyfriend's hot brother and Chloe Timmons might possibly come away with something very wonderful.

And now a wee sneaky peek at Boyfriend's Brother

Jason envied his brother. Marc could be an immature brat, but he'd found the woman of his dreams. And Jason actually liked her, even after a completely bizarre introduction where he mistook Chloe Timmons for an exotic dancer.
In his defense, she had been practically giving Marc a lap dance at the time.
Jason winced when he remembered the scathing set down he'd delivered to Marc and the 'dancer'.
He'd roughly pulled the woman straddling his brother's legs off and gave her a nasty look. "I'm not sure what he paid you, but he's not gonna get his money's worth. Unless you want to finish with me." He raked his eyes over the prettier than expected dancer. "I'm always up for lewd displays in public."
Turning, Jason glared toward Marc. "As for you…I come here to meet your latest and greatest and instead you've got a hot piece of ass gyrating on your lap." He shook his head. "Are you stupid…or did the woman of your dreams finally wise up and dump you?"
The dancer laughed. "Wow. I would have been insulted enough to punch you if you hadn't gone all chivalrous at the end." She stepped in front of him and stuck out her hand. "Chloe Timmons. You must be big brother, Jason."
Jason automatically shook her hand, a hot flush of heat burning his face.
She looked in Marc's direction, whispering with exaggeration. "Your brother thinks I have a hot ass. I like him already." Glancing back, she raised a brow. "Woman of his dreams? Is that Marc's description or yours?"

Honestly? Chloe is so much fun to write. Here's hoping I can get this one finished up and submitted soon.

Up next week? A snippet from another almost completed manuscript.

Catch everyone on the flip side,

ML Skye

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